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If you're wondering whether you can use your longboard in the rain, then the official answer is BIG YES. Since most longboards are made durable with a sturdy design, they can withstand any conditions, including rain.

Longboarding in the rain can give you an incredible thrill which you can rarely enjoy in other conditions. It’s an exciting way to have fun, and many longboards dream of longboarding under dark clouds, curves, and rough tracks.

If you also have a dream or wish to ride your longboard in a rainy condition, then stick with us. Here we’re going to show some of the most reliable ways to ride your longboard in the rain without causing injuries and also damaging it.

Why Is Longboarding So Popular?

Many aspects are responsible for making longboarding a popular choice for many skateboard riders. Longboards are easier to learn how to ride, and from beginner to pro, anybody can easily ride them.

It doesn't matter whether you use top quality skateboards or a longboard, it will give you a completely different experience in the rain. Most importantly, you can perform longboarding in all weather conditions, which you rarely do with skateboards.

Longboarding on a wet track may not seem like a good idea, but it can be a thrilling idea that only brave people will dare to do. However, riding a longboard in the rain can be quite risky, which can cause injuries too.

Along with causing injuries, the rainy condition can damage the longboard. Well, the good news is you can keep the original condition of your favorite longboard by taking proper care of it.

Can You Longboard in the Rain?

Longboarding in the rain can be an amusing moment for any longboarder. Although many longboarders dream of riding during rain, most people don’t know the appropriate way to ride it. If you're also one of them, then stick with us. We’ll show longboarding in the rain in three must follow principles. Here they are-

  • Before Riding the Longboard
  • While Riding the Longboard
  • After Riding the Longboard

By following these three principles, anybody from beginner to pro anybody can easily ride a longboard. We’ll discuss each three of them in detail, have a look-

Before Riding the Longboard

There is a saying, “preparation is everything,” and proper preparation before longboarding in the rain is crucial. Follow the below-mentioned preparation steps:

-       Select a Longboard for the Rainy Day

First, select a cheap and convenient longboard for longboarding in the rain. You may have a couple of longboards; keep one to ride in the rainfall.

-       Check Your Deck for Scratches

If you’re using a longboard with scratches but are expensive, then rainwater can damage it badly. So before jumping on it, try to seal the scratches with fiber glue or liquid.

-       Top Mount in the Rain

While it’s about longboarding in the rain, selecting and using a top mount longboard would be the best option.

-       Use Cheaper Bearings

Try to use a cheap bearing on your longboard while riding it in rainy conditions. So if anything goes wrong, you can easily change the bearings without costing a lot.

-       Make the Longboard Water Resistance

Using a water resistance longboard will be a good option for longboarding in the rain. Or you can apply paint, repellent, or hair spray to protect your longboard from rainfall water.

-       Wear Safety Stuff

Always wear safety protection stuff like a protective helmet, slip-less shoes, gloves, and knee pads. These things will keep you safe from all types of incidents.

-       Wheels

Consider using rain wheels for your longboard. However, using off-road longboard wheels can also be a good option.

While Riding the Longboard

Here is the most important part, and you must follow the steps to ride the longboard in the rain. Here are the steps-

-       Ensure Safeties

Ensuring safety is one of the most important things about riding a longboard in the rain. Put your safety gears on.

-       Watch out the road

While riding your longboard, always avoid muddy roads and grass places. Also, while riding in the rain, try to avoid puddles to reduce any chances of issues.

-       Keep Your Weight in the Center

Start riding your longboard and start pushing it hard. Keep your weight in the center position and your hands in the back. Always keep your eyes on the font and be careful about the floor sealer.

-       Careful With Turns

You need to give extra attention to the curvy turns and always slow down your longboard and pass all the turns.

-       Watch Out the Little Things

While riding on the road, you will find many obstacles in the street, so be careful about those things. Always press your board harder to reduce any chances of slipping chances.

-       Avoid Practicing Any Stunt

Practicing any kind of stunt in the rain can cause many significant incidents. Therefore, avoid all types of stunts on the watery road. And ride your longboard consciously and always focus on the road.

-       Careful Pass Bumps

It’s common to find many cracks and bumps in the road while longboarding on the watery road. To ride your longboard in rain conditions with bumps and cracks, follow the below steps-

Step 1 - Keep your non-dimensional foot in the center position, another one behind it.

Step 2- When the crack is coming up, put down your dimensional foot and push the ground through it.

Step 3- The pushing system will be like popping over the crack since most of your weight will be on the ground.

After Riding the Longboard

After riding your longboard in the rain, you cannot just store it without adequately processing it. Wondering what you should do after longboarding on the watery road? Follow the below steps to discover what you should do after riding the longboard.

-       Disassemble the Parts

Just after riding your longboard, detach all the possible parts and dry it with a water-absorbing rug. After that, use anything toll or machine that blows air to dry out the deck and other parts completely.

