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Why would you pay $1,200 for an electric skateboard when you can buy one for more than half the cost and the same (or better) performance!? That’s why the WowGo 3 literally took my breath away. 

But don’t take it from me. Take it from the thousands of riders who love this board with a passion.

Here’s a review and in-depth analysis on the WowGo 3, and why you should highly consider purchasing this model as your next go to electric skateboard.

What is a WowGo?

WowGo is an up and coming Chinese brand of electric skateboards. With it’s most popular model being the WowGo 3, the board we’re taking a look at today. 

How Does The WowGo 3 Stack Up To The Competition?

Chinese brand electric skateboards have continued to rise in popularity due to their great performance features and low cost. WowGo (a chinese brand), and it’s 4 electric skateboard models are no different. 

WowGo used to offer the cheapest e-boards around but now that title looks like it belongs to Meepo and Ownboard, where you’ll see models retailing for as low as $379-$399.

If you’re considering other brands, take into account these models:

Meepo V3 - Currently retailing for $399, this might be the fastest board you’ll ever buy with a top speed of 29 mph. Similar in dimensions to the WowGo 3, the boards are ultimately quite similar in design as well. Some might say these boards are manufactured in the same factory in China.

Ownboard W1S - With a $379 selling point, it’s one of the cheapest boards you can find on the market. However, it’s not cheap when it comes to performance, with a top speed of 25 mph and a minimum range of 12 miles (range can also be upgraded based on battery you select at checkout).

What Else Does WowGo Offer?

  1. Their cheapest model, the WowGo 2S comes in at $429 and although it’s not their most popular board, it’s price is quite enticing.
  2. Above that we have the WowGo 3, followed by it’s bigger and more expensive brother the WowGo 3X ($599).
  3. And finally, at the top of the list is the WowGo AT2, which is without a doubt, in my opinion, the best all-terrain electric skateboard you can buy today (and for a super reasonable price of $1,099). 

Overall, all models are phenomenal and you can’t go wrong whichever you pick. It all comes down to cost, preference, and what you’re looking to get out of your next electric skateboard. 

Why WowGo 3 The Most Popular Board…

  • Top Speed: 24 mph
  • Range: 11 miles
  • Incline Rate: 25-30 degrees
  • Weight: 17 lbs
  • Wheels: 90mm 78a
  • Deck: 38” Bamboo Fiberglass
  • Charging time: 2.5-3 hours
  • Speed modes: 4 total 
  • Warranty: 9 months
  • Price: $499

Coming in at $499, a very reasonable price, making it WowGo’s second cheapest board behind the WowGo 2S. 

A top speed of 24 mph makes this board a speedy demon, although my heavy ass was only able to hit 22 mph (I weigh 200 lbs).

Speed Modes, Power, And Incline Rate

With 4 ascending speed modes:

  1. 12 mph top speed
  2. 18 mph top speed
  3. 24 mph top speed
  4. 24 mph top speed (increased power and acceleration)

Take notice of the 4th speed mode, known as turbo mode according to WowGo’s site. You’ll see that it offers the same top speed as speed mode 3.

So why offer a 4th speed mode in the first place?

Similar to other brands like Meepo, WowGo’s final speed mode is like going into hyperdrive. It offers improved acceleration and power. An extra gear for daredevils you could say...

Flexy (And Sexy) Bamboo Deck

There’s just something to be loved about Bamboo, and for skaters around the world, Bamboo decks are a huge turn-on.

Take Evolve for example, who produces multiple Bamboo deck e-boards. There’s a certain style, look, and sex appeal that comes with the sleek wood finish. And it adds a level of flex and comfort as well. 

That’s why I love the fact that WowGo decided to finish this board with a 38 inch bamboo fiberglass deck.

Bamboo is also known for being super strong. Just take a regular bamboo stick and try to snap it. It’ll bend a lot, but breaking the thing is tough! 

Story time!

