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While electric skateboards become the new mainstream way to get around town, there’s still a very important factor to consider

How much does it cost?

Electric skateboards can be bought as cheap as $150 and can be as pricey as the upper $2,000’s and even more for customized models.

And somewhere along that range, the super popular and powerful Boosted brand is found.

Let’s take a look at each Boosted model and their prices, and see if we can’t get them for a little cheaper…


Boosted Plus

Boosted’s first ever electric skateboard (technically a longboard), has been upgraded every few years. The model stays the same, but the performance increases.

The current version of the Plus offers a top speed of 22mph and a 14 mile extended range at a total price of $1,399. Pretty pricey…

But if you’re up for it, you can finance it over a few months. Here are the different options available.

  1. 6 month financing for $240.14/month = $1,440.81 total price
  2. 12 month financing for $123.11/month = $1,477.27 total price
  3. 18 month financing for $84.12/month = $1,512.25 total price

The financing options are fantastic since you only end up paying a few extra dollars in price over a long period of time. I highly recommend the 12 month financing plan for those who can’t pull $1,399 out of their bank account.


Boosted Stealth

The highest performing Boosted board, the Stealth cranks up to a scorching 24mph and a 14 mile range.

Not bad, but it’s also the priciest of the Boosted’s model, coming in at a whopping $1,599.

The financing options are as follows:

  1. 12 month financing for $140.70/month = $1,688.47 total price
  2. 18 month financing for $96.15/month = $1,730.73 total price
  3. 24 month financing for $73.90/month = $1,773.66 total price

Evidently, since the price of the Stealth is even more than the plus, there are even better financing options.


Boosted Mini S

The Mini S is Boosted’s smaller, more compact skateboard version.

The production of the Mini S came after Boosted was pressured to produce a cheaper option. The demand was so great that Boosted faulted… thus came the Mini S.

Currently, it’s the cheapest of their product line.

Total length is 29.5 inches, compared to a 38 inch length on the Boosted Plus and Stealth.

The Mini S prices out to $749.

The financing options are as follows:

  1. 3 month financing for $253.93/month = $761.80 total price
  2. 6 month financing for $128.56/month = $771.40 total price
  3. 12 month financing for $65.19/month = $790.90 total price

All these financing options are fantastic ways to pay the board off.

Think about it…

The board costs $749 and for each financing option you’re only paying an added $12.80 for three months, $22.40 for six months, and $41.90 for twelve months... That’s nothing!

You should easily be able to pay off this board no problem.


Boosted Mini X

The Boosted Mini X is the identical twin of the Mini S.

Same board, same frame, but increased performance.

The Mini X boasts a 20mph top speed and a 14 mile range, putting it’s level up to the Boosted Plus.

It comes to a price of $999.

It it worth the money? Maybe, it really depends on how far you need to travel. If you want more range, take the Mini X. If you only travel sort distance, save $250 and take the Mini S.

Financing options come as:

  1. 6 month financing for $171.48/month = $1028.85 total price
  2. 6 month financing for $87.91/month = $1054.87 total price
  3. 12 month financing for $60.07/month = $1080.28 total price

Similar to the Mini S, these financing options are very reasonable and you should highly consider them if you’re struggling to find $999 straight up.


Find Deals On EBay…

I used to love selling on eBay.

It was the Amazon before Amazon blew it out of the water.

Now eBay is on the downtrend. The good news is the downtrend means you can find products for way cheaper than other sites/stores.

For example, I just went on eBay right now and search for ‘”Boosted Mini S” and selected the ‘new’ filter to look for only brand new, never used boards.

I went into the sold listings and found incredible results. One brand new Boosted Mini S had sold as a ‘buy it now’ format for a total of $447.38 in total with shipping… Absolutely incredible. That’s over $300 in savings than if you were to buy the Mini S on Boosted’s website ($749)!

Next I did the same research for the Boosted Mini X which retails for $999. Upon searching through sold listings I found boards that sold for $775 with free shipping. I even found an auction style bidding which sold for $721.11 and $13.78 in shipping. That’s $264.22 in savings!

And lastly, the best deal I found was on the Boosted Stealth (retails for $1,599). I found two auction style listings which sold for $1,026 and the other for $1,243. Total savings equals $573 and $356, respectively.

Don’t be afraid to wait and look around on eBay.

Even if you just save $30-$80, that’s a huge difference!

Tip of caution: While eBay is a fantastic place to look for deals, you have to understand one thing. Supply and demand. If the board you’re looking for is ‘sold out’ on Boosted’s website and other retailers, there’s a good chance eBay sellers will take advantage of this and crank up the prices super high. You’ll have to wait for Boosted to restock the model(s).


Are There Any Coupon Codes/Discounts?

One extra little hack to look for coupon codes and discounts online.

For example, I found the discount code ‘BANGBANG’ on, which gave me $75 off any Boosted board!

Here’s the link!

Now, if you’re reading this too late, the discount code may be gone, so it’ll be up to you to do your own research and find more offers.

Just do a simple search of “boosted board discount codes” and you’ll get a variety of website and offers. Many of the codes won’t work, so you’ll have to do your own research.

Go to Boosted’s website, add a board to your cart, checkout, and enter the coupon code and hit ‘apply.’

If the price went down, you’re in business, but if you get a message saying the ‘Enter a valid discount code or gift card’ go look for a new code and try again!

As stated before, different codes will pop up here and there, so look for your opportunities, especially around the holiday shopping season.

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