-       Unscrew the Kingpin

Kingpin is one of the core parts of any longboard, and try to disassemble this part after longboarding in the rain. After ditching the kingpin, give it a proper clean to prevent any sort of damage. Otherwise, a damaged kingpin can cost you money.

-       Keep it in Dry Place

Only drying is not enough, and after drying, you need to place or store the longboard in a dry place. Remember to place the longboard by keeping the deck in the ground. It’ll help to keep the board dry.

-       Spin the Wheels

The last thing you can do is keep spinning the wheels frequently. When you spin the wheels, this process will help reduce the remaining water from the inside. The remaining water can cause rust in the wheels as well.

Benefit and risks of riding the longboard in the rain

Want to know what benefits and risks are waiting for you while riding your longboard in the rain? Learn about both benefits and risks by following the steps we have outlined below:


Among tons of benefits of riding a longboard in the rain, here we’ve included some of the core benefits. Have a look-

■      Gaining New Experience:

Longboarding on a wet road can bring a different level of experience that you can never achieve on a dry surface. Riding your longboard in rainfall conditions can make you a universal and experienced rider.

■      Practice New Tricks:

Rain water will make the surface more smooth and flexible, where riders can try out new tricks, like rolling and sliding. From beginner to pro, anybody can try new tricks in rainy conditions.

■      The Thrill of the Ride:

Longboarding in the rain gives a different adventure or thrill than any other place and location. It’ll give you a never-felt experience with exciting fun and joy.

■      Perfecting Your Faults:

Along with a dry surface, a wet surface can be a great way to practice your flaws. From beginner to pro, anybody can practice longboarding in wet conditions to fix their faults.


You may go through some potential risks while riding your longboard in the rain. Here are some of the common risks that you may have to face-

■      Danger and obstacles:

One of the noticeable risks of riding a longboard in the rain is obstacles in the road. It's quite tricky to maintain riding flow in the rain because the rain water sometimes covers several obstacles of roads.

■      Slippery road:

In general, water makes things slippery, and the same principle goes for the roads too. Therefore, extra precautions are needed to minimize the possibility of injury when riding a longboard in rainy conditions.

■      Damaging your board:

If you’re not using a waterproof longboard, then rain can damage your longboard, especially the parts. After longboarding in the rain, give the board a proper cleanup and proper care to prevent damage.

How to Maintain a Longboard in Rainy Condition?

Although longboarding in rainy conditions can damage your longboard, you can apply some simple tricks to prevent the damage. Discover all the reliable maintaining tips by following the below steps:

  • Try to use a longboard with waterproof grip tape. Or you can paint the deck to prevent rust.
  • Never ride your longboard off-road. That is because off-road debris can significantly impact your longboard.
  • Try to apply rust-free oil on the bearings to prevent rust, and to maintain the effectiveness of the bearings.
  • Always use dry soft towels or rags to dry the wet longboard. And never store your longboard in a damp condition.
  • Store your longboard in a dry place. You can also place your longboard under the sun for a couple of hours. (2 hours will be enough)
  • Always give your longboard a clean (interior and exterior) before store and after every ride.

Safety Precautions While Riding a Longboard in a Wet Surface

Longboarding on wet tracks or in rainy conditions can be both exciting and risky. However, you can trim the possibility of risks by maintaining proper longboard riding procedures. Here we’ve included some of the safety precautions that you can follow:

●     Select a Longboard:

The first safety precaution you need to maintain is using the correct type of longboard for longboarding in the rain. Using a longboard that is covered with a coating or getting a waterproof longboard will be a much better option.

●     Wear Protective Gear

Using protective gear is an essential safety tip that you must maintain to prevent issues when longboarding in the rain. You need to wear protective gear like-

  • Helmet
  • Pads
  • Slide Gloves
  • Durable skateboarding shoes

●     Check Hardware

Always double-check the hardware and wheels of your longboard before starting longboarding in the rain. Securing all the hardware helps to reduce almost fifty percent of the risk.

●     Be Aware of the Road

No matter if you're riding a longboard in dry or rainy conditions, always be aware of the road. Especially watch out for the holes, bumps, rocks while riding and always follow proper technique when passing them.

●     Learn Foot Braking

Manual foot braking is the only way to stop your longboard while riding. Therefore, learn proper foot-breaking tips and techniques. Give attention to the learning taking breaks at higher speeds.

●     Follow Traffic Rules

Several places have several traffic rules, and some states even have skateboarding rules as well. Always respect the rules, or you have to face the consequences. And it’s a really good idea to ride with friends instead of longboarding alone.

Final Thought

Longboarding in the rain can be a real way to have fun and enjoy new adventures. However, longboarding in the rain or on wet roads can cause injuries and damage the board. Therefore, you must maintain or earn proper longboarding skills, which we’ve described above.

You also have to maintain some safety tips to protect yourself from several certain injuries. Since rainfall water can cause damage to your longboard, you also need to strictly follow the provided maintenance tips. So today, jump on the longboard in the rain and start enjoying adventurous longboarding experiences.

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