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Just like cars, smartphones, and other gadgets, electric skateboards start to wear down.

The same saying goes “nothing lasts forever.”

For e-boards, this might mean:

Your battery dies sooner…

The wheels pop off more often…

Trunks are always super loose…

If you’ve owned your board for a few years and start seeing decline in it’s performance and a breakdown in the manufacturing, it may be the end of the line.


How Long Do Electric Skateboards Last?

This will depend entirely from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Premium Boosted boards will last much longer than the $150 board you buy on Amazon.

Boards will also last shorter/longer depending on the amount you ride.

Constant everyday use will lead to a much shorter lifespan.

If you’re like me and use the board only every once in a while as a joy ride, you can expect it to last much longer.

After doing some research on a Reddit forum I found that you should be able to ride your board at least a couple hundred miles, if not for a few thousand miles.

One Redditor said he bought his Boosted board “2 years ago, 10k+ miles, still going strong!”

 Very impressive, nonetheless!

I would say that most electric skateboards should last you a few years with the big name brands lasting you even longer before purchasing a new one.

But before buying a new board entirely, it’s highly plausible that your current e-board could start failing  apart or acting up. In this case it could be fixed by replacing the defective part.

Batteries and wheels will often be the first parts of an electric skateboard that begin to fail.

So while it might be tempting to just purchase a brand new board, going online and buying a new battery or set of wheels is the better and cheaper option.



Almost all electric skateboard companies have a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for their boards. That being said, all boards should last you well beyond their first year of purchase.

Warranties are an important consideration when buying any product, not just electric skateboards.

They’ll ensure that if something does go bad, you won’t be pay a hefty price just to replace defects.

Word of Caution: It’s important to read your brand manufacturers own warranty policy. Not every manufacturer will have the same rules and policies regarding repair. Assuming that everything is covered can end up costing you big bucks. Do your research and talk to the company before you send it in for repair.



Another important factor that will determine your board’s lifespan is how well you maintain it. If you never clean or take care of your board, it will not take care of you!

Simple maintenance tips like:

  • •Tightening trunks and wheels
  • •Storing in a dry cool place
  • •Cleaning off debris
  • •Recharging the battery
  • •Repairing damages

    …will help increase the life expectancy of your electric skateboard.

    After every ride around town, it’s probably a good idea to check for damages and clean your board thoroughly.

    From there, find a good cool place to store your board. Storing your board in a cooler (rather than hotter place) is better for the battery. 

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