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It’s time! You’re ready to purchase your first ever electric skateboard. But how do you go about it? How do you know which electric skateboard is perfect for you?

When looking for an electric skateboard you first need to establish a few guidelines and ask yourself a few questions.

  • What’s my budget?
  • What size board do I want?
  • How much and what kind of capabilities do I want?
  • How important is brand, warranty, and support to me?

There are many aspects you must look at before giving entering in your credit card online.

In this article I’ll cover all the guidelines and give you a few tips and trips along the way to help you pick that first electric skateboard.


I’ve seen electric skateboards range for $129, all the way to $2,100. That’s a huge difference in price. Since you are new to riding I encourage you not to spend a whole lot of money on your first electric skateboard.

It might be that electric skateboards aren't your thing, so I want to save you the possibility of wasting your money. Of course you could always return a board you don’t like, but I want to prevent that from even happening in the first place. You’re here because you want to pick an awesome first board, not return it!

If you want quality and performance, you generally have to spend more. That’s not just true for this industry, but every other as well. That’s how capitalism works.


The most expensive electric skateboards are produced by Evolve. They have a small line of high priced, high performing boards, but are made of incredible quality.

    • Evolve Bamboo GTX - Starting at $1,799
    • Evolve Carbon GT - Starting at $1,959
    • Evolve Bamboo GT - Starting at 1,499


Another expensive and high quality brand of electric skateboards is Boosted. They are by far the most popular electric skateboards on the market. Everyone wants a Boosted. They continue to raise the bar with performance and support.

    • Boosted Stealth - Starting at $1,599
    • Boosted Plus - Starting at $1,399
    • Boosted Mini X - Starting at $999
    • Boosted Mini S - Starting at $749


Next we have Inboard Technology who produces a single electric skateboard called the Inboard M1. Another well known brand with a great reputation, Inboard will continue to see a climb in the ranks of expensive electric skateboards.

    • Inboard M1 - Starting at $999

Chinese Brand Skateboards

Not the most popular among electric skateboards but they are certainly making a name for themselves in the market. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you check them out. Great boards in terms of their budget. A few of the best ones are listed below.

    • MaxFind Max 2 - Starting at $499
    • Ownboard W1S - Starting at $417
    • WowGo 2S - Starting at $419
    • Meepo V2 - Starting at $419

There are boards that are even cheaper, but I often tell people to be careful when purchasing them as their first skateboard. Many of them are meant for kids, since they are much smaller and have lower performance capabilities.

Size and Weight

Every board is different. Different deck, different look, different size.

Larger boards tend to be much heavier. Some electric longboards weigh up to 30 pounds. Think about when you have to carry the board around. It will be a total pain in your rear, but they do offer better performance since their batteries are much larger. If you ever run out of battery which probably won’t ever happen if you’re smart about it, you’ll have to manually push your board or carry it around. Just remember weight has a big impact when this occurs.

Do you want an electric longboard or electric skateboard?

Longboards are around 35 - 38 inches and come with flexible decks that make it much easier to turn and carve up on the road. They are more comfortable, offer better balance, and are better for riding longer distances.

Skateboards usually have very stiff decks and are usually under 30 inches in length. In general, skateboards are easier to carry and store in a bag or a locker. Some electric skateboards do come with kicktails. It is unlikely that you will ever do tricks with an electric skateboard due to the fact the board being so heavy.

Performance and Capability

When you pick your first electric skateboard, there’s no denying some of the first things you look at are the performance measurements of the board. You probably look at the top speed, range, and battery charging time. But there are many other qualities you should be looking at. We’ll cover those below.


How much juice does you board produce? The size of the stick… I mean battery matters. Larger batteries generally mean faster speeds and longer rangers, something that each company tries to increase with every new version of the board they update. But larger batteries also mean heavier boards and longer charging times.


Your board better be made of some good material and put together by someone who knew what they were doing, otherwise you’re going to wish you never bought it. When you purchase the board, the first thing to look for are:

    • Scratches
    • Chips
    • Loosened nuts or bolts
    • Broken pieces

You better not purchase something that you’ll end up fixing later. Invest into something of quality even if it means an extra $100 over the competition is worth it.


