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We’ve looked at matchups between other electric skateboard brands before…

Both Onewheel and Meepo took Boosted head on!

This time, we’re going to take a look at how Boosted stands up against WowGo! If you don’t know who WowGo is, they’re another rising Chinese manufacturer of electric skateboards similar to the likes of Meepo and Ownboard.

While they’re not the most well-known, they are super cheap and give a matchup to any brand, including Boosted.

So how will Boosted and Wowgo matchup?

Let’s take a look.

Current Boosted Models

At the current moment, Boosted sells 4 different models on their website. Two longboard style boards and two mini/more compact boards

  • •Boosted Stealth
  • •Boosted Plus
  • •Boosted Mini X
  • •Boosted Mini S

Current WowGo Models

On WowGo’s website, they currently sell 6 different models of boards. Three longboard style boards, one all-terrain model, and two mini/compact style.

  • •WowGo 3X
  • •WowGo 3
  • •WowGo 2S
  • •WowGo All-Terrain
  • •WowGo KT
  • •WowGo Mini


Boosted Stats

Boosted Stealth

  • •24 mph
  • •14 mile range
  • •25% incline rate

Boosted Plus

  • •22 mph
  • •14 mile range
  • •25% incline rate

Boosted Mini X

  • •20 mph
  • •14 mile range
  • •25% incline rate

Boosted Mini S

  • •18 mph
  • •7 mile range
  • •25% incline rate

When it comes to performance, Boosted is no slouch.

Their boards are top-notch quality and rated as the safest on the market. What I believe separates Boosted from the competition is their handling ability.

Especially in the Boosted Stealth and Plus, the super flex composite decks allow for a comfortable ride with superior handling and control.

WowGo Stats

WowGo 3X

  • •24 mph
  • •14 mile range
  • •30% incline rate

WowGo 3

  • •24 mph
  • •14 mile range
  • •30% incline rate

WowGo 2S

  • •23 mph
  • •12 mile range
  • •30% incline rate

WowGo All-Terrain

  • •22 mph
  • •22 mile range
  • •30% incline rate

WowGo KT

  • •23 mph
  • •12 mile range
  • •30% incline rate

WowGo Mini

  • •23 mph
  • •12 mile range
  • •30% incline rate

While looking at WowGo’s stats, you’ll notice that pretty much all the boards have almost the exact same performance. All boards have a top speed around 22-24 mph and a range of 12-14 miles (minus the All-Terrain Board).

It’s worth noting though, that these are the standard ranges with standard batteries, and most WowGo boards can be upgraded with a stronger battery for an extra $100 or more for a 20-40% increase in range!

So while the top Boosted Boards appear to have a slight edge in performance, the truth is they really don’t…

Who Wins The Performance Matchup?

To be honest, it’s close… Each brand has very similar top speed, range, and hill climb rates.

And from personal experience, Boosted has better handling. But, WowGo boards can upgrade their performance by choosing a stronger battery. Something that will cost you more money, but it is well worth it!

I’m going to have to call this one a tie, it’s really a tossup. But, if you’re looking for more range, choose a WowGo Board like the All-Terrain model or increase the battery capacity upon checkout…


Price is always a big factor that influences buying decisions.

Electric skateboards are known for being expensive, so making the right decision on which board you buy is important.

Boosted Cost

Here’s the retail price for each Boosted Board.

  • •Boosted Stealth - $1,599
  • •Boosted Plus - $1,399
  • •Boosted Mini X - $999
  • •Boosted Mini S - $749

Let’s face it… Boosted is expensive as hell. Make no mistake, they still perform very well and ask any Boosted owner, they are well worth the money.

Regardless, you’ll probably have to save up a few paychecks or two to get your hands on one.

WowGo Cost

Meanwhile here are the current retails prices for WowGo Boards.

  • •WowGo 3X - $749
  • •WowGo 3 - $499
  • •WowGo 2S - $379
  • •WowGo All-Terrain - $899
  • •WowGo KT - $379
  • •WowGo Mini - $379

WowGo is cheap. And not cheap quality… their boards won’t kill your wallet! Only two models retail for more than $500!

That’s one of the advantages of buying Chinese! (They can make goods for much cheaper!)

While a few hundred dollars is still a good chunk of change for anyone, WowGo is the cheapest and most reasonably priced electric skateboards on the market.

Who Wins The Price Matchup?

WowGo without a question.

When your second most expensive board is the same price as the competition’s cheapest board, you know you’re winning the price battle!

WowGo retails for a fraction of what Boosted is asking for and will save you a ton of money. You could grab a few WowGo boards and still have money left over before you spend that much on a Boosted.

Final Thoughts

While truthfully, both these brands are fantastic, I highly recommend looking into WowGo.

They have more options, with the same (if not better performance), for 1/3 of the price.

And if you’re tight on money, which a lot of people are, it’s a no brainer.

If you have money to spend, then Boosted is always a fantastic choice, but these Chinese e-boards are really up and coming.

If Boosted wants to continue competing, they’ll have to put in some work!

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