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Knowing how much weight your electric skateboard can support is an important piece of knowledge.

I once purchased a super mini electric skateboard on Amazon with a very small weight capacity (around 200 lbs), only to find the board barely moved when I tried riding it.

It’s nothing against heavier people, but weight and gravity have a huge impact on friction.

Ever heard the saying “an object in motion stays in motion.”

The heavier you are, the harder it will be for the board to get rolling.


Weight Limits Of Boosted Boards

If you’re wondering how much weight each Boosted board can support, you’ve come to the right place.

And if you’re questioning yourself already…

Don’t worry.

I’ll tell you right now that Boosted boards can support heavier individuals.

After all, they are designed for adults…

And even if you do come close to the weight limit, all Boosted models have very powerful motors which will still help propel the board. You won’t sacrifice too much performance, no matter your weight.


Boosted Stealth

Weight Limit: 250 pounds

Boosted’s most expensive and best performing board.

It offers a top speed of 24 mph and a 14 mile range.

With a super powerful 2,100 watt motor, you’ll be able to carve up the streets no problem.

Hill climbing is also great, allowing you to hit a 25% incline.



Boosted Plus

Weight Limit: 250 pounds

The original board released by Boosted, this is the e-board that changed the electric skateboard market forever.

It’s still probably Boosted’s most popular and prized possession, with a top speed of 22 mph, a 14 mile range, and a 25% hill climbing rate.


Boosted Mini S

Weight Limit: 250 pounds

Boosted’s cheapest model. Many people were asking for Boosted to finally release both a smaller, more compact, and cheaper e-board for people on a budget.

While it’s still at a pricey $749, you get 18 mph, a 7 mile range, and a 20% hill climbing rate. Not bad, but could be better for the price.


Boosted Mini X

Weight Limit: 250 pounds

The big brother of the Mini S. Same size, more performance.

This baby retails for $999 and offers a larger battery and more speed.

20 mph, and extended range battery for 14 miles, and a 20% hill climbing rate.



If you’re seeing a common trend here, that’s because there is one.

All the Boosted models have a weight limit/capacity of 250 pounds.

Now, you might be saying 250 pounds is not a lot, which is true.

Many boards have weight capacities well beyond 300 pounds.

Why is Boosted’s limit so much lower?

And while I personally don’t know if Boosted decided to do this for manufacturing reasons but it’s safe to assume that the materials involved in the design have an impact.

Boosted doesn’t want the board breaking, injuring yourself, and filing a major lawsuit because they didn’t warn against exceeding weight limits.



Why Weight Capacity Is Important

All boards have a weight limit for a few simple reasons:

  • Rider Safety
  • Protecting Your Board
  • Performance


Rider Safety

When things break, people get hurt.

If you’re moving at 20 mph and your board cracks, loses a wheel, or loosens a trunk… you’re going to fall off and suffer some sort of injury.

Weight capacity is not because the manufacturer has something against heavier people. It’s to protect people from injury.


Protecting Your Board

Similar to rider safety, exceeding weight capacity is only going to end up damaging your board.

That means you lose money, get discouraged, and may stop riding electric skateboards.

I don’t think the e-board manufacturers want that.

Of course, they want you to be a long time customer. If your board keeps breaking I highly doubt you’re going to keep it.

That means both you the rider and the company/brand loses out.



The heavier you are the more your horse has to work…

That means your horse will need more rest, more food, and more water in order to travel with you on it’s back.

Now replace the horse with your electric skateboard. It’s the same thing.

Weight capacity is advised on every e-board so that your board doesn’t work as hard.

Exceeding a weight limit means lower battery life, less range, slower acceleration, and a lower top speed.

That means less fun and a worse experience for you when you ride.

If you’re heavier, pick a board with a higher weight capacity, period.


The Physics Behind Weight Limits

Everything in this world is basic physics. Think about it.

Every material and object ever created in this universe has a breaking point. When you sit on a chair, the electrons from both your body and chair will repel against each other.

You’re technically never actually touching the chair, you’re actually floating on a super small molecular level due to the repelling forces of electrons.

But if put too much weight on the chair, say 10,000 pounds, the electrons will no longer be able to support the repelling forces because the material and structure is not designed for the kind of weight. The chair ends up breaking.

While this may seem complicated it’s really not.

The same goes for your electric skateboard.

Based on the materials and elements used in designing the board, the electrons will have a certain amount of mass they can support.

Once the electrons receive a force that exceeds their support, they are pushed back to their breaking point.

Every force provides an opposite reacting force.

As a result, the weight capacity of your board will depend on a variety of factors:

  • Length of the deck
  • Wood/material of the deck
  • Trunks
  • Wheel size and material

Longer decks like longboards will generally have a bendier soft deck while shorter ‘mini’ boards will be more stiff and hard.

While stiff decks may seem stronger, they’re generally a little more brittle, causing them to have a lower weight limit and increasing chance of breaking.

Certain types of wood will be stronger than others. For example, maple wood is generally used in the production of skateboards, as it’s both flexible and very durable.

Your trunk quality and size will also affect the weight limit. The type of metal, nuts, and bolts fastened will also play a role.

The wheel size and material is also very important. Orangatang wheels are one of the more popular for their unique looks and increased size. 

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