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Without question, the most popular Meepo board and one of the more sought-after electric skateboards on the market…

The Meepo V3 electric longboard.

What’s the consensus? How do riders react to riding the board? What features does it lack? Should I purchase this one or something else? Is it worth the price?

Fear not! I’ll be happy to answer all the questions and more. Here is the world’s best review of the Meepo V3 E-board! Let’s get right into it!

What We Like!

1.) Super Affordable Price

Electric skateboards aren’t cheap. That’s not an opinion but a fact. Top of the line boards can cost you as much as $2,000 and custom boards will put you back even more.

Luckily, Meepo’s line of e-boards won’t kill your wallet.

The Meepo V3 starts out at $449 with a standard range of 11 miles. A price that many would consider very reasonable considering the specs and performance (I go more into this in the next subheading).

But if you’re still unhappy with an 11 mile range, you can upgrade your V3 to an extended range of 20 miles for $599. The extra $150 to pay is a lot, but for some it’s worth it.

Personally, I’m fine with 11 miles unless you’re a serious e-boarder who rides all day on the weekends or commutes longer distances to work or school.

You can thank Chinese manufacturing for the lower cost. After all, it’s a fraction of the cost to make goods overseas than over here in the states.

And it’s not just Meepo either. Chinese e-board companies like Ownboard, WowGo, and others are often just as cheap and put up solid competition with eachother, lowering prices even more for consumers.

Overall, the price is great, making this board one of the more popular choices on the market for those looking to enter the world of electric skateboards.

2.) Unparalleled Performance

What are the specs on the Meepo V3?

  1. 28 mph top speed
  2. 11-mile range (standard battery), 20-mile range (extended battery)
  3. 30-degree incline rate
  4. 2 hour charging time (from 0-100%)
  5. 300lb / 136kg weight limit
  6. Regenerative brakes
  7. 38” longboard deck w/integrated handle

When you look at the performance specs of the Meepo V3, you can’t help but be impressed!

The board’s fast, almost too fast (something I'll talk about later on). It’s got some serious power with two 540 watt motors that shoot this board up a 30° hill.

In pro mode (fastest speed mode) you’ll find the board has an extra kick in acceleration that daredevils will love! I found it to be zippy which worked out perfectly on long and open roadways. It was so quick it let me keep up with traffic!

Speaking of the speed modes, there are 4 in total. From my experience, beginner mode pushes you to around 14 mph, medium mode pushed me to around 18 mph, fast around 22 mph, and the pro mode I got up to 26 mph but felt super uncomfortable at that speed. Meepo does advertise the top speed at a blazing 28 mph.

I was quite impressed, the board really picked up gears in pro mode. For you speed demons out there, enjoy!

The V3 also had zero problems climbing a massive hill on my street (estimated to be around 30+ degree incline!)

Neighbors would stare in awe as this man on a skateboard just glided up the hill. They probably didn’t know my board was electric and used a motor but it probably looked as if I was riding a magic carpet!

In pro mode, the board climbed with ease. On the way down, I used different braking modes and even charged the battery thanks to those regenerative brakes. They won’t add miles to your range but imagine it like a little tune-up.

3.) ‘Flex’ Those Muscles!

A little bit of flex never hurt anyone! And in my opinion, the deck has the perfect balance between too much flex and not enough. 

The board isn’t so flexy you find yourself bouncing on it all times and it isn’t so stiff that you receive horrible suspension.

The board’s deck finds that sweet spot any rider can enjoy and feel comfortable. It allows for great control on turns and narrow spaces.

4.) Multiple Braking Levels

Story time.

The first time I ever rode an electric skateboard I almost killed myself. I hopped on the board with bad balance and began to climb in speed. Realizing that I was going a little too fast I decided to brake. I didn’t think to slowly apply the brake, the same way you do in the car. You don’t floor the brakes unless a deer or something pops up right in front of you. Flooring the brake caused me to go flying off my board and land straight onto the pavement. No injuries but a jarring experience. In the end, I learned a valuable lesson (lol).

While yes I did learn to slowly apply the braking as I became experienced, I found that the Meepo V3 took their tech to the next level.

The same way you can change speed modes, the M4 remote allows you to change between 4 brake modes. How many e-boards do you know of that can do that!?

These brake modes give you a more improved level of control, with brake modes 1-2 designed for beginners and less experienced riders. Levels 1-2 will brake with more ease and touch allowing you a smooth control to a stop.

Meanwhile, modes 3-4 designed for more season riders, with these levels braking much more abruptly. It can be a little strong at first, but once you’re used to the strength you’ll prefer this method.

Keep in mind, these brake modes can only be changed when the board is at a dead stop and not during your actual ride. In order to change braking modes, you have to hold back on the brake and press the function button (above the power button).

I can’t think of many other brands that offer braking modes. For me this is a big advantage for Meepo and the V3!

5.) Futuristic Digital Remote

Without a doubt, Meepo has produced one of the top e-board remotes on the market. 

Upon first looking at the M4 remote, you can see it’s been much improved over it’s predecessor the ‘MR Screen Remote.’

