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Not everywhere we go has perfectly paved roads. And some places don’t even have roads. And for the past 8 years now, we’ve seen a consistent increase in the the all-terrain vehicle market. 

Is it time for you street riders to take the leap?

Let me introduce you to the WowGo AT2 (2nd generation) electric skateboard. As all-terrain as it gets, this thing is a BEAST!

An Upgrade Over It’s Predessecor

The original WowGo AT was introduced back in 2018. While still of value there were numerous complaints on the quality of the board as well as stability issues. 

Just watching people ride the board made viewers feel uneasy. WowGo put little to not time in the quality of the original AT, especially the rear trucks which were so unstable. The throttle also seem quite jumpy with less control than some of its competitors.

I mean how can you claim your board is all-terrain when it’s hard to balance on the thing in the first place!? All it takes is a little pebble and you’ll find yourself flying to the ground.

The good news is WowGo put in serious time and consideration into the AT2.

Not only is it stabilized but it seriously contends at possibly being the best all-terrain electric skateboard out there considering it’s cost and performance features.

Why Go All-Terrain?

Why not?

Reality is, unless you live in the wealthiest neighborhood in the world, it’s more than likely that your neighborhood roads aren’t freshly/well paved. I know my area is filled with potholes, cracks, and torn-up streets.

That alone makes all-terrain wheels and boards a big upgrade.

And to be fair, all-terrain sounds too one-dimensional… Most all-terrain devices including electric skateboards, aren’t just capable of “off-roading” but for the street as well. Any all-terrain vehicle will essentially perform just as well on a smooth surface as it would in the wilderness. 

All-terrain-equipped wheels will make a drastic difference in your electric skateboards riding ability and overall comfortability.

The AT2’s Specs And Stats

Now for the meat and potatoes. How well does the AT2 stack up?

WowGo’s performance specs are as follows:

  • Top Speed: 25 mph
  • Range: 19 miles
  • Hill Climbing Rate: 30 degrees
  • Net Weight: 30 lbs
  • Rider Weight Limit: 265 lbs
  • Ride Modes: Four
  • Remote: Digital OLED
  • Motor: 2 x 1500 watt
  • Deck: 38” maple, bamboo, fiberglass 
  • Water Resistance: IP55 rating
  • Price: $1,219 for all-terrain and street wheels
    • $1,099 for street only wheels
    • $1,099 for all-terrain only wheels

So what really stands out?

The range… 19 miles of riding output is pretty insane. There aren’t too many competitors out there who can do the same. You’ll have plenty of juice to ride wherever you want whether it’s for pleasure or business. 

Another big standout is the motor power! On average most e-boards carry two 500 watt motors for a total of 1,000w. But the AT2 carries three times that with a total of 3,000 watts! Serious power which is why we see a solid top speed of 25 mph and an incline rate of 30 degrees even though the board weighs a whopping 30 pounds!

You also get the option of purchasing both street and all-terrain wheels, solving the original problem I brought up of street riding vs off-roading. If you truly do both, you can buy both sets of wheels as a 2-in-1 package.

Evolve Killer?

One of the biggest discussions among the AT2, was how well it compared to Evolves electric skateboard models.

After all, boards like the AT2, Ownboard AT series, and others were specifically designed (essentially copied) to compete with Evolve at a much cheaper price. The real question is, why did it take some of these companies so long?

Evolve is the champagne of the e-board world. They produce extremely high quality boards, (both street and all-terrain) at quite the price. 

Evolve shifted the e-board game with their double kingpin trucks, all-terrain boards.

The trucks were large and bulky looking, awkward to many, but it wasn’t until people realized how much of a difference they made in stability, the ability to carve, deck flexibility, and overall ride comfort did people fall in love with them. It’s no secret now so many brands are copying the double kingpin trucks.

Right now, Evolve offers multiple all-terrain models and their prices.

  • Hadean Bamboo - $2,549
  • Hadean Carbon - $2,899
  • Bamboo GTR - $1,549
  • Carbon GTR - $1,899

Meanwhile, WowGo’s AT2 starts at $1,099.

The difference in price is staggering. And the specs don’t differ that much. Evolves top performing board (Hadean Carbon) has a top speed of 25 mph and  a 25 mile range. Is it worth it to spend an extra $1,800 to get around 5 more miles of range over the AT2?

I don’t think so…

Based on price, performance, and specs, I’d much rather save my money. A Nissan GTR and Ferrari 458 are both supercars with similar 0-60 times as well as top speeds. But one costs over $260,000 while the other costs $120,000.

Brand loyalty aside, which one would you choose?

The same goes for our comparison here. The WowGo AT2 is the winner in my book!

How Well Can The AT2 Ride On Harsh Terrain?

Here are a few of the terrains we tested out with the AT2.

Gravel - Annoying and bumpy, gravel isn’t designed for small stiff wheels. But the AT2’s 175mm wheels have other plans. The e-board cruised through it with relative ease with a few minor bumps here and there.