I guarantee this is the first thing everybody looks at when purchasing an electric skateboard. How fast does it go? And I will tell you, even though speed is important, it’s way overrated.

Why do I say this?

Everybody is over here looking for an electric skateboard that breaks the speed of sound, but in reality, all top of the line electric skateboards have around the same top speed. It’s generally somewhere between 20 - 25 mph. And at that speed you won’t even notice a difference.

Secondly, most people won’t ever even push their board to that speed! My Ownboard Mini Kt has a top speed of 24 mph and I don’t think I’ve ever pushed it to that level. It’s too scary and dangerous! People who have never rode an electric skateboard don’t realize that they have nothing to hang on to, and all it takes is a little blip in the road at 24 mph and you’re going to go flying! 18 mph is already fast enough, let alone going any faster.


Choose a range that bests suits you. What needs is your electric skateboard going to fulfill?

Are you going to use it for a daily commute? Is it just for fun and rides around town? Or is it a gift for a family member?

Ask these questions before knowing what range you need to have. If you’re just buying an electric skateboard as your kids christmas present, then you probably won’t need it to have range of 25 miles. If it’s for your daily commute, first find out how many miles it is from your destination and back. Then add at least 2 miles just to be safe and to incorporate the added effect of hills and terrain that will drain your battery.

Remember, when a company states on their website the range on an electric skateboard - it’s tested on a flat road with zero hills with a fairly lightweight rider.

Someone who’s heavier and would ride in a hillier area will need more range depending on their needs.

Hill Climbing Ability

Hill climbing ability is the same as range. If you are someone who lives in an area with a lot of hills like myself, it will be best for you to find a board with a good hill climbing ability. My board can climb up 30 degrees, although I believe it has done better than that. Anywhere for 20 degrees and up is a good range to shoot for. Many boards have great incline rates so you should have no problem finding a board that fits this need.

Braking System

An overlooked but very important part of riding an electric skateboard. The brakes. Without brakes, your electric skateboard is going to hurt you. Make sure they have good brakes, and if your board has regenerative brakes even better (charges your battery when braking - just like many hybrid cars.)

To find if an electric skateboard has good or bad quality brakes, read the reviews. If the brakes are bad, people are going to complain about them. If they are good, people will either compliment them or not say anything about them. In general, most boards have good braking ability.

Weight Capacity

Heavier riders need a board that has a heavier weight capacity, period. Certain boards that are designed for kids will have a lower weight capacity, say around 130 pounds. My Ownboard has a weight capacity of 265 pounds and I weigh 190. No problem for me. Next.

Brand, Warranty, and Support

The boards brand may matter to you very much. To me, I could care less. As long as I have a fun and great quality board that gets me to where I want, I’m totally fine. Warranty on the other hand is extremely important. You may find a manufacturer defect or your board may stop working for some reason. The longer the warranty the better. Most big brand electric skateboard companies have warranties that extend a year. But the Chinese companies usually have warranties that last around 6 months.

As long as you purchase quality, you have nothing to worry about.

Support is another big factor. What kind of service and support does the brand offer? Boosted let’s their users track all the data from speed, range, GPS, and battery percentage on their App. It’s offered for both IOS and Android users.

Boosted also offers service repairs. If your board stops working and needs a fixing, ship it out and they'll take care of the rest. Also check to see if the company displays all the information about their board on it's website. The more info the better.

So what is the perfect first electric skateboard?

If I’m being totally unbiased and since I’m offering my own personal advice. I highly recommend you check out some Chinese based companies such as WowGo, Meepo, MaxFind, and Ownboard. These companies don’t offer the support that you’d find in American companies, and their shipping time can sometimes be spotty, but their boards are absolutely worth it.

All these boards offer incredible performance - high top speeds, great range, sold hill climb rates, etc. They’re perfect for almost anyone's budget, no more than $600 for the highest priced board and averaging around $450 for their top performing electric skateboards. They also offer boards in all different sizes and weights. MaxFind offers a Meepo Campus 2 - a penny sized board, and the Max 2 - the world's first diamond cut electric skateboard coming in at 32 inches.

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