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Coke or Pepsi?

Ford or Chevy?

McDonalds or Burger King?

Microsoft or Apple?

The greatest rivalries in the history of man come with the fiercest competition and wild debates that will stand till the of time.

So let me ask you...

Do you prefer electric skateboards or electric scooters?

As someone who’s ridden both, let’s take a look and find the pro’s and con’s of each and determine a winner!

Electric Scooter Pro’s

Better Handles With A Handlebar

The biggest distinction almost anyone can make between an electric scooter and an electric skateboard is a handle bar. 

If you took the handle bar off any scooter, it’s pretty much a skateboard at that point. 

The handle bar offers quite a few benefits:

Stability - When riding solely on two feet, you have to find your balance. For beginners this is tough, but even for advanced riders, all it takes is a sharp turn, a single pebble, or some other obstacle and you can find yourself falling onto the hard pavement. Your center of gravity is too high. If you try to balance a broomstick straight up in the air, all by itself, all it takes is a little gust of wind to knock the thing over. But if you lean it against the wall, it’ll take a much greater force to push the thing over. Handlebars give you something to hold onto. Your overall stability will be greatly improved and so will your comfort and safety levels.

Improved turning and direction - Try making a 180 degree turn with an electric skateboard. I’ve done it many times and it’ll often take me the ENTIRE width of the street to complete it. Sometimes it’s just easier to pick the board up and turn around and start heading the other way. E-boards don’t have the best turning radius in comparison to electric skateboards. Obviously, it’ll depend on the trucks, wheels, and flex of the board, but nothing beats the turning radius of a two-wheeled device like a scooter. 

Think of it like the turning radius of a car vs a motorcycle (the motorcycle will run rounds around any car).

With e-scooters, you’ll hit sharper turns at a quicker pace while never losing your overall stability and performance. That can’t be said with any electric skateboard. Similar to bicycles (which ride on two wheels like a scooter), e-scooters have phenomenal agility and turning ability that allow for improved handling and sense of direction.

Electric Skateboard Pro’s

Standing on any skateboard for the first time might be a challenge. But once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can reap the benefits and adventures that come with it.

Carving: Similar to skiing and snowboarding, the motions of weaving back and forth on a snowy mountain or to the street become a real delight to those who practice it. Simply look at it as constantly performing an ‘S’ shape while cruising on your e-board. Carving provides an interesting feel of control and amusement that’s hard to explain until you’ve tried it yourself. While it’s true, scooters and other wheeled devices can carve, not much can compare to the carving of a skateboard, especially models with long, wooden, and flexy decks.

Community: Skateboards have been around since the late 1940’s and electric skateboards since the early 2000’s but having more recently exploded in popularity in the last 10 years. Have you ever noticed that skateboarders tend to ride in groups rather than just by one’s self? Skatebording in recent years has become such a tight knit community with super strong brand awarness and loyalty. You’ll find massive skatebaord and e-skate threads on reddit and it won’t be hard to find a community in your home town. The skateboarding community is fantastic and you’ll find a ton of help online, starting right here on Immortal Boards!

Range Differences

The range for both electric skateboards and electric scooters will ultimately come down to each brand and model.

Both options have fantastic options to fit high-range needs.

However, it’s without question that it is much easier and more common to find high-range electric scooters than it is to find high-range e-boards.

Let me explain.

An electric scooter is a larger piece of equipment that allows for more battery space. Simply put, the larger battery the longer the range.

I’ve found that the average electric skateboard range is around 11-12 miles while it’s not uncommon to find an electric scooter with a range of 17-18 miles.

Realize that these are averages, and it’s not difficult to find models with more range (and price) to accommodate your needs. 

Take the Evolve Carbon GTR (e-board) which has an astounding 31-mile range!

And on the other end, you’ll find that an e-scooter like the Inokim OXO with a range of 62 miles! Holy moly!

Regardless, electric scooters have the edge, so if you’re looking for more juice, the two wheeled model wins this one!

Speed Comparison

Maybe the most important factor is who comes on top in the speed department. After all, who doesn’t want the fastest device around?

So after some in-depth research it’s safe to say that the average electric skateboard will be a tad bit faster than your average electric skateboard.

Electric skateboards will generally max out at 25 mph. While the majority of electric scooters will max out around 19-21 miles per hour.

So why are e-boards a little faster?

I’d say it leans towards the demographic. Scooters are generally used by commuters and older folks who don’t have as much interesting racing around the block. Skateboards are targeted for the younger generation who consider danger and daredevil tricks a walk in the park! For that reason, the average e-board will have a little more kick.

However, it’s worth noting, if you really want to spend your money, you’ll find that the fastest electric scooters can easily hit top speeds of 40-60 mph! Although it’s dangerous, hitting a top speed may be possible thanks to the stability and availability of handlebar (something not available on skateboards).


Since both e-boards and e-scooters come in all shapes and sizes, it’s very common to see a wide range of prices.