Dirt/Sand - Both dirt and sand had similar results. Too fast of a start and the wheels will spin for a second before shooting yourself off. Try slower starts when it comes to looser and smaller debris like sand. (Btw I’m not talking about sand at the beach. A hard surfaces pavement that is covered in sand is more like it. On a sandy beach this board just sinks and go nowhere.)

Forrest Floor - Forests and nature trails can be difficult due to the amount of debris like rocks, sticks, branches, and other crap laying all over the place. But I found that if the AT2 had no problem rolling over most of the minor obstacles in your way like small twigs, bumps, and rocks (as long as they weren’t too large).

Grass - Out of all the terrains to ride on, this one might be my favorite to try. It cuts straight through the grass (as long as it’s not too thick or bumpy). I was able to ride the thing through a park with relative ease. People stared in awe as I just cut through the park.

As with all machines, there are limitations. As good as the wheels and suspension may be, you can find yourself bouncing around everywhere. 

What We Like About The AT2


This board looks like it was made for Batman to ride. The deck has a beautiful tile-hexagonal designed grip tape that gives a very smooth and appealing look. 

Although this board is heavy and large it still has a very sleek appeal. The massive 1500w motors do stick out on the back but that’s nothing new if you’ve seen other boards with similar designs.

I’ve heard quite a few riders who don’t like the design nor the tape, but that all comes down to preference. It’s hard to please everyone...

But the design isn’t just for looks! It’s also for improved practicality and performance.

If you look at the undercarriage of the AT2, you’ll notice it’s massive battery pack. But instead of having one large battery, you’ll notice the battery has been chopped into sections. 

Why is this?

WowGo engineers realized that this all-terrain board would need quality suspension and flex. A long stiff battery on the underside would ruin the boards ability to flex and possibly damage the battery every time you bounced around on the thing! 

With the AT2’s battery properly sliced up like a loaf of bread, you’ll get all the 19 miles of range you need plus the improved suspension and flex every skater loves.

Cooling System 

That’s right!

This board is so advanced it even offers its own cooling system which WowGo refers to as ‘heat dissipation.’

Your computer functions poorly the more you push it due to overheating. That’s why we started to install small fans inside our laptops and desktops to initiate a cooling system. The cooler the system is, the better it runs.

WowGo brought the same principle to the AT2. Within the battery pack is a heat dissipation system which allows the board to perform greater and with less noise, all while preventing the possibility of overheating to the battery.

The Tires

You get your choice to purchase one or both sets of tires for the AT2.

  • Cloudwheels 120mm - Street
  • 175mm Pneumatic - All Terrain

Both sets of tires are fantastic and clearly well designed. 

But it’s the 175mm all-terrain wheels that really bring out the value in this ride. After all this board is advertised as an all-terrain-er. The wheels are pneumatic, meaning you can pump them up with a compressor or the air pump provided in the box upon purchase.

And they bring a real customizable element to them… knowing you can change the tire pressure to better fit the terrain you’re riding on.

The general rule of thumb: “Less air for bumpier and harsher terrain and more air the smoother.”

One more thing… WowGo actually encourages users to set up and use third party wheels (no matter the size). On their remote you can change the settings of the wheel size you’re using (all the way from 80mm to 200mm wheels)  so you can get better analytics on speed, range, and other performance data.

That alone shows WowGo is humbled enough to know riders may not keep everything stock on their AT2, something that’s becoming increasingly popular among electric skateboarders today.


WowGo’s AT2 comes with an IP55 water resistance rating. 

So what does this mean?

The rating itself in simple terms protects from “Water projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.” 

I’ve seen other reviews claim this thing is “super water-resistant.” And it certainly appears so! The battery looks to be very well insulated and protected by a very high-quality plastic that’s durable enough to block out water and prevent hard scratches.

Now it all sounds great, however, as someone who’s messed up of my e-boards batteries, I wouldn't recommend drenching the board or throwing it in your washing machine!

You shouldn’t have too many problems regarding moisture and water but be very careful trusting Chinese manufacturers’ claims on water resistance, especially since my Ownboard Mini KT’s battery broke after riding in the rain… (and their site claims the board was essentially waterproof). I ended up having to buy a new battery for being naïve.

While I have to admit this feature is no doubt a positive one (because I’d rather have water resistance rather than not), always ride on side of caution. 


The new digital OLED remote is a massive upgrade to it’s predecessor for the original WowGo AT.

The digital screen offers up to date information on:

  • AT2 battery life
  • Remote battery life
  • Speed mode
  • Current speed
  • Direction
  • Range

I think it’s ever more important to have access to information in a real time and quick way so we can better understand situations, not just for skating for real life as well.

But with electric skateboarding, having a remote with a digital screen relay the information back to you is fantastic. The good news is more companies appear to be implementing digital screens in all their remotes.

Before digital remotes, I was left to use iPhone apps to calculate simple data like speed and range. Not only was it impractical but it tended to be dangerous as I wasn’t as focused on what was in front of me.


How good is it?

Just check out this video and see for yourself.

That is all...

No but seriously, this board’s suspension accompanied with it’s all-terrain wheels make riding around bumps, curbs, and obstacles go from major pains to minor annoyances. 

It almost lets you ride where you please. 

