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The city that never sleeps.

It’s busy, crowded, and filled with many different modes of transportation.

But can you ride your electric skateboard around NYC?

The short answer?

Yes, riding an electric skateboard in New York City is legal.


Issues In The Past

Before June 2019, there were a lot of questions up in the air regarding electric-assisted vehicles like e-bikes, e-scooters, and e-boards.

Long story short, pre-June 2019, e-bikes were illegal.

But it became iffy.

Mayor Bill de Blasio stated there would be serious crackdowns, but then there wasn’t.

The police didn’t really enforce nor give violations to those who didn’t follow the rules. De Blasio then loosened the ban and started pedaling backwards (pun intended).

The whole situation became really confusing, but once the ban was lifted in June of 2019, it was a green light for all electric-assisted devices involved.

Luckily electric skateboards weren’t affected too much anyways (since they weren’t targeted in the ban in the first place).


E-board Rules, Regulations, And Laws For NYC

Truth is, there aren't any laws regarding electric skateboards in NYC.

It’s a very grey area.

But there's one thing you should do...

It’s safe to assume that you should follow all the rules applying to non-motorized skateboards as well as e-bikes and e-scooters.

As long as you use common sense, you’ll be fine, but here are some regulations you should follow.


Don’t Ride On The Sidewalk

Sidewalks are for pedestrians.

A crowded sidewalk and high-speed electric skateboards don’t mix well together.

It’s unsafe and you’re asking for an accident/injuries to happen.

I’ve already seen accidents occur from regular non-motorized scooters moving at 10 mph on a crowded sidewalk. What do you think will happen when you replace the scooter with a 25 mph motorized skateboard?

It’s against the law for e-bikes and e-scooters to do it, so you should avoid doing it on an e-board.


Ride The Bike Lane (If There Is One)

As you already know, New York City is abundant with bike lanes on almost every avenue, street, and road.

Designed to keep cyclists safe from both vehicular and pedestrian accidents, the bike lanes are a fantastic place to be!

The legislation of June 2019 gave an update on electric scooters, stating they were allowed to ride in the bike lane:

“They must ride in the bike lane (if there is one) or at the furthest right edge of a street to ‘prevent undue interference with the flow of traffic.’”

Knowing this, it’s safe to assume you can ride your electric skateboard in the bike lane sine e-scooters are allowed to.

That being said, don’t go to slow and become an obstacle for cyclists.

You can check out all the rules of NYC bike lanes here on this file.


Don’t Assume You Have The Right Of Way

This isn’t just a common sense rule and is just a great cautionary way of thinking.

NYC law states that e-scooters must yield to pedestrian traffic. You on an electric skateboard must do the same.

This goes for managing traffic with cars as well.

Cars are much larger and more dangerous to ride next to.

Your safety and responsibility will ultimately be up to you.

Slow down and give others the right of way.

It’ll make the world a safer place!


Personal Experience

I live about an hour away from New York City and visit the place from time to time.

Although I’ve never ridden an e-board in NYC, almost every time I go, I see an abundance of electric vehicles like electric skateboards, electric scooters, and e-bikes.

So if you’re still questioning the legality of e-boards in the city, don’t worry… there are thousands of New Yorker’s who utilize them every single day.

As long as you’re not a dummy about what you’re doing, you’ll be fine!

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