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I’ve been a fan of Ownboard since I got my first Mini KT a few years back.

Great quality, fantastic price, and overall amazing boards.

Many people equate Chinese products with poor quality but you have to throw that notion out the window here.

Ownboard really does an incredible job manufacturing quality boards that perform at the highest level.

The Bamboo AT/GT is no different…

What We Like

Performance And Handling

My first ride took a second to adjust, as with any new e-board (or product for that matter). But after a few attempts the board and I connected.

And I have to say the Bamboo AT performed perfectly.

Ownboard’s site claims the Bamboo has such performance:

  • Top Speed: 24 mph (GT can Up to 42km/h)
  • Range: 19 miles (GT can Up to 42km)
  • Incline Rate: 30%

Here’s my experience…

It has quick and smooth acceleration. The remote is sensitive and responds very well to the push and braking. Unlike other e-boards, you can also switch speed modes when the board is moving.

It’s fast… I ended up going so quick that I did hit a few speed wobbles but I was able to adjust and stop them altogether. I hit 24 mph as my top speed just like the website says.

Range is also fantastic. I was able to get just about 20 miles of range in a fairly hilly area (with 120 mm Cloudwheels). Had the area been flatter, it would’ve certainly been more. Keep in mind I’m not a light guy (I weigh 190 pounds!)

Since the deck was fairly flexible, I was able to get pretty good handling and control. The board really leans and turns for you when you need it too. At slow speed is has an amazing turning radius and makes super tight turns. Since the board doesn’t have a ‘reverse’ function, it’s a necessary that it does. And what can I say, I could easily turn and carve up the streets with ease.


Possibly my favorite part about the board isn’t even the board!

It’s the the OLED remote.

While most brands of remotes have very simple buttons and lights to communicate speed modes, on/off, power, etc, the OLED remote offers a mini digital screen.

The screen shows the different speed modes, current speed, expected range, and more.

So why is this so amazing?

It means less confusing lights and buttons and makes it much easier for you to control and communicate with your board.

During my ride, it was much simpler to understand the speed mode I was in as well as the current speed I was riding at.

Overall, this makes the board more fun to ride and much safer!

I wish more e-boards came with remotes like Ownboards OLED.


Upon first looking at the board, it looks quite long. It’s right around your standard 38 inch deck but with the addition of the kingpin trunks, making it look even longer. The deck itself is made of fiberglass, bamboo, and Canadian maple.

Many might think that the deck is super flexible, but the truth is it doesn’t offer as much as you’d think. It’s more of a semi-flex deck which actually gives pretty decent balance and control over the board.

It was very easy to turn and carve. The deck has great leaning ability (which can also be attributed to it’s connection with the trunks).

The grip tape on top of the deck is a one-piece honeycomb style which I found to be ‘grippier’ than other board. The tape actually mimics the Evolve Carbon design, the style and shape helps prevent it from peeling off and give the best footing to the rider.


Since the board were reviewing is the AT+GT model, we’ll be looking at both sets of wheels… (since both sets come in with the package).

The 120 mm Cloudwheels for street riding and 6 inch All-Terrain wheels for dirt paths and off roading.

However, if you’re interested in only buying just one set of wheels and not both, you can do so for a cheaper price.

The models/wheel setups are as follows:

  • 120 mm Cloudwheels - $969
  • 6 inch All-Terrain Wheels - $969
  • 2-In-1 (AT+GT) - $1,069

I have to admit the 120 mm Cloudwheels make street riding smooth. For smaller wheels that have a lot of width and traction since they are also made of rubber. Based on their design and size alone these wheels are basically all-terrain! Riding them on the street, I didn’t get too many bumps and bruises, which can also be due to the suspension.

The 2-In-1 wheels are also amazing! I was able to ride on dirt paths, gravel, and through forestry paths. However, there is a limit… once the terrain comes with too much unevenness or slope you’ll have a harder time staying balanced especially if you’re tall like me. But don’t just take it from me, check out this video of some guy blazing through the jungle on his all-terrain wheels!

What We Don’t Like

Carrying The Board

Every rider has to pick their board up at some point.

Yes, electric skateboards are meant to be ridden, but very few boards are tailored to be picked up and carried around.

Just picking the Bamboo AT off the ground is a total pain in the rear.

It’s bulky…

It’s long…

It’s awkward…

And it’s heavy… (24 pounds to be exact)

A handle would be nice, which is something I mention down below to also help prevent scraping of the ground.

Even carrying by the trunks felt uncomfortable since the board is so long and would drag on the ground. You’re forced to carry the board sideways and hold it by the deck which will certainly get exhausting if you have to carry it for more than 1 block…

Not Perfect For Commuting

Think about it.

You live in the city. You have to travel from uptown to downtown Manhatten. While riding the board is great, think about how many times you’ll have to pick the board up to get on subways, go up a flight of stairs, hop a curb, etc.

With it’s size and weight, doing so would be a total pain in the rear. There are better boards out there that are much less bulkier.

Bringing this thing anywhere is almost like bringing a small child around (and we all know how annoying that can be)!

Scraping And Lack of Handle?

While getting scratches and bruises on your board is bound to happen, it’s not something you want of regular occurrence.

Since the board is flexible and low to the ground I notice the underside got scratched up while riding over large bumps or edge. This was rare but still came to my mind.

Another scraping issue came with the Kingpin Trunks. Yes, they are great and add value to the board, but they stick out like a sore thumb. This is once again and issue when going over ramps or edges which may in turn graze the trunks.

I also found it an issue when picking the board up from the front

Overall, this situation could easily be fixed if Ownboard implemented a handle, which they do in many of their boards and decks already.

Why didn’t they add a handle to this one? Not 100% sure but probably because the underside is covered entirely with the battery!

How Does It Compare To The Competition?

There’s one factor that really make this board the winner…


At only $1,069 (or use code “10boards” for $20 discount!), this board is insanely cheap. It’s essentially a carbon copy/mix of the Bamboo and Carbon GTR made by Evolve. The difference in price though is astounding.

The Bamboo AT from Ownboard is $900 to $1,200 cheaper! When that much money is on the line Ownboard has already won the game!

What’s The Future Hold?

While Ownboard is certainly making a name for themselves in the e-skate market, they will have to continue to work to really be a top dog out there.

Marketing and branding is part of it. There boards also need to ship a little faster. As of right now it takes roughly 3 full weeks to get your board. Meanwhile, Maxfind another Chinese brand, ships their boards out next day and you’ll receive it in 3-5 days.

Regardless of brand, e-boards will have to continue to innovate and push the envelope if they want to succeed.

After all, just look at Boosted… the company’s looking at bankruptcy and wishes to sell the majority stake of their enterprise.


The Bamboo AT+GT 2-In-1 Electric Skateboard is no joke!

If you’re looking for an all-around amazing longboard style e-board, please save your money and choose the Bamboo At+GT.

While there are a few cheaper options out there that retail for as long as $400, you won’t find the same range and power that you get with the Bamboo AT.

While it is large, the riding experience is fantastic and doesn’t disappoint. It’s comfortable, speedy, powerful, and you can ride for quite some distance.

Grade Given: A


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