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Having just wrote my review for the Ownboard Bamboo AT+GT electric skateboard, I thought it’d be convenient to go ahead and review my W1S!

While most electric longboards will retail in upwards of $500+ the W1S sells for a measly $379…

But don’t assume it’s horrible or cheap quality, I’m going to show you why it’s one of the best buys for your money and why it’s Ownboard’s top seller!

Buyer Options

Before we get into the actual review, here are the 3 different battery options you can choose from for the W1S upon checkout.

  • Samsung 4.0 Ah battery which gets around 10-12 miles in range - $379 retail price
  • Samsung 6.0 Ah battery which gets around 14 miles in range - $419 retail price
  • Samsung 40T 8.0 Ah battery which gets 16-19 miles in range - $549 retail price

While we’re reviewing the standard 4.0 Ah battery, I highly recommend upgrading the board to the medium level 6.0 Ah battery. $40 extra will get you a few more miles in range and better efficiency.

And if you’re really desperate for range, there’s nothing wrong with buying the 40T 8.0 Ah battery model. Just know you’ll need to spend an additional $170 (still cheaper than almost every other board out there!)

What I Like


$379 for an electric skateboard that goes more than 20 miles per hour, has 10+ miles of range, and offers great handling is a total win in anyone’s wallet.

At $379, you’ll find a load of boards on Amazon that are made of low-quality unknown brands. They’re slow mini-boards that don’t put out any real power. If anything they’re made for little kids.

But this board is made for adults and works like it too!

This price is a total steal considering that most quality electric skateboards will put you back $650 plus!

But why do that when you can pay half the price for a board that may offer the same (or better) specs!?

A big issue I’ve always felt with people jumping into buying any electric skateboard is that they’re so damn pricey… The cream of the crop like Evolve will set you back over $2,000!!! Who has that kind of money lying around?

Luckily, Ownboard and other Chinese brands have been able to significantly decrease price and put out some real competition on American brands.

Handle For Carrying

I’ve always felt that carrying any electric skateboard by it’s trunks is really dysfunctional. Your hands and fingers start to hurt and if the board is too long it’ll drag on the ground (so it’s not possible to carry by the trunks).

Carrying the board by the wooden deck itself is also a pain in the rear. You don’t have a good grip and you’re forced to tuck the board into your body/side to give you a secure fit.

However, all that changes with the simple addition of a handle.

The W1S is one of the few boards out on the market that actually comes with a handle. And the handle isn’t an extra accessory you must buy and attach to the board like the OneWheel Pint or XR, it’s actually carved into the board…

When I wasn’t riding the W1S, I was easily able to pick the board up by it’s handle and comfortably carry it for a much longer period of time than if I had to carry it by anoother method. Essentially, the handle transforms the electric skateboard into a briefcase.

It’s a really underrated feature but something every e-board should have, especially since some boards can get up to 24 lbs plus!

Although the W1S is only 17 pounds, the handle makes it feel like it’s less than 10.

Handles for the win!

Consistent Performance

Every electric skateboard’s battery will drain power the more you use it.

An issue that many e-skaters have found among boards is that the lower the charge on your battery, the worse the performance (that is worse acceleration, top speed, power, and incline rate). This phenomenom is known as voltage sag, which is something that everyone experiences almost on a daily basis whether it be low battery levels on your phone, computer, or other electronic devices.

However, I found that the W1S did not have this issue and continue to provide the nearly the same voltage regardless if the board was at 100% or 25%.

Not only does the improve the boards overall value but it improves each and every ride you take!

It also lets you have the ability to know you don’t need to charge the board after each ride. If you’re at 15% power and you’re going on a fairly small trip, you don’t need to wait the extra 2 hours to fully recharge your W1S!

The Throttle

I’m not sure how Ownboard makes the mechanics and engineers the throttle on their remotes, but it’s so much better than the competition…

The throttle is springy and sensitive, but not so sensitive that you find yourself falling off the board because the acceleration to throttle ratio is too high.

The top of the throttle offers nice grips which give you control to whatever degree/speed you’d like to accelerate.

The throttle is similar to the one on any car. Instead of just have the option of ‘flooring’ the throttle, you can put a little bit of force and accelerate slowly and safely, the same as driving any vehicle. The throttle kicks back into regular position if you take your thumb off so you can always coast down the road as well.

It also has a great braking system which when slowly applied can bring you to a slow and safe halt.

However, if you’re a beginner reading this, I must mention that you can’t apply the brakes with full force (especially at high speeds)! The board will come to a complete stop and you’ll continue to move forward… aka go flying off the board into the ground…

What I Don’t Like

Hill Climbing Ability

This one I was quite shocked about. It’s hill climbing power wasn’t fantastic.

Especially when Ownboard says the board can climb a 30 degree incline.

For the most part, I could get a pretty good speed and ascent on a hill that was around 15 degrees of incline. Anything more than 20 degrees the board would really struggle and eventually bring me to a halt. Now I weigh about 200 pounds, so I have to say I am comprising the boards performance.

Most e-board range and hill climb tests are done with individuals who weigh around 160-170 pounds.

My extra weight definetly prevented the board from rolling up the hill with dominant speed.

However, this can be attributed to the smaller 500 watt motor which isn’t enough ‘horsepower’ for most people, let alone heavier guys like me.

If Ownboard could do a dual-500 watt motor for a total of 1000 watts, I’m sure we’d see a large improvement! (However, this would jack up the price a couple extra hundred dollars and defeat the purpose of Ownboard’s solid performance and low price).

The Remote’s Durability

Let me first start off by saying this…

The remote doesn’t suck, it’s just cheaply made and inferior to what I’ve used in the past in terms of feel and durability.

The W1S’ 2.4G remote is made of cheap and low grade plastic that I found real susceptible to scratches and damage.

While the remote 100% gets the job done, and I’ve already mentioned that the throttle on the remote is amazing, I didn’t feel like I had a real solid piece/material in my hand during my ride.

The remote does have a strap to prevent you dropping it, but it’s not enough…

I prefer the Ownboard OLED remote that comes with the Bamboo AT. Not only is it more durable and stronger but it also carries an LCD screen to give you readings of battery capacity, current speed, speed mode, and much more.


Not only does the W1S perform well, but the company is growing in size and creating amazing competition for other brands out there regardless of where they’re based. The end result is a large pool of competitive e-board brands battling for every little piece of the market?

And you know who benefits?

We do!

In fact, I just read an interesting article how since Chinese companies (like Ownboard) arrived, the average retail price of e-boards has dropped from $1,100 in 2015 all the way to around $650 in 2019.

That means e-boards are now more affordable to the public, thanks to the likes of Ownboard and the W1S.

Good things will continue to come to the electric skateboard market!


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