WowGo even claims that it’s impossible to break the deck by jumping on it… so you know I had to give it a try. At almost 200 pounds, I slowly started jumping up and down right in the center of the board. Eventually I was jumping enough to where the deck was bouncing off the ground with so much flex! But in the end, the bamboo deck retained itself and there was zero damage and brought itself right back to its original position (It’s almost like having your own mini trampoline)!

The same physics apply to the deck itself, super bendy and flexy, perfect for carving, and superior control. It also improves comfort and suspension, especially when riding on bumpy terrain.

And while a flexy deck isn’t necessarily better than a stiff deck, personal preference of most riders in the industry will agree flex is superior. 

Simple OLED Remote

In a world of constant need for data, communication, and updates, nothing is better than having a remote that can relay your electric skateboard’s data back to you. And nothing is worse when it doesn’t!

That’s why I always enjoy investing my money into e-boards with digital remotes. Take the WowGo 3’s OLED remote. It gives you up to date information in:

  • Board Battery Percentage
  • Remote Battery Percentage
  • Speed Mode
  • Current Speed
  • Direction (Forward or Reverse)
  • Current Trip Mileage
  • Board’s Overall Mileage

Nothing too exciting, as this isn’t revolutionary, other brands and digital remotes relay the same information and have been doing it for some time as well.

The only negative I find here is the screen is a little small, so you might have to squint to check your top speed and other data while cruising around town.

The feel and look of the remote is great. It’s a solid piece that feels durable to the touch.

However, the seam down the middle of the remote is a little bit sketchy. I’ve had issues in the past with remotes being dropped and splitting open at this seam. Remotes made as one piece rather than glued always tend to be better and last longer. 

Nonetheless, the remote is well made for the most part and the digital screen is always a plus.


Current generation WowGo boards have certainly seen an increase in durability and size. 

The current wheel setup for the WowGo 3 includes 90mm in diameter and 78a hardness. And it’s worth noting that these larger wheels do make a difference.

I decided to put the board up to the ultimate test. Ride through the city of Bridgeport Connecticut. Now, if you’re not from Connecticut, you may be wondering what’s wrong with Bridgeport. Unfortunately, the city has become massively run down. 

The worst parts are notoriously known for having unpaved or poorly paved streets. Potholes can be found every few meters and if you aren’t careful you’ll find yourself bouncing around or falling off your board (especially at high speeds).

As I took to the streets of Bridgeport, I rode over bumps, cracks, and rough streets. I found that the combination of the wheels, Paris trucks, and flexy deck provided a fantastic and comfortable ride that would rival all-terrain boards similar to it’s larger brother, the AT2.

There were some obvious obstacles I had to avoid like protruding sewer covers and massive potholes but for the most part, I can say the board stood up to it’s promise and performed exceptionally.

Where’d The Handle Go?

The first generation WowGo 3 came with a nice handle right inside the deck of the board. 

Why did WowGo choose to get rid of it?

My best guess would have to be the aesthetics. But no matter the reason, I’m a little disappointed because I love handles. Carrying e-boards without a handle is annoying, painful, and inconvenient. Remember, these boards can get heavy thanks to their batteries and electric components.

The WowGo 3 weighs in at 17 pounds which is right around average for electric skateboards. Try carrying 17 pounds for two blocks and you’ll see it’s heavier than you’d think.

It isn’t something that arises often, nor was the board ‘designed’ to be carried all the time but from my personal experience ‘it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.’

Is There Any Water Resistance?

WowGo claims the 3 is water resistant. How resistant?

Well, we don’t know because they don’t offer an IP rating with it which is disappointing. For those that don’t know, IP ratings show the levels of resistance to dust and water for a product. The higher the number the more resistant (highest level is 69).

Since WowGo doesn’t give us a number we can’t truly tell how well it fights off puddles, rain, splashes, and moisture.

On the plus side, WowGo does coat their boards and cords inside the battery with waterproof glue in order to prevent electrical damage and water from seeping inside any of the crooks and crannies which should offer some protection.

Other e-boards like the MaxFind, Enertion Raptor, and even Inboard offer some official IP ratings to their models. This is a huge plus as it shows they got their boards officially tested and EARNED the ratings rather than just claiming it’s water resistant

With electrical components, offering some form of water protection is always a plus to prevent permanent damage. I’ve learned the hard way after having to replace my battery on one of my boards for riding through the puddles and some rain.

