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I was browsing the web in search for some news on the electric skateboard industry. And what’s coolest thing I found out?

The Eon electric skateboard converter.

What is it? Eon is a plug in play powertrain that “converts any regular skateboard to an electric in seconds with an ultra-light, bolt-on powertrain capable of 26 mph and a range of 15 miles.” This can truly change the world of electric skateboards and technology as we know it.


So I was browsing my computer today as I usually do, looking for some cool content to write about. I used a content search engine explorer and I came across a link that had a couple thousand social shares! Clicking on the link brought me to a Kickstarter page and hear I am reading about a possible industry changing electric skateboard invention! Then I do some simple Google searches and I found their website! It’s called Unlimited Eon.

So what is it?

Unlimited Eon is essentially a battery that can be placed and bolted to skateboards trunks on to the bottom of any regular skateboard deck. By taking your regular trunks and hooking them up to the new battery, this simply turns your skateboard into an electric one, with some pretty great performance features. Eon states that their powertrain device has a top speed of 22 mph and a range of 15 miles, that rivals some of the top brands of the market!

So what are some other cool features? I pulled these from their kickstarter page.

Progressive brakes: Regenerative brakes that Eon claims will add an additional 10% range to your ride

    • Water resistant: The battery and motor are sealed tight so you can ride through puddles in the rain (keep in mind it’s not 100% waterproof)
    • Carbon Plate: A carbon fiber mounting plate that’s super lightweight so it doesn’t inhibit your performance
    • Optimum Field-Oriented Control: Fancy talk for well designed and smart motors that provide a smooth ride
    • Nitro Button: An interesting little button that claims Eon will shoot you into hyperdrive speed for a few seconds - I’m really interested in seeing this feature

Powertrain options

There are three powertrain options you can plug into any electric skateboard or longboard. They all offer easy installation and easily upgrade your board in a matter of a few minutes. If you have an awesome skateboard or cool that you want to upgrade, purchase one of these.

The Solo - The most lightweight of the options, perfect for a small cruise around town. Comes with one single motor and battery pack, wheels, handheld remote, charger, carbon plate and mounting hardware.

  • Top speed of 22 mph, 7.5 mile range, 3.3 total pounds, and a 9% hill climb rate


The Cruiser - Still lightweight while doubling the range on the “Solo.” A single motor, but double the battery, wheels, handheld remote, charger, carbon plate and mounting hardware.

  • Top speed of 22 mph, 15 mile range, 4.6 total pounds, and 9% hill climb rate


The “R” - Eon calls this ‘the monster.’ Insane acceleration and performance. Double the motor, double battery, wheels, handheld remote, charger, carbon plate and mounting hardware.

  • Top speed of 22 mph, 15 mile range, 6.4 total pounds, and a 20% hill climb rate

Complete Boards (Update: These boards not available on website)

On top of the plug and play powertrain options, Eon also offers already built electric skateboards. All you have to do is select the powertrain you’d like with the style of board and deck. They have three different style electric skateboards.


    • The Brute: A 33 inch 8-layered maple stiff deck with no flex that feels like your grandpa’s old school board skateboard.
    • The Drop: A 40 inch bamboo and fiberglass longboard deck with a tiny amount of flex that offers a drop through design.
    • The Kick: A mix between the Brute and the Drop, with a vertically laminated bamboo and fiberglass 34 inch deck. There’s also an add kicktail on this electric skateboard


So what does all of this cost? After looking through their website I find that everything from their Kickstarter page was updated and looks amazing! Their boards look super well designed and have this patterned hard style wood on their decks.

Here is the cost of all their powertrain products:

  • Solo Powertrain Kit - $799
  • Cruiser Powertrain Kit - $999
  • R Powertrain Kit - $1,149


And here is the cost of all their electric skateboards:

  • Solo Electric Skateboard - $999
  • Cruiser Electric Skateboard - $1,199
  • R Electric Skateboard - $1,399

Pretty high price but the quality looks amazing! This company will surely take a bite out of the regular skateboard market, and convert those users to electric!

App and Support

Eon states that all powertrain electric skateboards will come with a 6 month warranty, and all riders will be able to download their app. Through the app you can tune and update your powertrain or board, share your rides among other riders and friends, as well as track and review statistics.

They also have a website where Eon supplies info on Travel and Safety, Video Tutorials, Riding, Maintenance, Tech Specs, and Orders. You can also submit a request in order to contact them if need be.

Why this will work

Any skateboard, this provides you with the option to take any of the millions of skateboards or decks and simply just grab and swap them into an electric skateboard just like that. It will certainly have a huge market for the people that love their current skateboard too much to go buy an electric.

It will also appeal to people who just like purchasing parts seperate. If you want to buy a deck that’s totally cool. Like certain trunks and wheels? Just buy that. The level of customizability is in the millions. If there's anything you don’t like about your electric skateboard or regular skateboard, you can just swap it out without buying a new one.

Why this won’t work

Although this is an awesome idea, I think to myself, how many people would just rather purchase a complete electric skateboard kit rather having to bolt on the battery and trunks themselves. You have to be precise with your craftsmanship, otherwise I’m sure the board will find itself turning and accelerating weird.

Now, if your an electric skateboard junkie, or work well with mechanics and engineering, this might be the coolest thing for you. But if you’re just a newbie who’s already satisfied with your board, this probably isn’t the thing for you. I also have to mention that the cost of everything on their website is extremely high, and for that price you can purchase a Boosted or other great quality board. That being said I still do believe the powertrain converter kits will be very popular for a lot of people.


This was a super fun and exciting article to write on. I hope to give you guys a review of an actual Eon electric skateboard within the next month or so. That way I can really get a feel for how their boards work and the quality of their powertrains. I will say their boards and powertrain kits look fantastic and I highly recommend you go check them out.

I’m happy to see a company like Unlimited Eon taking on a new and different approach to the electric skateboard market. Many companies are just focusing on how to increase the range and speed of their electric skateboards which is great, but it’s the same old stuff. It’s all a measurement of performance and who has the biggest stick. When a company decides to try something unique and distinct like Eon, it really creates some buzz in the industry. Cheers and happy gliding!

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