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Let’s face it.

No one ever really wants to buy something used. But shit is expensive nowadays.

Everyone would rather peel the plastic wrap off a brand new iPhone 11 Max Pro rather than receive a used iPhone 6 with scratches and a terrible battery.

Sadly, these brand new items cost us a lot more money, so many are left to buy used items.

But not all used items are cruddy! Just take a look at cars. In 2018 alone, 40 million used cars were sold and made up 70% of car sales in the U.S.

Electric skateboards are no exception.

So it begs us to ask the question, should you buy a used Boosted Board?

Let’s take a deeper dive in.

Where Can You Buy A Used Boosted Board

There are plenty of options. Nowadays, you can buy literally anything on the internet (and I really mean that).

Boosted’s Website

What a better place to buy a used Boosted Board than to go straight to the source?

Boosted has a specific webpage dedicated to the sale of their ‘refurbished boards.’

Why buy a used board from here? Because you can trust it.

Boosted states on their site that

“All refurbished boards have been cleaned, restored, and sent through our rigorous, multi-point quality control process by our team in California to ensure optimal standards of safety.”

And don’t worry, the boards they refurbished aren’t old and ancient dinosaurs. They’ve only been used for 30 days or less and as Boosted claims “they’re ready for more!”

So how much does Boosted sell refurbished boards on their site?

Quite cheap! Here are the prices:

  • •Boosted Mini S - $599 ($150 in savings)
  • •Boosted Mini X - $799 ($200 in savings)
  • •Boosted Plus - $1,119 ($280 in savings)
  • •Boosted Stealth - $1,279 ($320 in savings)

Of course, these prices are only limited time and subject to change, so be sure to check again here!

Facebook Marketplace

If you haven’t spent time on Facebook Marketplace, you should really check it out.

Facebook will do all the hard work for you and will find all the local listings in your area of choice.

You can find pretty much anything on everything on Facebook Marketplace and for some pretty good prices too.

Just a simple search of “Boosted Board” on the marketplace gave me a ton of results within the area.

There are a few things about the marketplace you have to be careful about:

  1. Sale and payment are to be arranged by both parties: Facebook doesn’t set up the sale like eBay or Amazon does. You must contact the individual(s) and sort everything out yourself
  2. Don’t rely on shipping: If the seller offers to ship the board to you, don’t accept it. All transactions should be done in person to avoid being scammed on both ends.
  3. There is buyer protection, but don’t risk it: 99% of people on Facebook Marketplace are genuine good people. But a small minority will try to scam you. Although there is buyer protection, don’t let it come down to that. Use common sense and protect yourself.
  4. Meet in a public place: If you’ve actually decided to meet up to purchase/look at a Boosted Board, do so in a public place. Most police stations offer meetups to take place in their parking lots, which have cameras and are very safe. Try meeting there if you can.
  5. Test it out: Before you actually pay the seller for a Boosted Board on Facebook Marketplace, ask if you can inspect the board and give it a test ride. The last thing you want is to pay the guy, leave, and then realize the board doesn’t even turn on. Don’t leave without testing!


Amazon isn’t really the best place to buy used products. In fact, almost everything on Amazon is brand new out of the box.

I did happen to find one or two used Boosted Boards sold by other seller but for almost the same price you would buy them new on Boosted’s website.

Moral of the story?

Only buy new on Amazon and don’t go used.


Good ol’ eBay.

While the massive auction style marketplace is known for it’s antiques and vintage products, the truth is you can find just about anything you desire.

That includes Boosted Boards.

After doing a quick search of the completed and sold items I found a few used Boosted Boards with some pretty good deals.

  • •A Boosted Stealth – Sold for $1,000 and $24 shipping
  • •A Boosted Stealth – Sold for $820 and $40 shipping
  • •A Boosted Mini S – Sold for $600 and free shipping
  • •A Boosted Plus – Sold for $890 and $26 shipping
  • •A Boosted Mini X – Sold for $710 and $67 shipping

The list and deals go on and on! But what’s important is that you know there are good deals out there on eBay.

Word of caution: While eBay does have buyer protection, you can still receive a product that’s in bad shape and didn’t fit the description. And while you will be subject to a refund, no one wants to have the hassle of shipping a product back (especially a heavy-ass Boosted Board) back to its original owner. Disputes on eBay can sometimes get complicated but will generally favor the buyer. Just be wary, use common sense, and be careful!


Craigslist is very similar to Facebook Marketplace but a little bit riskier.

All local listings and meetups for pretty much anything you can imagine.

Except Craigslist has zero buyer protection.

So really do your research before dropping $1,300 on a Boosted Stealth you happen to find on the site.

If you want to protect yourself on Craigslist do the same as mentioned for Facebook Marketplace.

  • •Meetup in a safe area
  • •Don’t have the seller ship the board to you
  • •Test out the board before buying
  • •Use Paypal or some other payment provider with a protection program

Since Paypal has a protection program, you can use it to your advantage. If the board you get breaks down or was not as described you can open a case within 180 days of purchase.

That’ll give you more than enough time to dispute the issue with Paypal. Just be sure to give all the evidence you can about the seller and the board if it comes down to something like this.

From A Friend

Probably the safest and most effective way you can buy anything used.

Friends are trustworthy and reliable, unless it’s a really shitty friend (then they shouldn’t be your friend.)

If your friend has a Boosted Board and has owned it for over a year, you might be in luck. Ask your friend if they’d be willing to sell the board. They may say no, but hey, just give it a shot.

I’d be more than willing to sell some of my boards I no longer regularly use to a friend. And I’d give them a discount. Your friend may do the same.

What Are My Other Options/Boosted Alternatives?

If you’re so keen on buying an electric skateboard that’s brand new, maybe Boosted just isn’t for you.

I recently wrote an article explaining how Boosted Boards are more than worth the price.

However, if you can’t afford it, that doesn’t really matter.

That being said, here are some great alternatives to Boosted Boards:

Meepo – A Chinese brand of electric skateboard that has no problem putting rockets on their boards. (No seriously they’re damn fast.) The best part is, most of their boards retail from $379-$600. Half the price you’d pay for Boosted Models!
WowGo – Another Chinese brand that has three great models which retail for only $379. They’re not the most well-known boards but still made of excellent quality and deserve a worthy consideration.
Ownboard – The last Chinse brand on the list. I’ve raved about the amazing quality of Ownboard for years. As an owner of the Mini KT, I can say these boards will last you a while and won’t break the bank.
Leafboard – What originally started out as a Kickstarter campaign and blew up, Leafboard was tired of seeing expensive boards out there on the market. So they came out with these beautifully designed boards that killed it on the road as well.
DIY – There’s nothing wrong with ‘Doing It Yourself.’ If you’re creative and like to work on things, this may be the most rewarding project for you. While I know nothing about building an electric skateboard, but you can find out more information here.

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