11 Mile Range Or More?

Real world range is a necessity.

The advertised 11 miles this board get just gets the job done. For those who commute to work, school, or other activities, 11 miles should be enough to get there and back without worrying about completely draining the battery.

However, other riders found that the range is more likely to reach 12-14 miles depending on your weight, speed, and location (flatter area = more range).

Regardless, if you live in a city or the suburbs, you’ll have plenty of juice in the tank to take the WowGo 3 wherever you please.

24 MPH Top Speed

This board has plenty of speed, more than enough to give you thrills and a whole lot of fun.

You might be thinking, I’m seeing competitors like Meepo advertising their boards with top speeds of 29 mph and all the way up to 35 mph.

Let’s get this straight. Any board that pushes that speed is just unsafe. In order to hit that speed, you’d need the proper safety equipment and a long, very flat, freshly paved road. Considering how electric skateboard.

I get it, some riders might consider themselves daredevils but 24 mph is plenty and already very fast for this WowGo 3 and you won’t be disappointed at all

This board is has a better design for comfort, so it wouldn’t be able to hit 30 mph even if it had the power and drive.


Typical WowGo offers their bamboo boards with a wooden deck, orange wheels, and more colorful design.


You could choose to purchase the sleeker blacked out version (no extra cost). You get the same specs, deck, board, and everything else, with a sexier underside and blacked out wheels.

Consider The WowGo 2S

What I don’t understand about WowGo…

How can they offer the WowGo 3 for $500 when it has worse specs than the WowGo 2S which retails for $429.

That’s right, both models have roughly the same exact specs like top speed, hill climbing, deck length, etc. Except the WowGo 2S advertises a 14 miles of range, 3 more miles than the advertised miles for the WowGo 3. Am I missing something here? Both boards look very similar as well! 

So why should you pay $70 extra dollars for a board that is slightly inferior. Beats me!

We are not knocking the WowGo 3, but if common sense is still common and you really need to buy a WowGo model, the 2S is the logical choice.

Going Electric Never Hurt Anybody

As the world plunges into a controversial issue of climate change and global warming, it seems everyone is coming up with new ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Electric cars and trucks are becoming more available than ever with companies like Tesla, Nissan, Volkswagen, Ford, and others taking the charge. 

But electric cars still aren’t as popular as gas for three reasons.

  • Range - Tesla models don’t seem to have this problem, but other models do. 120 miles isn’t enough for most hardworking Americans who commute every day.
  • Charging Hassles - Filling up your gas tank might take you two minutes at most. Charging your electric car will take you a minimum of 20 minutes (and that’s with a supercharger).
  • Cost - Electric cars are still relatively expensive. Tesla’s will cost you a pretty penny and even cheaper brands like Nissan and Volkswagen electric models will cost you a minimum of $30,000+ 

With electric cars still in the works, what are some other options? 

It seems like personal electric vehicles like e-bikes, e-scooters, and e-boards are a fantastic way for those to reduce your carbon footprint. Because they are!

If you’re considering getting an electric skateboard, riders in the community will tell you it’s recommended!

Is It Time For An Upgrade?

The WowGo 3 is two generations old.

The board we’re reviewing today is the second gen which was released more than two years ago back in 2019. And I must say, with every upgrade we see among electric skateboards brands, they’re doing a fantastic job.

I find most e-skate companies are listening to consumer issues and feedback, and the WowGo 3 was no exception.

Time flies and we could see a new and improved WowGo 3 soon. They’ve really done a fantastic job with this board in terms of overall quality and rider experience. Just take a look at the 500+ five star reviews left on their website.

And being honest, I’m not sure what else they could add to the next generation (minus a few touch ups) but whatever they manufacture, I’m sure fans will love that model even more. 

As competition continues to increase in the marketplace, it might take a competitor to add a new never before seen feature to shake up the market once more. Maybe WowGo can apply some pressure in their next few models. We know they certainly did with the WowGo AT2.

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