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While I was riding my H20 down a big open road in my town, I noticed got a few puzzled looks. Not because of what I was riding, but ultimately because I was moving quite fast, too fast to be on a skateboard at least…

What those individuals didn’t know was that my board was battery-powered and could hit a whopping top speed of 26 mph if I so choose to.

To all my fellow electric skateboarders out there, take a look at the Teamgee H20.

What We Love!

Top Tier Speed

Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini…

What do these cars all have in common? Yea they’re considered a luxury and quite expensive brands but everyone who takes one for a ride always attests to their acceleration and speed.

Nothing beats the exhilaration of a quick, snappy, and speedy car. And the same goes for electric skateboards.

On Teamgee’s website, H20 claims a top speed of 26 mph. Being 190 lbs, I might’ve slowed the board down a little bit but I was still able to hit 24 mph, not bad at all!

There are 4 different speed modes on the Teamgee H20:

  1. L (Low) - 12 mph
  2. M (Medium) - 18 mph
  3. H (High) - 24 mph
  4. H+ (High+) - 24 mph and faster acceleration

But I was also quite impressed with the overall acceleration especially on H+ mode, especially in the H+ mode which is specifically designed for quicker starts right off the block.

Not as fast quick or speedy as the Meepo V3 but certainly has some fire to it. You won’t be disappointed. 

Riding Experience

During my time riding the H20, I have nothing but positive things to say.

The board handles really well making for excellent control. I was able to carve fantastically on the big open roads in my street. Smooth like butter, you feel the power and ability just by the simple flick of the remote.

Hill climbing was also fantastic. Teamgee claims the H20 can climb an incline of 30 degrees which I’d have to say is pretty accurate. Even on steep hills, the climb rate and acceleration are fantastic, especially if you use it on H+ (fourth speed) mode which allows you to get some serious speed

4 Different Braking Modes

A new feature arriving to E-boards around the world that simplify and add great value to riders everywhere.

Ever had a board that just brakes too damn hard? (I’ve had a few and I’ve been sent flying on street pavement).

You can mitigate the effects by choosing different brake modes for your ride. Teamgee’s incorporated different levels of braking power for those beginners all the way to expert riders. 

The customizable braking modes allow for improved comfort and a solid sense of control.

Don’t underestimate this new feature.

So how does it work?

Very simple, the higher the brake mode number, the harder the board will brake. I recommend starting with a lower brake mode if you’re newer to electric skateboarding. Progress from there and feel out the different levels.

How do I change through brake modes?

  1. The H20 must be at a full and complete stop. From there pull the throttle back all the way down as if you were braking and hold it. 
  2. Now click on the speed mode button as if you were changing speeds. You’re all set. Now you can cycle through the 4 different brake modes.


Currently, the Teamgee H20 comes at two different prices for two different battery sizes. Here are your options:

  • 7.5AH battery - $499 
  • 9.6AH battery - $669

The smaller battery model claims to reach a range of 18 miles, while the larger and more expensive model claims to hit 25 miles of range, something I’ll discuss later in this article.

For today’s review, we set our sites for the more expensive $669 model.

For what it’s worth, it’s a great price. $669 falls into the category of middle-tier (expensiveness). But the specs you get are above average. For what it’s worth, this board could easily have been priced above $800. 

The smaller battery model is also very reasonably priced.

Considering its not unreasonable to drop over $1,000 on a board, your wallet will thank you for choosing the Teamgee H20.

The Deck

My personal preference and riding experience leads me to enjoy flexible and bendy decks.

Not only do they allow for more comfort, but I find they improve performance and allow for increased enjoyment. 

That being said, the deck on the Teamgee H20 works out quite well. I didn’t find the deck itself to have much flex and it’s also a little narrow. However, the overall stability and feel were fantastic!

Why’s the deck so good?

For one, it’s a drop-down deck with a concave shape to it. The deck is shaped like a bowl, meaning both ends curve up. The curves allow for placeholders for your feet, perfect for improving stance and balance.

It does feel a little different especially if you’re used to riding boards like Boosted, Meepo, Ownboard, and others…

Regardless it’s great and you’ll find it doesn’t hinder performance at all.


The digital remote is similar to other brands (as if they haven’t been copying eachother lol). 

But it works well. 

The remote will display:

  1. Remote battery
  2. Board’s battery
  3. Brake mode
  4. Speed mode
  5. Current speed

As for the physical buttons on the remote, you’ll have the brake/speed mode button, the settings button for changing units, and the on/off switch.

So how does it perform?

Quite well!

I originally thought the remote’s throttle was too small which would lead to choppy braking and inconsistent acceleration. But after the first few tries, I realized it’s extremely smooth and you’re left with a remote that offers superior control.

What We Wish Was Better

Overhyped Range

What else can be said about the whopping 25 mile range… (9.6AH battery version)

Are you kidding me!?

Most e-boards will top out around 15 miles, so claiming to reach 25 miles is insanely… insane!

However, after completing a range test on my own through the nice streets of my town, we were able to determine that was a lie! (Que Maury voice)

At 190 pounds, I was only able to reach 17 miles on a fully charged battery. Not a bad range at all, but when Teamgee states you can hit 25 miles, getting shorted is a disappointment.

Given that, I was riding as free as I could, pushing the speed on open roads and climbing around hills. I assume if I lowered the speed mode and didn’t hit as many hills, I could possibly reach a mileage closer to 25. 

I mean, who the hell rides like that!? I know very few riders who ride in efforts to extend and conserve their range. It’s not practical… You’re not going to ride at 10 mph in eco mode when you can simply fly through the streets to your next destination. 

Simply put, the range is still great, but Teamgee needs to be a little more honest with it.

H20 Resistance?

With a name like H20, you’d think this board was built to live in the water. However, 

Teamgee makes no mention on their site or elsewhere that the board offers any form of water protection.

So without water protection, I’m left feeling anxious to ride this in a drizzle. 

Ever since screwing up my Ownboard Mini KT a few years back (which HAD water resistance), I feel it’s ever important to get boards IP tested so customers can get a sense of what they’re dealing with.

Does this mean the board has zero water protection? No, in fact, most brands including Teamgee, take the time to seal the battery and surrounding components with a sealant that is waterproof.

It won’t guarantee protection if you dunk your board into a bucket of water but it should be good enough to stop light rain from seeping into the electric components. 

Regardless, an IP rating would be nice to see for this brand.

Final Thoughts

Don’t just hear it from me…

Lots of riders are shocked at how well the Teamgee H20 performs.

It’s a solid board with a fantastic deck and top speed, nothing can be taken away from that.

And although I did complain about the 25-mile range being overrated by Teamgee themselves, 17 miles of range is usually plenty for almost any rider out there. And keep in mind, this was the more expensive version which retails for $669.

If you want something even cheaper you can go with the smaller battery which is a great buy for the low price of just $499.

Competition out in the e-board world is fierce and there are dozens of solid options to choose from, but if you decide to pick up the Teamgee H20, you will not be disappointed.

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