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So you just unpackaged your Boosted Board.

If it’s your first one, welcome to the club! If it’s not, welcome back!

Boosted is the most popular brand of electric skateboards out there... and for good reason! Fantastic quality, great performance, and you can always lean on Boosted’s Support team for help.

Boosted is great, but there are ways you can maximize your riding experience.

Here are 5 tips that will improve your ride with Boosted.

Tip 1: Pair Your Board With Your Phone

How do I pair up my phone and Toyota vehicle?

One of the cool features about Boosted is that they offer an app specifically made for their products.

Once you download the app (which is available for both IOS and Android), you can connect your board to your phone.

The app can do a whole of neat things:

  • Track your ride
  • Provides software updates (improves board performance)
  • Shows board stats
  • Find estimated range and battery levels
  • Notifies when charging is full
  • Discover new places to ride

While many skip out on downloading the app, it’ll help improve your board’s performance and it will make your rides that much more interesting!

Tip 2: Grab Some Friends

Electric Skateboarding Singapore crew group ride on car free ...

Activities are almost always more fun in a group!

Think about it. Videogames, sports, the beach, road trips…

The same goes for electric skateboarding! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gotten bored riding my Boosted Board alone.

Adding friends is the secret ingredient!

Even if your friends don’t have an electric skateboard, ask them to hop on their bike, scooter, or regular skateboard.

Have a plan of where to go or don’t have one at all, it doesn’t really matter. Just enjoy the moment and have fun!

Tip 3: Get Some Lights

ShredLights - Boosted boards V2 - YouTube

Some electric skateboards come with lights already hooked up to the board. Boosted in not one of them.

If you want to improve your safety and night riding experience, it’s highly advised you get some lights for your board. I recommend two different brands of lights.

  • Shred Lights SL-200 Combo Pack – Comes with two headlights and two taillights. Super bright to help illuminate both your path and it will increase your visibility for vehicles to easily see you. Retails for around $100 (depending on the model)
  • Ilume V2 – Sold on Etsy by a user who goes by the name GenexDesigns. Since e-board lights on the market are limited, this homemade design is a rather unique option that works great. Retails for $52

Night riding is something I love to do. It’s a great way to destress and zone out. But riding at night means you need to take the proper safety precautions.

Get some lights to keep you safe!

Tip 4: Learn How To Lean And Carve

Best Longboard For Carving

Carving is usually meant for regular skateboards, but e-boards can do it too.

Instead of riding in a straight line all the time, try mixing it up. Use your feet, weight, and body to lean into turns. The more you learn how to do this, the more sexiness you add to your ride. It might sound silly but hey, it’s true!

It’s even better when you apply this to longboards like the Boosted Stealth and the Boosted Plus. Both boards have 38 inch super flexible decks that allow you even better control and movement of the board.

Try going to an open flat parking lot and practice your turns. Lean as much as possible and put force downward on the side you wish to turn.

Get good enough and you’ll look like you’re riding a magic carpet!

Not only is it fun, but it will increase your safety by giving you increased control over your board.

Tip 5: Ride On The Street, Not the Sidewalk

Ask GGW: Is there any reason not to have a sidewalk? – Greater ...

Unless absolutely necessary, always ride your Boosted Board on the street.

Sidewalks are meant for pedestrians. You are on wheels and must stick to the rules of the road. The last thing you want is an accident with some old fragile and unsuspecting bystander.

Not only that, but sidewalks are filled with cracks, ledges, and weeds; obstacles that you need to avoid. I know that not all streets are in perfect condition but make the necessary adjustments when you can!

Besides, using the sidewalk may be illegal in some jurisdictions! Riding on the street means you can go faster and get to your destination sooner.

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