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Evolve is like the champagne of electric skateboards.

Expensive but worthy.

So worthy, it might be able to pick up Thor’s hammer!

There’s a reason the Carbon GTR is Evolve’s top selling model… After taking the board out for a spin, we realized how powerful this machine really is.

It destroys the competition… literally obliterates it. If you find me a board with better specs, give me a call. I’ll leave my number below.

Let’s take a look at the in-depth review of the Evolve Carbon GTR.

Basic Information About The Carbon GTR

How Much Does It Cost?

The Carbon GTR has different price bundles.

At the current moment, the Carbon GTR retails on Evolve’s website from $1,999 to $2,249 depending on the wheel setup you choose at the checkout:

  1. All Terrain: $1,999
  2. Street: $1,999
  3. 2-in-1: $2,249

How Many Speed Modes?

It currently has 4 speed modes.

  • Eco – Beginner and learning speed, very safe and perfect for light cruising
  • Fast – Taking it up a notch here, pretty speed but will also help you achieve maximum range
  • GTR – Release the devil. We’re hitting some tops speeds here so be careful!
  • Custom – You have to use the Evolve app to access the custom speed mode. That being said you can choose the power you want to which best suits you.

How Fast And What’s The Range?

  • •Top Speed: 26 mph
  • •Maximum Range: 31 miles

These numbers will differ and depend on the size of the rider as well as the riding conditions, terrain, etc...

Is It Waterproof?

Waterproof is strong word. Very few electronics are ever actually waterproof and are better deemed as water-resistant.

The Carbon GTR has been shown to carry some water resistance against light water sprays.

That being said, Evolve themselves has not given the board an IP rating (water and dust proof rating) and they actually recommend against operating the board in wet conditions altogether.

And rightfully so, the last thing you want is to take your Carbon GTR out in some heavy rain and then be stuck with a $2,000 machine that no longer works.

Save your losses and don’t get this thing wet.

What We Like

Not that we’ve covered a few basics about the board, let’s talk about what we like! Here’s a whole lot of positives!

Unrivaled Performance

When we take a look at the performance of Evolve Boards, it’s not an underestimate to say it’s the best performing board you can buy…

Just take a look at the specs!

It’s Speedy Gonzalez

This baby ain’t no slow poke. With a top speed of 26 mph.

While yes it’s true, there are faster boards out there, let me ask you one question.

Have you ever tried going faster than 25+ mph on an electric skateboard? Not only is it scary but it’s also quite dangerous. It’s very hard to keep stable at such a speed.

26 mph is more than enough in our book!

Out Of This World Range

This is where the Carbon GTR seperates itself…

15 mile range? Try higher…

20 mile range? Try higher…

25 mile range? Keep going…

Yea, that’s right. This board get’s a whopping 31 mile range!

31 miles is enough to travel the entire distance up Manhatten and back and still have some charge on the battery (Manhatten is 13.4 miles long)!

Seriously, if you’re tired of having such shitty range on all these other boards on the market, upgrading to the Carbon GTR will solve that problem 100 percent.

Disclaimer: While it’s true that the board can hit 31 miles, that number is rated only for the street wheel setup. With the all-terrain wheels you’re going to get around 18 miles of range (still insanely impressive!)

Incline Rate And Power

The specs don’t tell the full story. While the Carbon GTR has a 30% incline rate, what feels amazing is it’s strength and power riding up the hill.

It doesn’t struggle and it doesn’t falter.

I took the Carbon up my street with a massive 100 meter hill with a crazy incline. Excuse my language but it made the hill it’s bitch…

After reading a little more into the specs I found out why! The board’s motor is a whopping 3000 watts. That’s double to triple the amount of power you’d find in other high end boards.

After riding the board some more, I have found only 1 hill to defeat the Carbon GTR (and I’m not joking when this hill is around a 45 degree incline).

Ride Anywhere (2-In-1 System)

Whether it’s the street or off roading, the Carbon GTR can get it done.

We took this baby out in multiple places and it performed fantastic, even in the dirt!

