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I know why you’re here.

There’s no denying that Boosted Boards are expensive.

Their cheapest model runs $749!!

If you don’t have that money and you still want a Boosted Board, it’ll leave you feeling in a stuck position.

So what can we do about it? Let’s take a look.

Does Boosted Go On Sale?

On Boosted’s site? Not that we know of. But I have seen some people talk about a Spring sale before.

If they do go on sale, it’s rare!

However, I have heard of many retail stores that carry Boosted products to throw their boards on sale for almost 20 percent!

And yes, if you don’t know, you can buy Boosted other than just the company’s website. There’s plenty of outdoor bike shops and skate shops that will carry them…

Your best bet to get a discount from these stores?

Go in and tell them you’re interested in buying Boosted but it’s too expensive for you right now. Ask them if you can leave your email so they add you to their email list. When they throw Boosted on sale (which won’t be often), you’ll be ready!

You can also join the retailer's email list on their website!

If you need help finding a Boosted retailer, use the Boosted retailor locator app here!

Will Boosted Boards Ever Get Cheaper?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll ever see a drop in price.

However, Boosted DID technically drop their prices back in May of 2018 when they released their Mini lineup. The boards were smaller, more compact, and much cheaper. However, the two models still cost a whopping $749 (Mini S) and $999 (Mini X).

Boosted is such a sought after brand that they can charge almost whatever they want.

If there’s anything that we’ve learned from economics, it the law of supply and demand. With such high demand, the prices will keep going up and up…

Boosted has fantastic brand recognition and reputation. The same as Apple for phones, or Samsung for TV’s, there’s a reason they’re the most wanted manufacturer of electric skateboards.

Sorry, but I don’t see any changes here.

Are There Any Discount Codes?

Yes, this is where our luck starts to turn!

If you’re a student with a ‘.edu’ email, Boosted offers a 20% discount specifically for you! (Yes! On all their boards!)

Head over to the link here for the offer!

But if you’re not a student, don’t worry!

By doing a simple search of ‘boosted board discount codes’ or ‘boosted board coupon codes’ and you’ll find plenty of coupon websites who dish out free codes which can save you some money!

Websites like and have deals from 10% or $75 to $100 off! But remember, these coupon codes are constantly changing, so be sure to check in regularly!

What About Financing?

If you still can’t afford the price upfront, Boosted has financing options available on all their boards…

Depending on the board you choose, you’ll get different financing options from 3, 6, 12, 18, 24 months.

Here are the lowest prices you’ll have to pay for model:

  • •Boosted Stealth: As low as $74 a month
  • •Boosted Plus: As low as $84 a month
  • •Boosted Mini X: As low as $60 a month
  • •Boosted Mini S: As low $65 a month

If you can regularly find a few extra dollars a month or save up a few dollars in your paycheck, you can own a Boosted! Again there are many financing plans available.

You’ll be able to choose your financing options at the checkout on Boosted’s website.

Is Boosted Even Worth It?

In my honest opinion… they’re absolutely worth it.

It might be expensive, but doubts will quickly subside once you open up your packaged board and take it for a ride.

That’s why were here trying to find cheaper options for you!

If you want more information on this topic, we actually wrote an article on “Are Boosted Board Worth It?” that goes a little more into depth.

What Are My Other Options?

If none of the above options work, there’s always a chance to get a good deal somewhere else!

You can find cheaper brand new boards on sites like eBay!

And you’ll find many used boards at great deals on websites like:

  • •Craigslist
  • •Facebook Marketplace

Even Boosted’s website has manufacturer refurbished boards that have been used less than 30 days by their previous owner. Even better is their quality assured and tested as well!

Check out the refurbished boards here!

You’ll get crazy savings!

  • •Boosted Mini S - $599 (normally $749)
  • •Boosted Mini X - $799 (normally $999)
  • •Boosted Plus - $1,119 (normally $1,399)
  • •Boosted Stealth - $1,279 (normally $1,599)

That’s right, you can save up to $320 on boards that are practically brand new! In fact, this may be your best option!

Find An Alternative

The last and final way to get a Boosted Board for cheap is to get rid of the Boosted name…

Yea that’s right… change the manufacturer!

But hey, there are many more amazing e-board brands out there that offer even better performance and are much cheaper!

  • •Ownboard
  • •Meepo
  • •WowGo
  • •Blitzart
  • •Leafboard
  • •And More!

Some of these brands have boards that retail below $400! And if it’s your only option, there’s nothing wrong with that.

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