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You’re first time stepping on an electric skateboard may be difficult. What are some tips and tricks on how to ride an electric skateboard to the best of your ability?

Riding an electric skateboard doesn’t have to be hard. All it takes is practice and some getting used to. Use these tips the next time you step on your board.

    • Wear the proper equipment
    • Find your stance and balance
    • Weight on front foot
    • Smooth take off and braking
    • Use auto-cruise if you have it
    • Practice and patience

Safety and equipment

Riding an electric skateboard can be dangerous if you don’t have a respect for the speed and the road you’re riding on. I can’t stress this enough.

Wear the correct safety equipment!

This first starts with a helmet, and this should be placed before even stepping on the board. Should you ever fall off your electric skateboard, the first and most important thing you’d want to protect is your head. Brain damage is no joke, and concussions can leave you in bed with nothing to do for weeks. Don’t risk it and protect your noggin. Major studies have shown that

wearing a helmet reduces your risk of a serious head injury by up to 70%”

No explanation needed.

Also recommended safety equipment is knee, elbow, and shoulder padding. It prevents serious road rash and helps you keep those joints in place instead of being dislocated.

Another very important safety tip is to wear the correct shoes. Shoes help protect your feet and toes from the potential dangers of riding an electric skateboard. I recommend wearing flat sole shoes (nothing with a cushion.) Something like wrestling shoes or Vans are perfect. Flat shoes give you better control of the board than shoes with a cushion would. And please, don’t be that guy who rides barefoot or in sandals. You’re just asking for a visit to an orthopedic surgeon.

Stance and Balance

When stepping on the electric skateboard, make sure your dominant foot is the first one on the board. If you are someone who kicks with your right foot, place your right foot on the board first, and place it on the front of the board.

You’re dominant foot (the one at the front) will do most of the turning and controlling. Place this foot at a 70 degree angle to the front. Many people like to place their front foot at a 90 degree angle (known as a goofy stance), but I have personally felt this to be a stiffer/more awkward stance which doesn’t allow me to control the board as well. Your other foot can be placed in towards the back/middle of the board, wherever you feel most comfortable.

Make sure you retain a solid posture that doesn’t lean the board to one side or the other too much. When riding and making turns on your electric skateboard, place most of your weight on your front foot, this will help maintain balance, and prevent speed wobbles.

Check out the video of the sorry fellow below… he didn’t put his weight towards the front of the board. Look how he constantly deals with horrendous speed wobbles before finally coming to a crashing fall! Lucky he didn’t land on the pavement! He also didn’t read this article because he would’ve known to wear a helmet and other safety equipment!

Once you have found the correct stance and a comfortable balance on your electric skateboard, you’ll pick up riding super easy. Now it’s time for take off!

Take off and braking

Take off should not be much a problem once you’ve developed the correct balance of riding the board.

Select what speed or gear you wish to travel in. If it’s your first time riding an electric skateboard, I recommend starting out on the lowest speed mode and and master it before you advance any higher.

Slowly push the throttle on your wireless remote to start accelerating the board. Once you’ve begun to pick up speed, hold it steady so that you maintain a certain speed. Try to avoid obstacles and attempt to turn if you can. From this point on it’s all practice

When you’re ready to stop riding, slowly pull back on the throttle which will activate the breaks. I can’t stress to not pull it all the way back in one quick motion. If you do this you will end up flying because the board stops instantly. Break slowly so you can gradually slow the speed of the board.

It’s the same with a car, if you’re driving at 40 mph you’re not going to just hit the brakes as hard as you can, you slowly will ease into it so you can come to a full and complete stop.


This is a feature that your electric skateboard may not offer, but if it does, use it!

Auto-cruise is simply just a button you push on your boards remote that allows you to maintain a certain speed. Similar to the cruise feature on the car, you don’t have to hold the gas down all the time. All you have to worry about is steering in the right direction and avoiding obstacles. To disable it, just hit the auto-cruise button on your remote again. For long range riding that can be tiresome, it’s nice to have this feature. If you can find an electric skateboard with the feature, I recommend it.

The MaxFind Campus 2 is one of the few electric skateboards with an autocruise feature.

Practice, practice, practice

Like anything else in life, practice makes perfect. If it’s your first time riding, it may be a bit challenging at the beginning for you. Remember the tips: keep a solid stance, put your weight on the front foot, wear the proper safety equipment, and use your throttle and brakes gradually. Keep with it, don’t stress. Patience might be needed but I know you can pick it up quick!

Electric skateboarding has brought a new lifestyle and enjoyment to my life that I’ve previously lacked. It beats walking that’s for sure. Make sure you learn from your mistakes and soon you’ll be carving up the streets! Cheers! And happy gliding!

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