That includes terrain such as gravel, grass, dirt, cracked up pavement, sand, and more.

Again, pairing the right tire pressure with the terrain you’re riding will make the suspension even more comfortable.

Is there any surface the AT2 can’t ride on?

Well you’ll probably have a hard time going through beach sand, super thick grass, and soft, sinking terrain. As a rule of thumb… as long as the terrain is compact and durable, you should be able to cruise through it.

Auto Turn-On

It’s the simple things in life… amiright? 

A simple feature that makes life a lot easier for e-board riders is an automatic turn-on using your boards remote. Just hit the power button on the smart OLED displayed remote and voila, the AT2 turns on.

It’s not a feature that’s completely new, as their are a few other brands out there who have already implemented this. But, it does make a difference.

Having to turn on your car by placing the key inside your cars ignition isn’t a big deal. But once you purchase a car with push to start keys, you’ll never want to go back. That same goes for auto turn on remote with your e-board.

Now you don’t have to bend down and pick up your heavy-ass board to turn the thing on. Just start from your remote and you’re ready to ride!

What We Don’t Like

It’s Heavy

No not just heavy… this is a big boy.

The AT2 weighs a hefty 30 pounds!

That’s more than double other popular e-boards like the Backfire G2 (15 lbs), Boosted Mini S (15 lbs), and the Meepo V3 (16 lbs).

Now, we can’t give the board too much hate for it’s weight. After all, it is an “all-terrain” board. 

It’s weight comes from a larger battery and the ruggedness needs to keep proper suspension and performance.

Think of it like riding a roller coaster. Wooden roller coasters are built on more lightweight frames but the coaster tends to be bumpier and more rigidity. Steel coasters are built on heavier frames but are much smoother and offer faster more powerful performance. Larger ‘all-terrain boards’ tend to follow the steel-coaster style while small to mid-size street boards follow the wooden coaster example.

Now, if you know anything about owning an e-board is that carrying the thing can be an annoyance. Even a 12-pound board can be awkward, clumsy, and a pain in the palm of your hand (literally).

So this 30 pound AT2 is really a problem. Picking the thing up is like lugging a suitcase around… without a handle. You have to carry the thing by the trunks.

It would have been nice if WowGo implemented some sort of handle into the board or included an accessory to attach a handle, similar to OneWheel’s brand where you can choose to purchase a handle to carry their models around town, up a flight of stairs, or any other problem arises. 

In this day and age with everything on the move, portability is an underrated feature.

Chinese Service And Support

I’ve been critical of Chinese brands in the past. 

If you’ve ever purchased a product(s) from Alibaba or Aliexpress (the Chinese Amazon), you’ll know what I’m talking about…

  • Long shipping times
  • Poor communication

It’s not to say the company or the product themselves are bad or of low quality. It’s just what we have to deal with when dealing with ordering a product on the other side of the world.

So how long does it take to ship the AT2?

To my home in Connecticut, I found a shipping took almost 12 days. Depending how patient you are, that can be an awfully long time. 

For U.S. customers, expect your board to take up to 2 weeks.

For Europe customers, even longer, around 3 weeks.

Even worse, you won’t receive tracking information until the board arrives in your destinations country.

Turbo Mode

The board offers four ride modes which are advertised below:

  • Slow mode: 12mph
  • Normal mode: 18mph
  • Fast mode: 22mph
  • Turbo mode: 25 mph

However, from personal experience, I found that Turbo mode was not so much different than fast mode.

Many other riders offered similar experiences, stating that Turbo mode was made for faster acceleration. Did I notice a difference, just a little bit. But overall, fast mode and turbo mode are roughly the same.

It could be due to my weight, as I’m a little on the heavier side, almost 200 pounds. Regardless, the power and acceleration in turbo mode were not as much as I hoped. It’s safe to say the Meepo boards and their turbo modes have ruined my opinion (their top speed mode is insane!)

But this is a minor issue. The board in it itself has plenty of power and I was still able to reach a top speed of 23 mph on a flat street and climb a steep hill with no problem.

Letting Off The Throttle

This again is a minor issue, but something that pops up that little annoying voice in your head saying “why does this happen?”

One main issue I found at higher speeds (over 20+ mph) was that as soon as you let off the throttle, the board didn’t maintain it’s top speed very well and decelerated faster than I liked.

While most electric skateboards just glide after you release the throttle, it feels like the AT2 decelerates a little too quickly and forces you to keep your hands on the throttle at all times. 

It isn’t so significant that you instantly come down to a stop but enough to feel a little demotivated.

So What’s The Overall Decision?

I’m not telling you to buy this board, but goddamn you should buy this board!

Of the issues and inconveniences we discussed, most would find them super minor and many riders may not even take notice (after all I’m a reviewer, who is essentially trying to find out all the little details/flaws/positives I can).

The overall specs and riding performance alone make this board rank right up there with some of the top electric skateboards on the market. 

At the end of the day you purchase an electric skateboard to ride. If it does that well, then everything else becomes fairly relevant.

Factor in the fact that it starts at $1,099 which is a fraction of the price of competitions and it’s a no brainer.

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