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If you’re interested in buying an electric skateboard…

You’re probably wondering how the hell you control the thing. After all, a regular skateboard literally moves by you pushing the ground with your feet. In order to stop you use your feet as well!

But how do you stop on an electric skateboard?

Yes, Electric Skateboards Have Brakes

E-boards can go 30 mph or even faster.

It wouldn’t make much sense to go that speed and not have anything to stop you. In fact, if that were that case riders would be getting injured and there would be plenty of lawsuits against e-board manufacturers.

How Do You Brake On An Electric Skateboard?

Braking on an electric skateboard is quite a simple feat.

In fact all you have to do is use the remote!

Yes, almost all electric skateboards (there are exceptions) use handheld remotes that allow you to:

  • Move forward/speed up
  • Slow down
  • Brake
  • Change speed
  • Check battery levels

Slowing down/braking requires a simple flick back of the remotes controls.

But be careful, flicking the switch back too fast will cause the board to come to an instant stop! If you’re going 20 mph, this is the last thing you want. (You’ll go flying…)

Pro Tip: It’s much safer and practical to slowly pull the switch/lever back if you wish to brake. That way you can slow down over a longer distance and come to a safe halt. The same way you would if you were driving a car. You don’t brake super hard when you’re driving… you always ease into it so the vehicle comes to a slow and controlled stop. It’s no different on an electric skateboard!

It Takes Practice

Like anything else in life, learning how to ride and brake on an electric skateboard takes practice.

But don’t worry, after your first few rides, you’ll begin to understand the basic concepts.

There have been times on my first practice runs where I did not manage my speed and distance to stop in time. I tried braking too fast and I went flying (the board stopped but I didn’t).

One time I wasn’t able to brake in time after speeding down a hill and I ended up crashing into a wooden fence.

Remember you are not attached to the board like in a car or vehicle. There is no seat belt! If you stop the board too fast your body will keep moving at whatever speed you’re traveling at.

Bail If You Must

I learned this rule after finding out countless skaters and motorcyclists have used this rule.

It’s only to be applied if you know your e-board brakes can’t save you!

It’s not the most ideal safety tip, but it could save you from serious injury.

The basic principle? If you know you can’t stop in time of crashing into an object, jump off your board.

Yes, that’s right… I said ‘JUMP!’

Bailing is never safe, but if it means jumping off so you don’t crash into a moving car, pole, tree, or other heavy obstacles, then do it!

Here’s a story about my dad’s friend on a motorcycle who couldn’t brake in time and had to use the ‘Bailing’ Rule

Lesson Learned: My dad’s friend had bought a motorcycle. His first day with his new toy he sped up a long hill. What he didn’t know was on the other side of the hill was a long line of traffic. He didn’t see the car at the top and was moving too fast. With only a second to react, he said ‘screw it’ and bailed. He fell off and landed in someone’s driveway with minor injuries. His bike, on the other hand, got screwed up after impaling the back of someone’s car.

Moral of the story? Bail if you must. The idea behind bailing is it’s always better to fall or jump on your own terms rather than crashing and not being able to control anything.

Regardless, it’s always better to control the board and come to a safe stop if you can. That way you won’t have to follow this rule.

From personal experience, I have bailed one time after I was about to hit a curb at almost 20 mph. I landed with only a few scrapes and bruises. Had I not bailed, who knows what would’ve happened. 

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