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Right in between New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, is a smallish state known as New Jersey.

The Garden State is known for its parkways, beaches, boardwalks, and summertime getaways.

While many call New Jersey a dump, there’s plenty of beauty to be found there.

And what better way to explore the streets of Jersey than riding on an electric skateboard!

But wait!?

Are electric skateboards legal in New Jersey? What are the rules and laws?

Let’s take a deeper dive and find out!

Are E-boards Legal In The Garden State?


You’ll have no problem riding your electric skateboard down the streets of New Jersey.

Nothing in the law states the motorized skateboards, electric scooters, or other EPAMD (Electric Personal Assisted Mobility Devices) are illegal.

Feel free to ride!

Where Are Electric Skateboards Not Allowed In New Jersey?

While there are not many specific rules stating where you can’t ride your electric skateboard, it’s a well known law that riding on avenues, parkways, and highways is illegal (and also extremely dangerous).

Avoid any place with speed limits posted above 35 mph as these areas are usually off limits for cyclists and anything that isn’t a car.

Basically, wherever you can’t ride a bike, don’t ride your board.

Be Mindful About Riding On The Beach/Boardwalk Areas

While E-boards are legal, be cautious about riding in areas of heavy pedestrian traffic like the beach and/or boardwalks.

  • I checked the Seaside Heights rules regarding skateboards and it turns out you’re allowed to ride both bikes and skateboards on the boardwalk as long as you do so in a safe and cautious manner. Reckless riding is strictly prohibited.
  • Meanwhile, riding an electric skateboard or other devices on the boardwalk of Atlantic City is illegal!

So before assuming all boardwalks are fair game, always check the beach/boardwalk signs about riding.

(And yes, electric skateboards are considered skateboards – don’t think because they don’t say ‘electric’ on the sign, doesn’t mean that there’s a loophole!)

Can You Ride In Bike Lanes?

Nothing in NJ law says you can’t ride your e-board in bike lanes.

In fact, as a rider myself, I highly recommend riding in the bike lane. It’s safer since it allows you your own personal space that won’t be intruded by other vehicles or pedestrians!

Try to stick away from the sidewalk if you can.

One Redditor on this thread lives in Jersey City and said he had no issues riding his board in bike lanes and stated it was a great way to get around.

Other Laws

One law that must be specifically followed for New Jersey and is also applicable in many other states around the country:

“Anyone under 17 must wear a helmet.” And that’s not just a suggestion, it must be followed.

Now, will you get pulled over and cited if you look under 17 and don’t have a helmet?

Maybe… maybe not. But the important thing is just to be aware. Helmets could save your life, so you might as well wear them. 

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