The M4 is made with higher quality plastic and durability. The remote fits together well and is designed as one total piece.

Meanwhile, the older MR screen remote is stitched together where you can see where the two pieces of plastic joined together to make the remote. The difference in quality is substantial. You get a more dense and beefier remote that has a solid feel to it.

No one likes super lightweight and flimsy remotes. Too often they break and chip if they fall on the ground. Not an issue with the M4.

The remote is also quite large ensuring that your fingers won’t be covering the screen which is a common problem many riders complained about with the MR.

With the screen being the main way to relay information back to the rider, having a larger and more visible screen is key to improve your riding experience.

The M4 remote arrives with your Meepo V3 in the box. No need to purchase separately. It allows you to see and control multiple functions of your V3:

  • V3 Overall Mileage
  • Speed 
  • V3 Battery Percentage
  • Remote Battery Percentage 
  • Speed Modes
  • Brake Modes
  • Current Trip Mileage
  • Direction of Movement (Forward or Reverse)’

I also loved how the the screen was very well lit. All the digits and lettering are illuminated and easily seen even on the sunniest day.

You won’t struggle to find out your speed or direction of travel. The M4’s screen easily communicates all the functions and parameters with great brightness and boldness.

No worries here! This remote deserves an A+!


6.) Handle Like A Briefcase

Okay so riding an electric skateboard is cool… but what happens when you’re not riding it?

Ever carry your electric skateboard up a long flight of stairs? It’s not fun.

There’s a big difference in weight between a regular wooden skateboard and an electric one. Electric skateboards can weigh up to 25 pounds or more depending on the size of the battery and the motor. Regular wooden skateboards at most weigh 10 pounds. The difference is the battery and electrical components added to the board.

If your electric skateboards battery is dead, you can find yourself in a really miserable situation carrying the thing everywhere. (Remember, you could just push it like a normal skateboard).

Fortunately, the Meepo V3 comes with an integrated handle in the deck of the board (unlike the OneWheel brand which requires you to buy a handle separately in order to carry your board around.)

A handle makes carrying your board 10x easier. So when the occasion arises that you have to pick your board up and carry it for the next 7 blocks, you won’t be super uncomfortable. 

Without a handle, you’ll generally have to carry the board by the trunks, which after just a minute, not only feels super heavy but digs into your grip and hands!

Think of it like carrying a briefcase or a duffle bag. Simple and to the point! A very underrated feature that most riders would overlook.

Downsides To the V3

1.) Wheels & Vibration

While the board rides very smoothly on flat surfaces and newly paved roads, watch out for bumpier terrain.

Vibrations tend to plague your riding experience a little more than you’d like even with the stock 90mm wheels.

Safe to say the V3 is purely street. The board’s slightly flexible deck definitely helps in rougher terrain but it might be worth looking into purchasing Meepo's 100mm wheels for an improved suspension and more cushion.

As with most board, avoid cracked and pothole-filled roads.


2.) Zero water resistance

Now many of you agree riding in the rain sucks, but I’m still disappointed the Meepo V3 doesn’t come with any form of water protection.

That means no waterproof or water resistance... So you better watch out for the weather.

Riding in the rain comes with the risk of ruining your battery, especially if you splash through a big puddle.

I live in Connecticut which receives all of mother natures wrath, from rain and snow, to extreme heat. I’ve ridden other e-boards in the rain in the past. Some were great and others failed on me big time, costing me money to replace a new battery.

Moral of the story, avoid riding the V3 in the rain. It’s a shame too, because competition out there like MaxFind and Ownboard are coming out with very water resistant boards. 


3.) Too Much Speed

What!? How can speed be a bad thing? Everyone loves speed! Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a racecar driver, nothing gets your blood pumping like a push of the throttle.

The Meepo offers 4 select riding modes from slow, medium, fast, and pro speeds.

The pro-level really kicks up acceleration, unlike any electric skateboard you’ve ridden before. However, pushing the limit on the board just feels unsafe. Remember, you’re riding an electric skateboard here. You’re standing upright with a high center of gravity.

With a top speed of 28 mph, all it takes is one small pebble or crack in the pavement to send you straight into the asphalt. Ouch! Other e-boards generally limit top speed to 24 mph which is more than enough.

Anything more is just overkill… Ever hear of a sports can that can speed over 200 mph? While it sounds cool, reaching that speed on the street or even highway is almost impossible and just reckless.

The same can be said for Meepo’s top speed. Not necessarily a bad thing. Just be careful.


4.) Shipping

Since this is a Chinese brand… you guessed it! The Meepo V3 ships from China. And you know what that means? 

Long shipping times!

This isn’t Amazon Prime 2-Day shipping. Be prepared to wait a for your board to arrive after placing your order. On their website, Meepo states they offer two shipping options.

  1. Standard Shipping to USA: 25-35 days
  2. Expedited Shipping to USA: 8-16 days

However, upon placing the order through checkout, there was only one shipping option which stated a 3-10 business days. Safe to say Meepo doesn’t have their logistics together.

After doing some more research on Reddit and from my own personal experience, expect to wait around 3-4 weeks for USA customers and even longer (up to 3 months) if you’re based in Europe.

