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One of the best accessories you can invest in for your Boosted board is a pair of headlights and taillights for your board.

When it comes to riding at night, lights can be a lifesaver.

You being visible is sometimes the difference between coming home at night and ending up in the hospital.

Remember, safety is your own responsibility and no one else’s…

Don’t take it for granted. If you ride at night, take the time to purchase lights.

Finding the best lights can be a hard and tricky task.

Avoid going on Amazon… there’s a lot of cheap quality lights with poor reviews.

But not to fear, we have found the top 3 lights you should purchase for your Boosted Board!

Let’s get started!


Rank #1) Shred Lights SL-200 Combo Pack

Image result for sl 200 shred lights

Without a doubt, the best lights you can purchase for your boosted board are the SL-200.

Retail price starts at $99 based on the mounts you get.

And yes, they’re compatible with all Boosted board models:

  • Boosted Stealth
  • Boosted Plus
  • Boosted Mini X
  • Boosted Mini S

The SL-200 are the best lights for your Boosted board for multiple reasons.

First, the battery life.

Want to guess how long they last…

5 hours, 10 hours, 20 hours?

Try more like 150 hours… That’s right, the maximum battery life on these bad boys can run for over 6 days straight!

The best part is, they fully recharge in just 2 hours!

You can take your board out for long rides knowing that you’ll be staying visible the entire time… No worries about charging on the go here!

The SL-200 also comes with 6 different light modes.

  • Low Beam
  • Medium Beam
  • High Beam
  • Low Flashing
  • Medium Flashing
  • High Flashing

You can choose between 3 different flashing modes or 3 different constant beams.

If you’re really worried about visibility, use the flashing modes. Drivers will be forced to acknowledge and recognized your presence with all that flashing…

If you’re just focused about illuminated the area in front of you, use a constant beam.

Overall you get a pretty good deal for $99.

You won’t find other lights of this quality… (stay off Amazon).

In the box you get:

  • (2) White SL-200 Lights (Headlights)
  • (2) Red SL-200 Lights (Taillights)
  • (2) Dual Micro USB Charging Cables
  • (2) Pairs of mounts of your choice
  • (3) ShredLights Stickers
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 90 Day Warranty


Shred Lights are also super easy to install.

The SL-200 lights are hooked up to mounts… which you attach to your trunks.

First, start by unscrewing the nut holding down your trunk and slip the mount on. From there you can reattach the nut and slide the lights onto the mount. Easy as that.

Here’s an instructional video to help you out.


As stated above, each board has a different amount of space underneath the board for the lights.

So you must be sure you purchase the right style of mounts to ensure the lights will fit.

But don’t worry we have you covered…

The Boosted Plus and Stealth will both Standard Mounts for the front of the board and Angled Mounts for the rear. (Standard/Angled)

The Boosted Mini S and X will take Standard Mounts for the front of the board and Extended Mounts for the rear. (Standard/Extended)

Just be sure you select the right option upon checkout!

Overall, these are by far the best light options on the market and are highly recommended for keeping you safe!


Rank #2) Illume V2 E-Board Headlight And Taillight

Image result for ilume v2 electric

This is an interesting case.

These lights aren’t produced by a company but rather by an individual.

GenexDesigns on Etsy is where you can find these lights…

With over 51 reviews coming in at 4.5/5 stars, these things are the real deal.

The combo set for both the front headlight and rear taillight start at $51.99.

What’s interesting about these lights is that they’re not mounted on the bottom like most electric skateboard lights, but instead mounted on the top deck of the board.

The same way, they attach on mounts that attach to your trunks, just on the top of your deck this time.

Now I’m not sure how this will affect your riding experience. Maybe the lights may get in the way of your feet and your ability to maintain a solid base.

But from the reviews, everything seems to be fine.

The Owner of Genex Designs is Sam Wiewel, and he’s so confident in the quality of his mounts, that he puts a lifetime warranty on them!

As for the actual lights themselves, they offer great performance.

The headlight offers four different power modes. Three constant beams and one strobe effect Here’s their battery life:

  • 5 hours on max
  • 4 hours on medium
  • 8 hours on low

The best part is, the light can hit up illuminate up to 150 feet away and can be seen by others from over a mile away…

The taillight is a Blitzu 168T, which is sold by the company Blitzu.

The light was originally designed for bicycles, but in this case, it works perfectly as a light for your Boosted board.

The tail light offers 6 different power and flashing modes as well as varying battery life:

  • 5 hours on max
  • 6 hours on low

And it fully recharges in less than an hour. It illuminates the ground 15 feet behind you and you’ll be seen from over 300 feet away.

Considering all the features and the fact it only retails for $52, I’d say this light is a steal.

The only issue I see is shipping time which could take up to 2 weeks depending on your location unless your willing to upgrade for faster delivery.


Rank #3) Koowheel LED Lights

Image result for koowheel led lights

Last but not least, we have Koowheel LED Lights.

These can be purchased on Amazon for $22.99.

A lot of the electric skateboard lights on Amazon are of pretty low quality and have pretty poor reviews.

The Koowheel lights have an overall rating of 3.5/5 stars.

Be warned, although these lights are ranked at number three, they have quite a few negative reviews complaining about damaged brackets, lights not turning on, and more.

What I’m saying is, if you’re looking for lights just based on price and saving, this is your pick. But the quality may or may not be there.

In the package you get 4 total lights:

  • 2 front headlight
  • 2 rear taillights

They come with dual lighting modes: constant high beam and strobe. Takes a total time of 1 hour to fully recharge and will last you 4 hours straight.

They’re also water-resistant and work well in tough weather conditions.


Options Are Limited

If you read my last article on electric skateboard lights, you’ll realize that there’s not too many options for lighting up your Boosted board…

We need more options.

Shred Lights is a clear uncut favorite, but more competition is needed to stir up the market.

If you’re not willing to invest the money into lights that attach to your electric skateboard you can purchase other stuff:

  • Neon Vests
  • Reflective Patches and Bracelets
  • Helmet Lights

While lights are probably the best way to increase your visibility, these are the other ways.

Remember, your safety is a priority… don’t just assume people can see you.

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