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Sometimes head to head matchups cause friends to turn into enemies…

I’m talking about the Stealth and the Plus, both Boosted Boards. They might be allies, but today they’re going to square up against each other.

Let’s find out which one deserves the title for the ‘Best Boosted Longboard!’

Dropping money on either of these boards is pricey, so if you had to pick one, which one would you get?

Let’s find out!

Boosted Stealth

Electrek Review: The Boosted Stealth electric skateboard is still ...

The Stealth is the cream of the crop when it comes to Boosted. ‘Pinnacle of Performance’ is the attribute Boosted posts on their website.

While it is pricey, it’s a damn beast.


The Stealth clocks in at a speedy 24 mph. That’s fast!

And while there are electric skateboards that go faster, 24 mph is really all you need. (Trust me, going faster is just dangerous, scary, and unsafe).

As for the range, the Stealth carries Boosted’s ‘Extended Range Battery’ giving it a 14 mile range which is very solid.

And last but not least, hill climbing rate, which comes in at 25%.

Overall, the performance is fantastic, and on par with other top electric skateboards on the market.


The Boosted Stealth retails for a whopping $1,599.

That’s pretty damn expensive. While it’s widely known that electric skateboards aren’t cheap, dropping $1,600 on a board still seems risky for a lot of people.

I recently wrote an article on the question of whether or not ‘Boosted boards are worth it?

The answer: Heck Yes!

Just make sure you have the money saved up!

Boosted Plus

Boosted Plus - Long Range Electric Skateboard | Boosted Boards

Known as the ‘New Classic.’ The Plus is Boosted’s original electric longboard that riders from all over fell in love with… and for good reason. The board offers amazing controls, it’s damn comfortable, and it’s super safe.


The Boosted Plus has very similar performance feats of its longboard brother, the Boosted Stealth.

The Plus has a top speed of 22 mph, just 2 mph slower than the stealth.

The battery and range are both the same, giving the Plus a 14 mile range.

And lastly, hill-climbing, which is also the same as the Stealth – a 25% incline rate.


The Plus retails for $1,399.

That’s $200 less than the Boosted Stealth. Still expensive, but $200 is a lot of money to be saved (to most people).

For $1,399 you can do a lot of things! Go on a tropical vacation, buy a brand new iPhone 11 Max Pro, get a yearlong membership at the gym, or pay for a community college course!

Regardless, the Plus is a damn nice board!

What’s The Same?

The boards are eerily similar.

So much so that if it weren’t for the color differences, you would think they are the same…

  • •Weight – 17 lbs
  • •Deck length – 38 inches
  • •Almost same motor size (100W difference)
  • •Battery – Extended Range
  • •Range – 14 miles
  • •Hill Climb Rate – 25%
  • •Deck – Super Flex Composite
  • •Brakes – Regenerative
  • •Wheels – Boosted Stratus 85mm

What's Different? And Which Board Should You Get?

While both boards are fantastic, there’s really only a slight difference between the two:

  • •Top speed - (22 mph for Plus, 24 mph for Stealth)
  • •Ride modes - (Plus has 4, Stealth has 5)
  • •Color - (Plus is Orange, Stealth is Black)
  • •Price - (Stealth - $1,599, Plus - $1,399)

And at the end of the day, is this difference really worth $200?

In my opinion…

Hell no. Take the Boosted Plus and save yourself some money. The Stealth is a beast but both boards handle just about the same with fantastic power, speed, and acceleration.

You can’t go wrong with either and if you choose the Stealth, trust me, you will be equally as happy.

I’m just trying to save you $200.

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