If you need an electric skateboard right away, consider buying one from another company. For example, MaxFind (another Chinese brand) has a US based warehouse down in San Diego California. Their shipping times usually range 3-5 days for USA customers and around 4-7 days for European customers.


Now before you take this as a downside, don’t worry, this board is very well made. It should last you for years if you choose to treat it right.

What Are Riders Saying? Other Reviews

Believe it or not, but it’s hard to find a negative review for this board. The electric skateboard community loves it that much. It’s well designed for all riders both experienced and inexperienced.

On the actual Meepo site itself, 98% of the reviews are 5/5 stars. Safe to say Meepo played this board right!

Reviews on YouTube seem to agree that you this is a low-cost high quality board that everyone will love!

How’s The Overall Quality? Dependability

I wanted to test and see how well the board would fare in two situations.

  1. Low battery
  2. After 1 year of riding

In low battery situations, the board still performed with great success. However, everyone knows that a low battery is not as powerful as full charged battery. Just try it with your phone. When using my iPhone on low battery, I notice the phone isn’t as smooth and glitches. When fully charged, the thing works perfectly. The same can be said with any battery-powered electric skateboard, the Meepo V3 is no exception. Always fully charge your V3 when you can, and avoid leaving the house on low battery unless you know you can make it back (or you’re ok with carrying the board).

After 1 year of riding, I would like to direct you to this video of a YouTube account by the name of TechWrap Australia:


While we can talk all day about the Meepo V3, it isn’t the only great electric skateboard out there.

Other Chinese brands like WowGo, MaxFind, and others are bringing heat to the scene. And it seems like every year, the competition just gets stiffer.

Here are just a few boards that may make you reconsider buying out for the V3.


WowGo 3 

I’ve been a big proponent of WowGo since discovering the brand a few years back. Their most popular board (and cheapest) is the WowGo 3, coming in at a very solid price of $429.99, making it a hair cheaper than the Meepo V3. 

The funny thing is these two boards offer very similar attributes, including their designs (both being longboards of 38” long). 

WowGo 3 specs:

  • 11 mile standard range
  • 24 mph top speed
  • 30 degree incline rate

I wouldn’t be surprised if Meepo and WowGo boards were produced in the same factory and then each brand slapped their own logos on. 

You honestly can’t go wrong whichever you choose, however, Meepo’s V3 is faster and comes with a handle, two positives that make a subtle but big difference!

MaxFind (Max 2 Pro & Max 4 Pro)

For more information about the Max 2 Pro, check out my review of it here where I go into a lot more depth.

The Max 2 Pro is a smaller, stiffer, and more portable board. But its specs and price rival the V3, costing you $499.

  • 24 mph top speed
  • 11 mile range
  • 28 degree incline rate
  • 31” deck

Now let’s look at the Max 4 Pro, pricier, but more powerful, costing you a minimum of $549.

  • 25 mph top speed
  • 12 mile range
  • 30 degree incline rate
  • 38” deck

I always found MaxFind boards to be really well made with especially sleek designs. They felt as if they were the Cadillac version of e-boards with their diamond cut deck and frame. Overall, MaxFind is another great brand with fair prices for anyone looking into start e-skating. 

They even offer more high performance boards and drive kit series (which allow you to make any regular skateboard an electric one).

Backfire G2

Backfire, a larger and more popular brand that many riders may have more knowledge about. 

In total, they currently carry 9 different models from you to choose from. The cheapest being the Backfire G2.

So why is the G2 considered to be competition for the Meepo V3?

Considering the price is $429, you get similar performance and specs:

  • 24 mph top speed
  • 11 mile range
  • 38” flex deck
  • Water and dust resistant

And the best part is, extremely fast shipping! Order your board online and receive it in 3-7 days! Much faster than the weeks or months you’ll have to wait while ordering a board from China!

AEBoard’s (multiple models)

Last but not least, we have the AE brand, who carries a wide array of boards that any newbie or expert should consider.

Here are some of their boards as well as their prices you should consider before buying the V3:

  • AE2 - $399
  • AF - 429
  • AX Mini - $449
  • AE3 - $439
  • AX (street) - $399

What I love about AE, is similar to Meepo, they offer braking modes for superior control and safety.

They also offer 2 all-terrain models and more high performance boards capable of climbing 35 degree inclines for a cheap price!

Is The V3 The Best $400 Price Range Board?

The conclusion is…

The Meepo V3 is a high-tier favorably priced board. Without a doubt, a $450 price range is very reasonable for all the performance and tech you’re receiving.

It’s safe to say, like the thousands of others who have purchased the Meepo V3, you won’t be disappointed. 

A speedy/powerful board, with a decent range that can always be upgraded, all at a more than affordable price range means you can’t go wrong with the V3.

However, it is worth considering the competition. As the electric skateboard market continues to grow, we’re finding that many competitors are producing e-boards with fantastic specs for an even cheaper price and some even allowing you to buy drive kits so you can turn any regular wooden skateboard into an electric one.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Meepo V3, use our discount code “ “ to get 10% off right now!

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