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So you finally bought a Boosted Board? Or you’re thinking about getting one…

By far the most sought after and popular electric skateboards, Boosted is loved by e-skaters everywhere.

And for good reason!

Boosted boards are made of fantastic quality, perform very well, and you have Boosted’s support team to help you with any issues. What’s not to love?

But how easy is it to ride their boards?

And how do they compare to other e-boards?

Let’s find out!

The Learning Curve

Image result for electric skateboard stance

If it’s your first time hopping on a Boosted Board, don’t worry, you’ll pick it up fast.

Here’s a step by step if your just starting out

  • Step 1: Find a safe place with no traffic, pedestrians, or major obstacles. Make sure you’re on flat solid ground.
  • Step 2: Step on the board with one foot at the front and one foot at the back. It doesn’t matter which way you face, as long as you’re comfortable.
  • Step 3: Keep a wide stance and create a little bit of an angle so the front of your body isn’t facing perpendicular to the front of the board. You can change this by angling your front foot a little forward.
  • Step 4: Have the slightest bend in your knees! From here, you’re ready to go… Push the remotes throttle forward just a wince and you’ll start moving.
  • Step 5: Find your balance… and PRACTICE!

Easier (Boosted Longboards)

Image result for boosted stealth and plus

I’d be lying to you to say if there wasn’t a difference in the difficulty levels of each Boosted Board model.

Different boards offer different performance and experiences.

With that being said, electric longboards are generally much easier to ride.

In Boosted’s case, this means the Boosted Stealth and the Boosted Plus are the easiest to ride.

Both the Stealth and the Plus offer super flex composite decks, meaning the deck will bend and react to your weight. It also helps provide better suspension.

With a longer deck, you also have more base and stability.

Flex decks are also considered better and easier to ride since they allow greater control for the board.

On electric longboards, you’ll be able to make turns and guide the board in the right direction.

Harder (Boosted 'Short-Deck' Skateboards)

Image result for boosted mini s

On the other hand, you also have ‘stiff deck’ electric skateboards.

Boosted manufacturers two models:

  • •Boosted Mini S
  • •Boosted Mini X

With 29.5 inch stiff decks, it’s a little bit harder to lean into the turns. You’ll still have great control over the board, but not as much as you would as an electric longboard.

Regardless of length and size, these boards are still quite easy to ride and a great pick for any skater.

Learn The Remote

Other than the board itself, the only other thing you have to concern yourself with riding is the remote.

After all, the remote moves or stops the board, which in turn has the same effect on you.

Check out the video below so you know how to use the Boosted remote!

So Are They Easy To Ride?


You'll have no problem riding a Boosted Board.

In fact, it's probably one of the easiest and safest group of boards you can ride on the market!

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