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There’s a reason why everyone’s so afraid of the dark.

You can’t see anything!

Who knows what’s lurking out there behind those bushes…

Just kidding!

But seriously, ever try riding your electric skateboard at night?

It can be extremely dangerous, especially if you’re not riding in the most illuminated of places!

I’ve had a few close calls with some vehicles, even a police car failed to notice me and came within a few feet of my vicinity when I was driving through an intersection!

Just goes to show, you have to be extra careful when riding at night.

So what’s the best way to improve your safety for nighttime riding?

Electric Skateboard Lights.


Nothing will increase your own visibility and let other people know your there better than a pair of lights attached to your board.

It’s sad to say, but most electric skateboard brands DO NOT come with lights when you purchase the board.

You’re going to have to buy a pair of headlights (for the front of your board) and taillights (for the back of your board).

And it’s also highly recommended to incorporate lights on the side for cross sectional visibility.


Why Use Lights On Your Electric Skateboard

For obvious reasons, adding lights or reflectors to your electric skateboard will help you be seen by pedestrians, vehicles, other e-boards, cyclists, animals, and anyone else who shares the road with you.


How To Install Lights On Your E-board

Image result for installing lights on your skateboard

Different products will require different forms of installations.

Some lights will require for you to screw them into your board. I don’t recommend purchasing these types of lights since you’ll permanently leave holes in your deck, damaging your board.

If you screw it into the wrong place, you’ll have to screw it all over again. Time consuming and not fun!

Other lights will use some type of adhesive/sticky substance that will dry keep your lights in place.

While it’s not a horrible idea, adhesives will usually wear out. One day you’ll be riding, hit a bump, and you’re old adhesive won’t hold the light anymore.

The light(s) will fall off and you probably won’t even notice. You’ll probably never find you’re light again.

By far one of the most popular ways to hook up electric skateboard lights is through mounts that attach to the trunks of your electric skateboard.

From there you can attach/slide the lights to the mount and voila! This is by far the most practical and best way since it leaves no lasting damage to your board.


What Can I Use Besides Lights?

Image result for neon vest for police

Notice the police officers above?

Why can you see them so well?

It's because they're wearing neon coats that reflect a bright and vibrant color!

Although lights are probably the best and brightest way to be seen while riding, there are other ways to increase your own visibility.


Neon Vests/Jackets

This is super easy, cheap, simple, and a common practice by many hardcore cyclists who ride in the early morning or night.

Even state troopers wear high grade versions of these at night as a requirement in order to be seen on the highway! And it works!

But for you as an electric skateboard rider, you don’t need to buy the most expensive top of the line vest.

By simply wearing a basic, super thin, neon reflective vest on top of your clothing, you’ll increase your visibility 10 fold.

As long as there is the littlest bit of light, it will reflect off and illuminate your vest, clearly making you seen.

When a car drives up the road from behind you, their headlights will reflect a great deal of light off your vest. Let’s just say that the driver of the car will clearly know you’re there.


Reflective Patches

These can be added to your clothing, and work the same way a neon vest would.

The surface area of a patch is a lot less than a vest or jacket and won’t provide as much visibility to others, but it’s much better than nothing.

Just make sure nothing will obstruct the view of the patch.


Reflective Tape

This is often used on bikes but can easily be applied to an electric skateboard. On a bike the tape is placed around the wheels or frame of on the bike.

On an electric skateboard it’s best to place it around the sides or rim of the deck. This way the whole board will reflect no matter what side you are viewing it from.


Reflective Bracelets

Ever get one of those reflective bracelets when you were a kid? Maybe from your mom and dad or from a police officer who would hand them out at a school presentation.

Well it’s not just for little kids.

You can use these for nighttime riding. Just throw one on before you leave the house and you’ll be set!

I wouldn’t rely just on a bracelet. Wearing multiple reflective items or lights in different places will help increase the chances that someone driving a car sees you.


Best E-board Lights!

Image result for state trooper night neon

Now for the list you’ve been waiting for.

Here are the best electric skateboard lights to help keep you safe on the road.


Shred Lights SL-200 Combo Pack

Retail Price: $109.99

These are by far the best lights you can buy on the market.

Not only can you mount them to your electric skateboard, you can also mount them to your helmet, remote, backpack, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Each pack comes with 4 total lights. (2 headlights and 2 taillights).

What makes these lights so awesome is there’s no drilling or damaging your board.

The lights are mounted onto your board with an ‘S-Lock.’

