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Boosted and Onewheel.

David vs Goliath.

A matchup for the ages…

The two most popular brands of electric skateboards out on the market today.

Each is unique and amazing in their own ways. But were not here to be friendly!

Let’s see some head to head competition and see which brand and models come out on top!

Let’s go!

Starting Lineup For Boosted

In the blue corner, with 4 high quality boards, we have Boosted!

  • •Boosted Stealth
  • •Boosted Plus
  • •Boosted Mini X
  • •Boosted Mini S

It’s safe to say the Boosted has revolutionized the world of electric skateboards and brought so much more popularity to the industry.

Boosted is not only recognized as the King of the e-boards but also the safest group of boards you can purchase as well.

Originally started out as a Kickstarter campaign in 2012 and is now the cream of the crop when it comes to electric skateboards.

Starting Lineup For Onewheel

And in the red corner, a much smaller team, we have the one and only Onewheel.

  • •Onewheel+ XR
  • •Onewheel Pint

Onewheel is extremely unique. Their boards have ‘one wheel.’ If you see someone riding a Onewheel downtown in your city it is certain it will cause some heads to turn.

What’s interesting fact is Onewheel boards don’t come with any remotes like regular electric skateboards. Instead, you just lead forward to go faster and backward to slow down or stop.

Prototypes of the Onewheel came out in 2013, but it hasn’t been until more recently that the brand has seen major growth.

Head To Head Comparisons

It wouldn’t be a competition if we didn’t compare the boards and the features.

While it might not be fair to compare 4 models (Boosted) to only 2 models (Onewheel), it still must be done. Here are the categories we’ll be looking at for this matchup.


Here are the current prices of all 4 Boosted models:

  • •Boosted Stealth - $1,599
  • •Boosted Plus - $1,399
  • •Boosted Mini X - $999
  • •Boosted Mini S - $749

Boosted’s pricey, and it always has been. Even when the company released the cheaper Mini S and Mini X series, it came at a steep cost.

While Boosted is amazing everywhere else, price isn’t really one of them.

Meanwhile, here are the current prices of the 2 Onewheel models

  • •Onewheel+ XR - $1,799
  • •Onewheel Pint - $950

And you thought Boosted was expensive!? Saving up for the Onewheel, no matter the model would be even worse! You could save up for a nice vacation to the Bahamas for the price of the XR.

Both brands will be a nightmare for your wallet!

Never thought I’d say this, but Boosted wins in the price comparison.


Anyone would be lying had they said they didn’t care about the speed of their electric skateboard.

In fact, speed is the top performance feature most people look for in a board!

Who doesn’t want to speed down the streets like a maniac once in a while?

Here are the top speeds for Boosted:

  • •Boosted Stealth – 24 mph
  • •Boosted Plus – 22 mph
  • •Boosted Mini X – 20 mph
  • •Boosted Mini S – 18 mph

In no way in hell is Boosted slow. The Stealth offers a 24 mph top speed which is right around the limit where most riders start to feel uncomfortable (any faster is scary!) Even the Mini X cruises up to 20 mph!

The Onewheels on the other hand are a tad bit slower…

  • •Onewheel+ XR – 19 mph
  • •Onewheel Pint – 16 mph

Yes… the Onewheels are slower, but for good reason. Riding on one wheel means you can’t push it too fast without risking your own safety.

But by all means, these boards still aren’t that slow. 19 mph is the speed limit many cars will do driving down a suburban neighborhood.

That being said, this round goes to Boosted again.


We all hate low battery. That’s why it’s important to have a board with a solid range so it can expend itself to what you need.

The last thing you want is to ride down the street only for the board to shut down on your way to work…

A Boosted Boards range will depend on the type of battery it has: Extended Battery – 14 mile range, Standard Battery: 7 mile range.

Most Boosted models do carry an extended battery. It’s only the Mini S that carries a standard 7 mile range battery:

  • •Boosted Stealth – 14 mile range
  • •Boosted Plus – 14 mile range
  • •Boosted Mini X – 14 mile range
  • •Boosted Mini S – 7 mile range

When it comes to Onewheel though, the ranges different greatly based on the model you choose.

  • •Onewheel+ XR – 19 mile range
  • •Onewheel Pint – 8 mile range

Yes, that’s right, the XR can get up to a 19 mile range (depending on how well you economically use it), while the Pint’s range is cut in half to only about 8 miles.

This one can honestly be a toss up…

Hill Climbing Ability

All Boosted Boards have a hill climb rate of 25% which is very solid and backed up by numerous reviewers.

Meanwhile, Onewheels website fails to mention the incline rate of its products, although they claim their boards can “crush hills” as it states on their website.

The issue with Onewheel is that you need to lean to move forward. So moving up a hill means that the front of the board may scrape the ground if the hill you’re riding on is too steep. While I have no doubt that the Onewheel can powerfully climb up hills, I would estimate the degree of incline is limited to 20-25%


Boosted is a board made for the street. There’s no way you can take this thing off-roading.

And that’s where Onewheel has the advantage. Go to YouTube and you’ll see people riding this all-terrain board through dirt, wooded trails, leaves, and much more. Try that with a Boosted and you’ll be stuck in the mud…


Another aspect you have to give Onewheel is the LED lights on the board. Both the Pint and the XR feature headlights and taillights to help illuminate the area in front of you and increase your visibility to others.

Boosted does not come with lights installed on the board. If you want lights, you’ll have to buy them online and install them yourself which can cost up to $100…

Ride Experience

While I’m in no way doubting the performance of Boosted, I have to give this one to Onewheel. The fact you control the board with your feet, body weight, and no remote makes the ride exceptionally smooth.

Not to mention it’s a one-wheeled machine that can essentially go anywhere.

Boosted on the other hand is just a speedy skateboard on steroids…


While it might seem that Boosted dominates the performance category between the two, the uniqueness of Onewheel cannot be ignored.

While the choice is ultimately up to you, pick the board with the right use in mind.

If you’re solely using the board for commuting, go with Boosted.

If you’re using the board for the experience and fun, go with a Onewheel.

But you can’t go wrong with either!


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