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As if riding around town or the city on an electric skateboard didn’t turn enough heads, try riding around on the Onewheel.

A literal ‘one-wheeled electric skateboard’ with a top speed of 19 mph and an 18 mile range.

The Onewheel XR was launched on Kickstarter by a company known as Future Motion back in January of 2014. In less than a month, the campaign had raised over $600,000 for the newly designed, never before seen electric skateboard.

Considering the performance of the other electric skateboards out on the market, its pretty incredible.

Very few e-boards have even close to an 18 mile range (XR model).

And while quite a few e-boards have a higher top speed, 19 mph is plenty fast. (Trust me, anything faster than 20+ mph on a skateboard starts to get terrifyingly dangerous).

The Onewheel has been a head turning and growing phenomen in the United States and around the world. Since it’s Kickstarter campaign, the company Future Motion and their ‘toy’ product have taken off!

Such a cool product does come at a price…

After all, you did come to this article to find the answer out… didn’t you!

Let’s find out how much Onewheel will cost you. (Keep scrolling)


Different Models And Prices

At the current moment, Future Motion offers two different options for Onewheel.

The XR and the Pint.

The XR is the more popular, higher performing, and sexier model. It’s that upgraded iPhone everyone wants.

The Onewheel XR retails for $1,799 with free shipping.

Not so fast…

Before assuming your all set and ready to drop $1,800 on a brand new spaceship, there are taxes.

Ugh, I know.

With 6.35% sales tax that adds on another $114.24 for a grand total of $1,913.24 for the Onewheel XR.

That’s really expensive considering all the other electric skateboards available on the market.

But it’s surely worth it.

The reviews on the XR are fantastic! And the coolest thing about the board is there’s no remote! Instead you just lean forward and backwards to move, brake, and stop.

Now let’s look at the Onewheel Pint.

It’s pretty much the younger brother of the XR. It’s smaller, lighter, a little slower, has less range, and much cheaper.

As Future Motion likes to put it, the Pint “hits the sweet spot between price, performance, and practicality.”

The Pint retails for $950. Add the $60.33 tax on at the checkout and the Pint comes to a grand total of $1,010.33.

And that’s it! Only two models of the Onewheel are currently available. But we’re super interested to see what Future Motion is planning for the future and possible new releases!


Bundles And Acessories

When you add your Onewheel to your cart, there’s a few bundle offerings.

Image result for one wheel

Let’s start with the XR.

Yes, you can buy with XR by itself for $1,799. (no tax)

Of you get three other options:

  1. Essentials Bundle
  2. Pro Bundle
  3. Elite Bundle

The Essentials Bundle adds two extra accessories to your order. First it adds a fender, which goes on top of your wheel, which prevents any rocks and pebbles from kicking up hitting your legs. Secondly, it adds bumpers which help to protect your board from impact with other obstacles and objects. In total, the Essentials Bundle comes out to $1,899.

Next is the Pro Bundle. It has everything from the Essentials Bundle plus a Deep Shack Rack and a Car Holder. The rack is just a place where you can safely store your Onewheel XR. Instead of tossing it on the floor or in the garage, you can hang it up with the rack. Next it the Car Holder, which does exactly as it says. Keeps your Onewheel in place so it doesn’t bounce all over the car. Simple but effective. Total retail price of the Pro Bundle is $1,999.

Last but not least we have the Elite Bundle. This order contains everything from the Pro Bundle plus the XR Maghandle Mount and the Maghandle Pro. The Maghandle is simply a device used to carry your Onewheel just like a backpack or suitcase handle. The Maghandle Mount is what attaches to the XR wheels itself. It simply let’s you use the handle, so it’s a requirement. Luckily, both come with the package for a total price of $2,249.

Image result for one wheel

Now let’s take a look at the Onewheel Pint.

Normal retail price starts out at $950. (no tax)

Turns out that the two models have very similar bundles and accessories.

The Essentials Bundle is also available for the Pint. For $995 you get an added Fender, which similar to the XR fender will protect your legs from kicking debris caused by the wheel.

The second kit is the Ride More Bundle. Here you get everything from the Essentials Bundle plus a bumper to help protect the boards frame and clear rail guards to help protect your board from blunt damage and add a little design/flare to your board. The Ride More Bundle retails for $1045.

Last but not least we have the Ultimate Bundle. For $1,200 you get everything from the Ride More Bundle plus a Pint Ultracharger and a Maghandle Pro. The Maghandle lets you carry your Pint board like a briefcase. The Ultracharger is a super speedy adapter that cuts your charging speed in half. A full recharge for the Ultracharger only takes 50 minutes. With the regular charger it takes 120 minutes… Damn!


Financing Options

If you can’t afford to pay the $1,799 up front (or $1,913.24 total) for the XR, there are financing options available.

Through a system called Klarna, you can pay off your XR over the course of 24 months for just $92 a month!

Since this includes interest, you’ll pay a grand total of $2,208 for all 24 months.

In order to select and choose the financing option, you’ll have to go through the checkout and enter your information.

Once you get to the payment method select “Pay over time with Klarna.”

From there, you’ll be redirected to a Klarna payments page we’re you’ll be able to finance the board.

The same exact option can also be done for the Onewheel Pint.

If you can’t afford the $950 up front you can pay $63 a month for 18 months for a grand total of $1,134.

While financing is great, always remember you’re going to pay a little bit more in the long run.

If you finance an XR board, you’ll pay an added $409.

If you finance a Pint board, you’ll pay and added $184.



Image result for savings

Before purchasing anything online, I always take advantage of looking for a discount or coupon code to see if I can save myself a little money.

I looked everyone over the internet. Through multiple forums and coupon deal websites.

Unforunately, I was not able to find any discount codes at all.

I even have the Honey Chrome Extension, which scours the entire internet for savings, and it came up blank.

A few sites I tried out did seem to have some older coupon codes, but they did not work when I tried, so they are certainly expired.

Regardless, before buying such an expensive item like a Onewheel, I highly recommend going to Google and searching for some discount codes.

Simply type the search terms “onewheel discount codes” and “onewheel coupon codes” and you’ll have plenty of sites in the SERP to look from.

Many sites will be spammy, popping up ads and blocking you from seeing the code, so try clicking on a deal a few times if you can’t reach the code.

Persistence is key!


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