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Riding an electric skateboard has to be one of the most enjoyable and exhilarating things I do on a daily basis. Once I learned how to ride well enough to take it anywhere, I never wanted to walk or bike again! Going slow is just not a popular trend in today's fast moving world, so I started taking my board everywhere. It makes the commute to school or work a blast, and saves me a ton of time. But what can you do to make it even more fun than it already is?

Here are the top 10 tips you should know to make riding your electric skateboard more fun.

Hit the gas!

It’s no secret that going fast makes the hair rise on the back of your neck. Something about speed, fun, and danger, are all mixed together in this giant and violent cocktail. They go together like peanut butter and jelly.

If you want to experience more exhilaration with your electric skateboard, turn the throttle up on the remote. Change gears to the highest speed available. My Ownboard Mini Kt has a top speed of around 24 mph. There’s no doubt in my mind when I shift it into that gear, I’m going to have a blast (or a terrible fall.) Just like you see those motorcycles that are punching it on the freeway, fighter jets breaking the sound barrier, or dragsters accelerating to 100 mph in 0.8 seconds, they all live for the thrill. So punch your board into high gear and don’t be afraid to test the limits!

Forget safety and injuries, and go have yourself a hell of time!

Just kidding. If and when you do decide to let loose on your board, make sure you’re riding the correct safety equipment. Falling is always possible, no matter how careful you are. Watch for any obstacles and make the path in front of you is clear. Follow these rules and you can turn on your inner Speedy Gonzales.

Know your board

If you want to enjoy your electric skateboard, you have to know how your board works. Every board is made by a different company and brand. Each brand has their own intentions when creating the board. If the board offers a flexible composite deck, use it! Electric longboards are known to be flexible and help you maneuver like a beast, something I’ll talk about later. The flexibility also makes it a more comfortable ride, so you can generally ride it for a longer period of time, without getting those annoying vibrations on your feet you would from a stiff deck.

If you own and Evolve Carbon GT, take advantage of the all-terrain wheel setup and go have yourself a blast doing some off roading. If you own a Boosted Plus, take advantage of the ‘pro speed mode’ and fly it to the next level. If your board offers an auto-cruise feature, use it and forget having to hold that annoying throttle down. Or if your board has an insane 40 degree climbing rate, challenge yourself and take it to the meanest hill you know.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages as well as the limitations of your board make it a ton of fun and lets you appreciate it more when you take it out to the streets.

Carve it up

Once aspect of riding that many pros love to do is “carving.” Carving is all about learning the natural flow of the board and using it to make crazy inward and outwards turns often resulting in a pattern. When turning you push down hard towards your toes or your heels (depending on which direction your turning.) It gets its name because it makes you feel like your “carving” a line into the ground.

It's such a fun experience because it makes you feel in control of the board like you’ve never felt before. It also is much more enjoyable than just riding your electric skateboard in a straight line.

I believe that electric skateboards have much more ability to carve than regular skateboards due to the fact you can control the board better, and you can pick up speed on a dime without manual pusing with your feet. If you want to learn how to carve, I highly suggest you check out the video below: which teaches you how to carve specifically on your electric skateboard.

Practice makes perfect

When you step on your first electric skateboard, you’re likely going to have a hard time balancing and you might fall off. It’s no secret that whatever you do, especially as a beginner, your going to have a learning curve. That goes the same for you e-skaters. Enjoying your electric skateboard means you have to get better at riding it.

Ride your board as much as possible, and make mistakes! Yes I’m telling you it’s ok to fall off. That’s how you learn and get better.

Try new things, tricks, tips, and learn from the pros. Go online and look at how to ride. Keep your weight on your front foot and more towards the front of the board. This will give you greater control when turning and help you prevent speed wobbles. Practicing also helps develop muscle memory in your feet, legs, and ankles so that you strengthen your riding ability. Keep practicing and I promise you will enjoy your riding board that much more!

Location, location, location

Where you ride and what route you take can makes all the difference. This is something I talked about in my riding an electric skateboard on campus. Ride your electric skateboard in scenic areas! Explore streets and areas you’ve never been before. Adventure is all about engaging yourself in something new, unusual, and exciting. You can do the same with your next ride.

Ride to the beach, and watch the sunset! Or go downtown at night and try to find things you’ve never noticed before. Make it an adventure!

Riding your electric skateboard is more than just about travel, it’s about opening your mind to new experiences and places that offers you a new perspective. That’s what having fun is all about.

Friends with benefits

What’s better than riding an electric skateboard alone?

Riding it with your friends! Who says you can’t grab a couple of buddies and go for a ride with your electric skateboards. Your friends don’t own one? Tell them to ride their bike. You’d be surprised at the conversations and enjoyable times I’ve had with a couple of my friends while we ride around town altogether.

I’ve seen multiple Youtube accounts where riders will grab a large group of their friends and ride the electric skateboards across New York City and Vlog while they do it. Everyone is smiling and enjoying themselves as they carve up the streets! So grab some friends and go for a ride!


If you want to enjoy your board to the fullest, make sure it’s charged all the way up. It gives you a better range but also better performance. When your battery is fully charged it has a higher voltage meaning you’ll get better speed, hill climbing, and power.

When your battery is at a lower percentage voltage is lower, meaning your performance will suffer. Now, this may differ from board to board. Some electric skateboards start minimizing their performance once they go under 50% battery. This is to help conserve the battery power. I believe my Ownboard Mini Kt continues to maintain a high performance until it goes under 10% battery. That being said, it’s just a good idea to recharge once you come home from a ride and make sure you start the next day with a fully charged battery.

Take care of your board

Putting the correct gas in your car makes it run better. It’s no different for your electric skateboard. Your board may not run on gas, but maintaining it and making sure it stays in peak condition is just as important.

That means:

    • Avoid potholes and road obstacles that can damage your board
    • Tighten your wheels and trucks when necessary
    • Avoid over tightening parts of your board
    • Clean your board from debris and dust
    • Let your battery completely drain once in a while (once a month)
    • Avoid extreme heat and cold
    • Don’t completely submerge your board in water
    • Update your boards firmware if possible
    • Store your board in a dry and neat space (especially longterm)
    • Don’t toss or drop your board (they are heavy)
    • Fix parts that are failing or damaged

Follow these tips and not only will your board last longer and thank you for taking care of it, but it will make it much more fun to ride.

Make it a date or make it spontaneous

If I haven’t rode my electric skateboard in quite some time, I decide to take it on a date. I schedule a day of the week or month where I know I’m not doing anything and let that be a time for me and my board. Take yourself on an adventure!

Or do the opposite and take yourself on a spontaneous excursion. If you’re not doing anything or you find yourself stressed, grab your board and go on a ride. Nothing soothes the mind like a nice ride just around the neighborhood. You’ll thank me for this idea later.

Sunny days are the best

Make no mistake, sunny days are the best days to ride. Make the weather your friend and not your enemy. Riding an electric skateboard in the rain is not fun, and riding when it’s snowing and icy conditions is just dangerous. Check the weather before you leave for work, school, or your destination of choice. You don’t want to get caught up in a snow or thunderstorm when you’re on the board. Even though many boards are water resistant, sometimes its just better to drive if possible.

Weather will have a big impact, and you should do your best to ride in sunny and warm weather conditions. Nothing is better than taking a nice stroll with those sunny rays beaming down on you. Cheers! And happy gliding!

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