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How can you quickly turn an old beat down skateboard into an electric powered one?

Invest in a drive kit!

Drive kits allow you to build your your skateboard from the ground up.

Drive kits are cheaper and more affordable than buying a brand new electric skateboard.

So whether you’re thinking of building a new electric skateboard or converting your old longboard into one, there is a kit that fits your exact needs. In this guide, you will find two of the best electric skateboard kits on the market today. We will review both kits so that you know what to expect from each option.

Why do you need skateboard kits?

When you buy a DIY electric longboard kit, you don’t need to research the parts to ensure compatibility. Moreover, you don’t have to source them from different suppliers because the kit already includes all the components required for building an electric skateboard. These parts are compatible, and all work together.

Electric skateboard kits also allow you to use any deck. Thus, you can build an electric skateboard that fits your riding style. Building stuff is also fun. After all, you are building something yourself. And when you are done, you can take your board for a test ride and flaunt your masterpiece.

Best Skateboard Kits

Electric skateboards are faster and more versatile than regular skateboards. The best part is that you can build one using electric skateboard conversion kits. Since there are many kits out there, choosing the best one can be daunting. That’s why we have selected and reviewed two of the best DIY electric skateboard kits to help you make an informed decision.

1.   Mellow Drive

The Mellow Drive is a compact electric longboard kit designed, built, and engineered in Germany. Since you can mount the Drive to any skateboard, you can use any deck and convert it into an e-board. And with the kit’s compact size, you can bring it anywhere.

Eco Mode and Pro Mode

The Mellow Drive includes two 1000W hub-driven motors that allow the board to run up to 15mph in Eco Mode and up to 25 mph in Pro Mode. The kit also features remote-controlled regenerative braking and acceleration. To slow down, you need to slide the remote’s top portion back towards you and slide it away from you to accelerate.

Run Away Blocker

This feature monitors your acceleration within the first five seconds of skating. The RunAway Blocker then decides whether there’s a rider on the skateboard or not. If the board detects no rider, it will beep two times and apply 10 percent breaking power. This power is enough to stop it after one to two minutes. After five seconds of riding, the board switches off.

Mellow App

The Mellow Drive allows you to surf through the neighborhood and the city with ease. It also comes with an app that displays riding information, including your range. The info will depend on the state of charge and your riding mode.

Dustproof and Waterproof

The board can handle extreme and wet conditions like heavy rain and deep puddles. Aside from the board’s unorthodox design, it also features LED indicators for your riding mode and battery level. Thanks to the bright LEDs, you can quickly read relevant information about the board, even in low-light conditions. The remote also comes with grippy rubber, giving you complete control over the board.

Two-year Warranty

The Mellow Drive comes with a two-year warranty. So if you are having some technical difficulties or need assistance when building your electric skateboard, you can reach out to their customer service.

Click-in Mechanism

If you want to increase your range, all you need to do is swap the battery pack. It is easy to do, thanks to the Drive’s click-in mechanism. The best thing about this skateboard and longboard motor kit is that it can withstand harsh riding conditions. So if you need a reliable and heavy-duty electric skateboard motor kit, the Mellow Drive is one of your best options.

2.Loaded Electric Skateboard Kit

The Loaded Electric Skateboard Kit comes with a powerful motor and a carbon base plate to keep all the parts secure to your deck. You can also pick from three different models – Race, Solo, and Cruise. The Race kit features two batteries and motors, but you can upgrade the Cruise and Solo kits if you want more range and speed.


The kit provides 840 to 1680 watts of power, depending on the variant you get. The Race variant has a dual drivetrain, so it is the most powerful option among the three. But the 840-watt drivetrain can still achieve incredible speeds.

Speed and Range

The Race kit has a maximum speed of 26 mph, while both the Cruiser and Solo can run up to 23 mph. The Solo kit will give you seven miles on a single charge, enough for cruising around the town or a short commute. On the other hand, the Cruiser and Race variants can travel up to 13 miles on a single charge. That’s not surprising since both kits have two batteries.


The electric skateboard kit features a 90Wh Li-ion battery, and charging time takes about 80 minutes for the single battery. The best thing about it is that you can get the battery onto a plane, allowing you to take your e-board anywhere.


The electric skateboard motor kit has Orangatang Caguma wheels that dampen vibrations, allowing you to enjoy a smooth ride all day. The 84mm voluptuous urethane wheels provide excellent traction, grip, and handling, making them ideal for different riding styles. The Loaded Electric Skateboard Kit also features a well-built thumb lever controller that sits nicely in the hands.

Kit Weight

The Solo model is one of the lightest kits on the market at only 4.4 lbs. The Cruiser is 2.2 lbs heavier than the Solo model. The Race variant is the heaviest model at 9 lbs, but it offers higher hill-climbing capabilities, speed, and range than the other models.

Regenerative Braking and Presets

The Loaded Electric Skateboard Kit’s regenerative braking gives you more control over the ride. The kit also features three braking presets – Pro, Echo, and Easy. Thus, you can choose the preset that fits your riding style. The kit also comes with an app that allows you to adjust your speed, braking, and acceleration.

Hill Climbing

Climbing hills will not be a problem with the Loaded Electric Skateboard Kit. The Cruiser and Solo models can handle nine-degree slopes, while the Race variant can take on a 20-degree incline.

Rider Weight

The kit accommodates up to 240 lbs. But for heavier riders, the Race variant is a good option. Dual batteries and motors allow you to enjoy incredible speeds and ranges without much effort.

In Summary

By getting a DIY electric skateboard kit, you can create a work of art that fits your personality, body type, and needs. The best part is that it brings out your creativity and helps you save money.

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