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Every year now, it seems we find a new car that breaks the 0-60 acceleration record.

Phone companies compete on faster and more powerful processors.

And even high speed cellular data like 5G is beginning to spread among the U.S.

Whether it’s cars, phones, Wi-Fi, or commuting to work everyone wants to go faster…

The same goes for electric skateboards.

In fact, the fastest electric skateboard on the planet can reach a top speed of 68mph. The NGV Nextboard retails around $3,000. And yes, falling off this board will probably kill you.

Speed is great but with electric skateboards there is a limit. Breaking anywhere above 25mph just becomes too dangerous and unstable, not to mention the dreaded speed wobbles.

So while a few daredevils are looking to break the 68mph record, other companies like Boosted are putting a limit of 24mph on their fastest boards.

Let’s take a look at the Boosted’s models and their top speeds!


The Boosted Stealth

The highest and bests performing Boosted board.

The Stealth clocks in at a top speed of 24mph.

If Boosted added any more power to this board it wouldn’t be worth the risk.

24mph is all the speed you need. It also includes a great 14 mile extended range for longer commutes.

The only drawback is buying this board will set you back $1,599. Yikes…


The Boosted Plus

Boosted’s first and original board.

People love the Plus for it’s long and flexible deck that makes cruising around town simple and smooth.

With a top speed of 22mph and a 7 mile range, the Plus still boasts great performance at a more reasonable price - $1,399


The Boosted Mini S

The smallest version of Boosted’s collection, the Mini S is perfect who want a more compact and lighter board.

The Mini S has a top speed of 18mph and a 7 mile range.

While I’m not the biggest fan of tiny electric skateboards due to more difficulty riding, it’s tempting to buy at only $749, making it Boosted’s cheapest option.


The Boosted Mini X

The Mini X is the biggest brother of the Mini S.

Same board, same size. The only difference is it comes with increased power.

A 20 mph top speed and a 14 mile extended range for an increased price of $999.



What Effects Electric Skateboard Speed?

Now that we have the top speeds of each Boosted board, there’s something else we have to consider.

Electric skateboards will never reach their top speed all the time due to a variety of limiting factors.

Here are just a few elements that impact how fast your boosted board can go.


Rider Weight

You guessed it.

Depending how heavy you are, you may be slowing your board down.

Hey it’s nothing against you… its just basic physics.

The heavier you are, the more force due to gravity, which causes more friction with the wheels and ground.

Most boards will have a weight limit.

For example: I hopped on a ‘kid-only’ electric skateboard with a 180 pound weight limit. I was 205 pounds. While the board still moved, there was nowhere near enough power to get me above a few mph.

Just make sure you do your research and read on the board's specification i.e. weight capacity before you purchase.



The top speed of every electric skateboard is tested on a flat and very level ground.

If you decide to go up a hill, you’ll never be able to reach the board's top speed.

Going uphill is just fighting harder against the force of gravity.

And the steeper the incline the slower you’ll go, even at full power.

Board speed will also be affected by decline.

Depending how long and steep the decline is, you may be able to pass your board's top speed. Not that it’s highly recommended… you could take a spill and be left with some serious road rash and broken bones.


Battery Levels

Low battery?

You can expect your board’s performance to suffer.

That means lower overall speed.



Yes, aerodynamics is still a thing.

Imagine a sailboat, which has a giant mast and sail to help propel it across the ocean using the wind.

When riding an electric skateboard, you become to big sail.

Except there’s two outcomes.

You’re either riding with the wind and you’ll be propelled faster.

Or you ride against the wind. Not only will you go slower but you’ll feel pushed back off the board and unstable.

It’s best to avoid riding in super windy conditions.



There will never be a ride where you experience perfectly flat and level terrain.

There will always be bumps and obstacles in the rode, just like life.

Even riding on the smoothest streets will eventually lead to potholes, cracks, fallen sticks, pebbles, gravels, curbs, and so much more that will naturally impede and slow you down.

And if you’re not careful riding rougher terrain, you’ll just end up getting injured.



Whether it's pedestrian or vehicular, city or rural town, there will always be some sort of traffic.

Traffic is going to prevent you from hitting super speed.

Just imagine trying to hit 24mph in the busy streets of Manhatten.

Talk about a disaster waiting to happen!


Final Verdict

While speed may be the goal, it isn’t everything.

The most important thing is safety.

Next is to enjoy the ride.

Don’t worry, you’ll still have plenty of options to speed around on your Boosted Board. Just make sure the time is right!




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