Certain models of each device will also cater differently to different people. You have differences in speed, range, luxury, versatility, weight, etc. all of these which will greatly influence the price.

Excluding the high end brands and models, to find a quality electric skateboard, you’ll have to drop $400-$500 minimum. 

And again, excluding the high end models, to find a quality electric scooter, you’ll have to drop anywhere from $300-$600.

Both are relatively close in price but if you really are tight on money an electric scooter is the better option.

It’s also noted there are many more models of e-scooters to choose from, so finding one that fits your price range (as well as needs) is better in the end.

Which Is Easier To Learn?

For those who have ridden a scooter before, you’ll know that the learning curve is almost non-existent. Hop on the frame, push off with your feet, control the direction with the handlebars. Super simple and you’ll learn after your first few tries.

Skateboarding on the other hand can take a fair share of practice, especially if you’re not the most athletic or coordinated individual. It’ll take a few days or even weeks to build up muscle memory and understand how to balance yourself properly. Unless you’re a seasoned skateboarder who’s ridden before, your best bet is to choose an electric skateboard if you want simplicity and a comfortable ride.


The ability to transport and store your e-board or e-scooter is in my opinion one of the most underrated features!

Everyone knows that taking your device for a ride is fun but what about when you have to carry and store it?

I’ve always been a big fan of electric skateboards with handles. With the average weight of a skateboard weighing around 18 pounds, having a handle makes a big difference. Take a look at the One Wheel brand which allows you to purchase a maghandle to easily carry your board when your not riding it. Other brands like Meepo and WowGo have handles integrated into the decks of their boards making portability even easier. 

Electric scooters are a little harder. The average e-scooter weighs around 25 pounds but there are still a few option out there on the market.

For one, there are quite a few electric scooters with a very unique feature, the ability to fold. Folding your scooter allows for easy storage and an improved transport options (bring on train, subway, bus, etc). Here are a few foldable e-scooter brands:

  • GoTrax
  • Turboant
  • Unagi
  • Horizon
  • Apollo

I have also seen straps that allow you to carry your scooter like a duffle bag.

But the shear size of any e-scooter makes it very hard to carry and transport if you’re not riding it. 

The winner here goes to the e-boards. 


If we want to know how portable something is, we have to consider something rather important, how much does the product weigh?

If you’re going to carry the thing up a flight of stairs, it might be helpful to know how easy/difficult it’ll be to complete such a task.

If you just take a quick look at the average weight/dimensions, it’s not even a contest, electric skateboards are much lighter.

Even the lightest of e-scooters are roughly double the weight of the average e-board. 

  • Electric skateboards weigh right around 17 pounds but can weigh almost as much as 30.
  • Electric scooters weigh around 30 pounds but can be as much as 70.

Not a competition here as electric skateboards are lighter and mean less stress to carry.

Different Demographics & Needs

Since scooters and skateboards are different products, the device you choose will ultimately depend on your needs.

Are you looking to for convenience or for something fun?

  1. Typically, electric skateboards will better fit those who commute to and from work/school.
  2. Electric skateboards will better fit younger generations looking to get the most joy out of their board.

No Matter Which You Choose, We All Win!

It’s no shock that the world of personal electric devices are taking the world by storm. 

Cities and nations all around the world are adapting and doing their part in attempt to fight climate change. And the worst case scenario seems pretty grim. Scientists around the world concur that if we don’t make a completely turn around, by the year 2050, we could be facing an the end of the human race.

Now, that might seem like a crazy statement to start off this article but it’s the truth. This post isn’t meant to be a political or fight against global warming, but you should know one thing for certain...

Electricity has one of the smalled carbon footprints of any power source on the planet (right up there with wind and nuclear). 

Electric skateboard and scooters rely on batteries for power.

By incorporating these devices into our daily lives, we can each lower our individual carbon footprint to make drastic changes on a global level. And as personal electric vehicles become more efficient and powerful, the more we as humans can benefit! So in the end, whichever you choose, you are making a small difference for this crazy planet.

So Who’s The Winner?

My own personal choice tells me electric scooters are better for their increased stability, ease of use, range, and safety. It’s a more comfortable ride altogether. If I had only one choice for the rest of my life, the scooter makes more sense.

But in the end, it all really comes down to preference.

Some people like Apple computers for their unique software and ability to create movies/graphic design. Others will like Microsoft computers for their simplicity and ease of use. Which one is right for you? That’ll be up to your own judgment!

The same goes for the argument of electric skateboards and electric scooters.

A big decision factor will also come down to your lifestyle. Daredevils and teens brought up on skating their whole life will find sticking with a board more ideal.

Those who commute to work, the train station, or ride around the city will find scooters as their new best friend. 

I can’t make the decision for you, but by reading this article I’m positive you’ll have a better idea of which one fits your personality. Each device is fun and unique in its own way and there is no wrong decision in the end. After all, who says you can’t buy both?!

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