It works simply by removing the nuts attached to your trunk and adding the mounts to the screws. From there you can screw the nut back on and boom your all set! Just attach the Shred Lights to the mounts and your ready to ride!

Tip: Different skateboards will require different style mounts! That’s why Shred Lights makes different angled mounts for different electric skateobards. Check out the different style mounts you need for your board here!

These aren’t just any typical lights.

Shred Lights features 6 different illumination modes for increased visibility and safety:

  1. Low Power
  2. Medium Power
  3. High Power
  4. Slow Flashing
  5. Fast Flashing
  6. Burst Flash

Shred Lights recommends combining different style illumination modes so that other vehicles and people will see you that much better.

Did I also mention these lights last for 150 hours and then only take 2 hours to fully recharge?

And there also IP65 water resistant meaning these lights are pretty much impervious to water damage.


Blusea Koowheel LED Lights

Retail Price: $21.99

Image result for koowheel led lights

I found these lights on Amazon and they had some pretty good reviews.

For $22, you get 4 lights: 2 front and 2 rear.

The lights are small, don’t get in the way of your deck, and not bulky considering some other style lights on the market.

The lights come with mounts which will attach to your trunks.

Unfortunately, it seems the reviews question the quality of the mounts and claim they can easily snap off. Some reviewers claim you should buy your own for a hardware store.

The lights will last you 4 hours of run time, and take about 1 hour to charge.

And similar to other brands, you can simply attach and detach the lights whenever you want for easy recharging.


Board Blazer Underglow Lights

Image result for board blazer lights

Retail Price: $17.99

Ever play a racing game and design one of those cars with an underglow effect underneath a sports car?

You can now do this with your electric skateboard.

The Board Blazer Underglow Lights attach underneath your board with an adhesive material that comes with the purchase.

You can buy the lights in 8 different styles and colors.

  • White
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Color Changing

The reviews on Amazon are decent but I see some complaints regarding the cheap quality.

Other reviews are 5/5 stars and love the effect.

The lights batteries last up to 30 hours and are easily replaced (CR2032 mini button cell batteries).

And while this is a cool and unique feature to add to your board, there are questions regarding visibility and safety.

Think about it. The lights are underneath your board facing the ground.

It will definitely increase your visibility to oncoming vehicles, but it’s still not as good as having front headlights and rear taillights.

Still extremely cool feature to add to your board, but I don’t recommend it being your one stop solution for night time riding.


Illume V2 

Retail Price: $51.99 (Combo Set)

Image result for ilume v 2

Last but not least, we have Illume V2.

This is an interesting case because these lights aren’t really made by a company, but by an individual who sells them on Etsy.

That’s right, the seller making these lights goes by the Etsy account name of Genex Designs.

He 3D prints the mounts to the lights themselves. He’s so confident in their durability that he even offers them a lifetime warranty.

And the lights he uses are fantastic as well. They charge in less than 1 hour and have multiple modes: low, medium, high power.

The lights and mounts are universal, but instead of below the deck of the board, they are designed to go on top.

The only issue I see hear it that they might get a little bit in the way of your base/feet.

Regardless, these lights have literally nothing but positive 5/5 star reviews.

If you’re considering lights, definitely give these a look!


Headlight Option

Retail Price: Under $20

Image result for headlamp

Another great option for those who don’t want to stall actual lights on their board is to wear a headlight.

Headlights are often used by hikers, cyclists, campers, fisherman, runners, and so much more.

But in they work just as well for those who want to take their e-board for a night spin.

They’re not expensive and you can conveniently throw it on before each night ride.

Super powerful and will light up wherever you look

This headlight on Amazon sold by JLang is a perfect option.


We Need More Options…

Truth is, there are not many skateboard light options on the market. We have Shred Lights as the big player, but that’s about it.

Not too many other products of super high quality are available.

The few lights available on Amazon don’t have the best reviews. I was going to add a review of these lights made by seller WonderHoo on Amazon, but the reviews were not that great, so I didn’t bother.

I only wanted to add products to the list that were worth buying.

So, what does this mean?

There’s a lot of opportunity for this market.

If you want to start manufacturing your own skateboard/electric skateboard lights, you could create your own website and get to selling!

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but it’s definitely possible!



If you’re a creative and hands on kind of person, it might be worth installing your own kind of lights on your electric skateboard.

After all, all you need is to buy your own lights, and mount them.

Again, you can get creative here. Mount them wherever you deem best. Use adhesive or create mounts that screw into the trunks.

If you’re really confidents you can even screw your mounts into the board itself.



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