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You’ve already seen us compare the Boosted Plus and the Boosted Stealth…

(If you haven’t you can check out that article here).

But this time we’re going to compare the Boosted Plus to its little and smaller brother, the Mini X!

How is this matchup different than the first one?

Well first off:

  • •The Plus is a longboard, the Mini X isn’t
  • •The Plus is more expensive
  • •A super flex vs a stiff deck

But that’s just a few of the differences…

Let’s check out the rest!


Let’s be honest. When looking for a new electric skateboard, the first thing everyone looks for is the performance specs.

Everyone wants to know how fast the board goes, how far it can travel, and how good it is at climbing hills.

Boosted Plus

The Boosted Plus offers the following performance:

  • •Top Speed – 22 mph
  • •Range – 14 miles
  • •Incline Rate – 25%

Not bad. While I’ve seen faster boards with better range, the Plus still has a very nice stat sheet and stacks up well.

But numbers don’t mean everything…

The Plus handles like beast. As an owner of the Plus, I can attest that you can easily control the board, take turns on the dot, and carve through just about any street.

That’s one of the benefits of being a longboard!

Boosted Mini X

The Boosted Mini X offers the following performance:

  • •Top Speed – 20 mph
  • •Range – 14 miles
  • •Incline Rate – 25%

Again, the speed and range are very solid for any e-board out there. While it’s not as fast as the Plus, it’s only a 2 mph difference (not really that big of a deal).

For a small board, it still puts up a mean fight.

Who Wins The Performance Matchup?

The boards have the same range and hill climb rate, and almost the same.

While this matchup looks close it’s actually not…

If you account for handling, the Plus wins this round easily. Don’t believe me? Test the two out for yourself and you’ll see the difference in the decks which has a major factor in handling.

The Boosted Plus offers a super flex composite deck while the Mini X offers a stick deck. The difference is real and gives the performance round to the Plus.


Price is always a big deal.

Especially when it comes to Boosted, these boards are damn expensive!

Boosted Plus

Comes in at whopping $1,399, making it the second most expensive Boosted Board only behind the Stealth.

But there are options to finance the board for $84 a month for 18 months if you can’t pay the $1,399 upfront…

Boosted Mini X

Meanwhile, the Mini X retails for $999.

Still expensive but that’s almost 30% cheaper than the Plus!

Again, if you can’t pay the $999 upfront, you can finance the board for as cheap as $60 a month for 12 months.

Who Wins The Price Matchup?

This matchup goes to the Mini X for obvious reasons.

A price tag of $400 cheaper is a major difference. And to be fair, this is exactly what Boosted and their fans wanted – a smaller and more affordable option.

While there are other brands much cheaper than both these models, the Mini X (and Mini S for that matter) are often taken into customer consideration.

Deck And Size

The two most obvious differences in these two boards is from a visual perspective.

When looking at the Boosted Plus, you’ll notice it’s huge, 38 inches long to be exact.

Meanwhile, the Boosted Mini X comes in at 29.5 inches long.

But it’s not just the size that makes a difference but their shape and style as well.

As mentioned above, the Plus comes in a longboard style while the Mini X features a normal skateboard style/look.

The longboard style of the Plus means the deck is flexible.

The skateboard style of the Mini X means the deck is stiff.

While many people may argue for either of the two options, there really is no winner here, as it’s only a matter of preference.

So Who Wins The Overall?

Let’s take a closer look.

Boosted Plus

  • •Tiny Edge In Performance
  • •Better Handling
  • •More Expensive - $1,399
  • •Longer Flexible Deck
  • •Longboard Style

Boosted Mini X

  • •Almost Same Performance
  • •Less Expensive - $999
  • •Smaller Stiffer Deck
  • •Skateboard Style

As much as I want to say that the Boosted Plus is the better choice, this really just comes down to preference and how much you’re willing to spend.

If you want a better experience/handling and have the money, I recommend the Plus.

If you want something cheaper, more portable and is also fun, I recommend the Mini X.


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