Before punching in your credit card and completing your order on the Evolve site, you get the option to choose from 3 different wheel set ups for your Carbon GTR:

  • •Street
  • •All-Terrain
  • •2-in-1 (Both)

While most people will opt for the street version (since most people ride on the street) I highly recommend investing into both and buying the 2-in-1 wheel set up.

It’s only $250 more and could really benefit your overall riding experience.

Let’s face it, not every street or road is paved like the Beverly Hills… you’re gonna to face a lot of cracks, potholes, bumps, bruises, patches of grass, dirt, etc. It’s a good idea to also have an all-terrain wheel system to accompany your street system.

When you have the 2-in-1 wheel system you could easily swap street wheels for all-terrain or vice versa within a few minutes and increase your versatility.

Which wheels you’ll select will depend on the conditions of your commute or riding route.

The street wheels are smaller (3.8 inches in diameter) and made of hard plastic.

The all-terrain wheels are much larger (7 inches in diameter) and made of rubber which really grabs into the ground pulling the board through all sorts of obstacles.

You definitely notice a difference between the two setups. Street is quicker but you feel all the bumps and bruises of the road. However, all-terrain makes riding anywhere an easy and pleasant experience no matter how much crap there is.

The App

Almost every top e-board brand now comes with an application you can connect your board to.

Evolve is no different.

By connecting the Carbon GTR to the Evolve Skateboards app, you can find basic data like top speed and distance traveled while also track each one of your rides.

While it’s not something I use every time, it is cool to get some specifics. Knowing more about your board builds a better connection.

What We Don’t Like

Everything always comes with a negative, even the GTR. Let’s talk about somethings that are not so worthy.

Burn Your Wallet

Expensive is an understatement…

If you though Boosted was expensive, you’re in for a whole new game now.

Here’s the retail prices for the Carbon GTR and it’s different wheels setups:

  • Street: $1,999
  • All-Terrain: $1,999
  • 2-in-1: $2,249


$2,249 for an electric skateboard? It better clean the dishes and cook for you too!

It really makes you think… what else can you do with two grand in the bank?

Tropical vacation, down payment on a cheap car, enroll in a course at a community college, etc…

For just about $2,000, it really makes you look at alternatives. I know I did. There’s plenty of cheaper boards with killer performance.

You can get a Meepo Classic 2 for $599 and it runs for 25 miles per charge and pumps out a 25 mph top speed. You can also get a WowGo All-Terrain which comes with off road capabilities and 22 miles per charge, 22 mph and it’s only $899.

These are fractional prices compared to the Carbon GTR and make a worthy consideration when looking at the price.

Maybe the Carbon GTR is just for rich people (sighs).

It’s Heavy To Carry

I doubt you will speed much time carrying any electric skateboard (they weren’t designed for that!) but if you do decide to pick up the Carbon GTR, you’ll definitely get a workout for your arms by the end of it.

The board weighs just about 22 pounds, which might not seem like a lot when you hear it but this isn’t a dumbbell that fits nicely in the palm of your hand.

It’s a bulky, 39 inch long, awkward, electric skateboard…

If you forget to charge your battery and the board eventually dies, may God have mercy on your soul if you have to carry that thing more than a few blocks to work or school!

Another negative is that the board doesn’t come with any handles…

Unlike a lot of Chinese manufactured boards like Meepo and WowGo which have implemented ‘carrying handles’ into the deck and frame of their boards to improve the carrying process.

Is it possible that Evolve is too boujee for that? Maybe. Regardless, it would have been nice to have one when I tried carrying the thing.

Final Verdict

As someone who’s reviewed a ton of different e-boards out there the Carbon GTR really takes the game to a whole new level.

Yes its pricey as hell, maybe just a tad too much. But you won’t be disappointed in what you’re getting.

Now I know why Evolve gave it such a name. Because it rivals the Nissan GTR… one of the speediest and beastliest cars you can buy!

Of all the electric skateboards out there, I believe this one is the best performing and the 2-in-1 system really increases your versatility.

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