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Every skateboarder in the history of skateboarding has had to carry their board.

It’s no different for e-skaters.

We really wish more brands would manufacture their boards with handles!

It’s a simple addition to any board, but if you have to choose between two similar boards, one with a handle vs the other without, it’s a no brainer to buy the handled board.

Why You Need A Handle On Your E-board

Let me tell you, carrying a 15-20 pound (sometimes more) electric skateboard is a pain in the rear. That weight might not seem like a lot but it is.

This isn’t a nicely shaped dumbbell…

Electric skateboards are long, awkward, and uncomfortable in your hands. Without a handle, you are forced to carry the board by the trunks. And let me tell you, if you carry the board for more than 1 street block you’ll start to feel it.

Your arms get tired, your posture starts to worsen, and your hands begin to hurt.

It’s a great workout, but not really ideal for everyday commuting.

That’s why we’re giving you a list of the top electric skateboard with handles.

Handles are convenient and easily allow you to carry the board with one hand. It essentially transforms your board into a briefcase and makes the weight more manageable.

Meepo With Handles

Meepo AWD Pro

It’s call AWD (All Wheel Drive) for a reason.

Four… yes four individual motors for each wheel at 540 watts each. That’s a total of 2,160 watts.

With so much power it’s no wonder this board has an incredible top speed of 34 mph accompanied with a 15 mile range.

But the coolest part about this board isn’t the fact that it offers one handle, it actually offers two! That’s right, two metal handles, one on each side of the deck. And you’ll need them because this board weighs 23 pounds (Yikes!).

Meepo V3

28 mph top speed and a 11 mile standard battery range is great, but the price is what really makes this board a dealbraker.

That’s right, this board retails for $379 and has better stats than e-boards that cost triple the price.

Oh, and of course it comes with a nice grooved handle that’s built in directly into the decks design. 16 lbs isn’t the heaviest but a handle will make it feel like it’s only 8…

Meepo City Rider

Like the name suggests, this board is built for the city. But lets face it, the city is a rough place. So rough that even the likes of the 6 inch wheels on the City Rider can’t handle.

That’s where you might have to carry the board.

Luckily for you the City Rider comes with the exact same style metal handles on the AWD Pro.

Both handles jet out from the side of the board but don’t create any interference with you or your ride whatsoever.

Oh, and I failed to mention that this board goes 15.5 with a top speed of 22 mph for only $679. That’s not bad!

Ownboard With Handles

Ownboard W1S

The best selling Ownboard. If you’re asking why, it’s because the board only retails for a cheap $379.

That’s right! Get you one, two, three or more for the whole family!

And why not? With a top speed of 25 mph and a standard 12 mile range, it competes at a high level.

A nice handle designed into the board will also help you carry this board around.

Ownboard W2

A little pricier at $529, but still a very affordable board.

With a 38 inch deck, this longboard style electric skateboard a blazing 28 mph but only offers a 7.5 mile standard range (unless you upgrade the battery for an extra $100).

The cool part is on the product page you can choose to have the board come with a handle or not, which is a pretty easy answer for all of us (HAHA the handle of course!)

Ownboard C1S

When first looking at the C1S, it kinda looks like an Evolve Carbon GTR with its deck design and colors. Just minus the fact a large oval shaped handle is engrained in the board…

However, it’s nowhere near the same price, it only retails for $379! A 25 mph top speed and a 12 mile standard range complement the price very well.

Although it looks large on the website, the reality is that this board is only 35 inches long! (nothing wrong with that).

Ownboard W1AS

Looks like a normal old skateboard until you get close enough to the thing and realize it has a battery pack on the bottom.

It boasts the same stats as most of the other Ownboards with a 25 mph top speed and 12.5 standard range. Oh and the price?

Yea you guessed it right… $379.

Just remember this board comes with a stiff deck if you’re into that. (I prefer flexible longboard style decks for better handling and control).

WowGo With Handles

WowGo KT

Another 35 inch stiff deck board, the WowGo KT is a medium sized board that’s perfect for simple commuting and traveling.

12 mile range and 23 mph for only $379 and a nice handle to come along with it.

WowGo isn’t the most well-known but it sure can walk the walk!

WowGo 2S

A board that is basically identical to the Ownboard W2. I swear these companies are ripping eachother off or they’re all made in the same factory and just smacking on different logos before the leave…

You get the same price, range, and speed as the KT but with a flexible deck (longboard style).

I’ve tried this board a few times before and I do love the wooden deck which is made of both bamboo and maple.

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