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If you had to pick, which one would you choose?

For many of you, it might seem like a silly question…

I know what you’re thinking! Evolve is going to crush Meepo. In fact, who the hell even is Meepo!?

Not so fast.

We can’t declare a winner until we actually examine all the factors between the two brands!

Let’s go!

Options And Selection


A well-known brand of electric skateboards founded by Jeff Anning in 2012.

And from what the company has grown into, Jeff has to be damn proud! The company is right on par and level of Boosted Boards.

At the current moment, Evolve sells 3 different e-boards on their website:

  • Stoke
  • Bamboo GTR
  • Carbon GTR

Stoke, the smaller of the boards, is a 33.5 inch skateboard style board. It’s small size makes it both more portable and compact and weighs roughly 18 pounds.

The Bamboo GTR and Carbon GTR are almost identical in size. Both offer a 38 inch deck while the Bamboo weighs 25 pounds and the Carbon weighs 21.5 pounds. But the most interesting aspect about these boards is they come available with both Street and All-Terrain Wheels.


If you’re in the realm of e-boards, you’ve probabaly heard about Meepo.

There’s actually a ton of videos on Youtube showcasing reviewing the boards, which tells us they’re on the rise.

Meepo is manufacturered and shipped from China (being they are a Chinese company.) Which is why they are so much cheaper than a lot of the other competition out there.

At the moment, they sell 6 different electric skateboards on there website:

  • Mini 2
  • V3
  • NLS Pro
  • AWD Pro
  • Classic 2
  • City Rider

Five of the boards on their website can be classified as ‘longboard style’ while just one (the Mini 2), can be classified as a mini e-board or ‘skateboard style’ board.

Who Wins The Matchup?

Without a doubt, Meepo has more boards and a better variety of boards.

While Evolve does have street and all-terrain wheels for two of their boards (improving their boards ability/variety), it’s not enough to compete with all the different options of Meepo.

Meepo has boards like the City Rider which are specifically designed for riding the rough streets of the city. They also offer the 40” AWD Pro which is powered by 4 All Wheel Drive Motors (one for each wheel.)

Meepo wins this one.



Evolve is expensive. Straight up… expensive as hell.

It might sell the priciest boards out there!

  • Stoke - $1,200
  • Bamboo GTR
    • ‣Street and All-Terrain Sets - $1,899
    • ‣2-In-1 – $2,149
  • Evolve GTR
    • ‣Street and All-Terrain Sets - $1,999
    • ‣2-In-1 – $2,249

If you’re lucky like right now, you’ll find the boards on sale for about $200 off of their MSRP price. Regardless, you’ll still have to save up or sell an arm or a leg just to get your hands on one of these!


If I told you Meepo was a Chinese company, you’d probably assume that their products are much cheaper and lower cost…

And that’s 100% correct.

In fact, Meepo’s most expensive board is still much cheaper than Evolve’s lowest priced board.

  • Mini 2 - $379
  • V3 - $379
  • NLS Pro - $649
  • AWD Pro - $859
  • Classic 2 - $599
  • City Rider -$679

Are you serious right now!? I mean god damn, Meepo offers two fantastic boards for under $400…

And the rest of their boards aren’t super expensive either! You could buy three Meepo Classic 2’s for the price of just one Evolve Bamboo GTR… and that’s saying something.

Who Wins This Matchup?

Price is always an interesting factor because electric skateboards are so expensive.

Before Chinese brands like Meepo, WowGo, and Ownboard came out, you’d have to invest at least $600-$700 for a board that offered some decent performance.

That’s not the case anymore…

Now you can buy boards for as low as $400 or under and get the same performance or better than some of the top brands out there.

Meepo takes this one easy...



This is where Evolve makes it’s money and where I’m actually impressed.

Their boards are no slouches…

Here are the specs you’d find on Evolve’s lineup:


  • Top Speed – 22 mph
  • Range – 10 miles
  • Incline Rate – 30%

Bamboo GTR

  • Top Speed – 26 mph
  • Range – 31 miles
  • Incline Rate – 30%

Carbon GTR

  • Top Speed – 26 mph
  • Range – 31 miles
  • Incline Rate – 30%

Keep in mind…

The Bamboo GTR and Carbon GTR’s performance stats are based on the ‘street’ versions of the board…

The ‘all-terrain versions’ will be a little slower with a little less range…


Trust me when I say this. Just because Meepo is cheaper, doesn’t mean it lacks in the performance department…

If fact, it excels in every aspect.

Mini 2

  • Top Speed – 29 mph
  • Range – 11 miles
  • Incline Rate – 30%


  • Top Speed – 28 mph
  • Range – 11 miles
  • Incline Rate – 30%


  • Top Speed – 29 mph
  • Range – 20 miles
  • Incline Rate – 30%


  • Top Speed – 34 mph
  • Range – 15 miles
  • Incline Rate – 35%

Classic 2

  • Top Speed – 25 mph
  • Range – 25 miles
  • Incline Rate – 30%

City Rider

  • Top Speed – 22 mph
  • Range – 15.5 miles
  • Incline Rate – 30%

Dare I say that Meepo’s boards are too fast?

Damn… most of their boards hit almost 30 mph! That’s so speedy it gets dangerous! (You know what I’m talking about speed wobblers).

But seriously, these boards have impeccable performance…

And what’s even better is that if you’re not satisfied with the range, a few boards (like the Mini 2 and V3) can upgrade the battery size for a little over $100 to get 40% better range!

Not bad at all Meepo!

Who Wins This Matchup?

Who’s the fastest to get to the top of the hill?

On paper…

  • Meepo has more speed.
  • Evolve has longer range.
  • They have just about the same hill climb rate.

Honestly, it’s super close to a draw but I’m going to go with Evolve’s never-ending range on the Bamboo and Carbon…

Both brands can get it done but Evolve wins this one by a hair.

Final Verdict

Look, whatever brand you pick, I guarantee you’ll be satisfied…

However, your wallet might not be satisfied once you hit the checkout button for an Evolve board.

And that’s exactly why Meepo is the winner here.

Not only are they so much cheaper, but they offer a greater variety and selection as well.

And their performance is only slightly edged out by the Bamboo GTR and Carbon GTR.

Buy a Meepo board, save yourself some money, and enjoy the ride!

Meepo wins… again!

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