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To all beginners and brand new e-skaters out there!

If you’ve never rode an electric skateboard before, it’s quite a scary concept to think about. Gliding on a piece of wood that can travel up to 25 mph+, all while trying to maintain your balance on a road filled with pedestrians, cars, bumps, cracks, sticks and other obstacles. But don’t worry, riding an electric skateboard isn’t as hard as it seems.

In fact, most people can pick it up and ride comfortable after their first few tries.

However, that doesn’t mean you aren’t risk-free as a beginner.  

In fact, being a beginner makes you more vulnerable to injuries and accidents. That’s not just for electric skateboarding but for all facets of life.

That’s why we’ve dedicated this list to give you the easiet-to-learn beginner boards to ensure a safe beginning into the e-skating world!


What Makes A Good Beginner Board?

Obviously a beginner board has to be easy to ride, but what else do you need?

Longboard Style – Longer decks means a wider base and better balance. A mini board can be very hard to stay on top of and will leave you struggling for balance more often than not. Picking a longboard style board is perfect to get you on the right path to loving your new board!

Flexible Deck – Stiff decks are just bouncy and harder to turn. Nothing wrong if it fits your style but for beginners, having a flexible deck helps with suspension and improved control which is essential for safety and learning the in’s and outs of e-skating.

Quality Remote – Remotes are more important than most people think. It’s imperative that the throttle and braking features on the remote not be too abrupt. For beginners, it’ll be too tempting to push the throttle too quickly and cause a jerking motion when trying to speed off from a dead stop. This will more than likely leave you fallen on the ground while your board speeds off!

Smooth Acceleration – You always want to ease into your acceleration. Many of the newer boards on the market focus solely on high end speed and forget about rider safety. A board with a smooth and controlled acceleration will be much safer and comfortable.

Enough Power – Too much power is not a good thing, but neither is not enough! One of my first boards was a cheap $250 piece of junk from Amazon. It had such a tiny motor and zero power that it had a top speed of 5 mph with me on it. I swear I could’ve walked faster than this board. Make sure the board you get still gives you enough power that you enjoy yourself and skate down the street.

Not Too Expensive – If you’re buying your first car as a teenager, the last thing you want is to drop it on a $100,000 sports car. Start with an entry level car and work your way up. If you don’t like e-skating after your first board, you can always stop. But you don’t want to buy a $2,000 board and then be stuck with it after you gave up e-boarding.

Now I must mention that not all the boards on the list will fit every single categories above. That being said, I do believe you can do your own research provided with this knowledge and find other boards that may fit your style as well as these categories.


What Are The Top Beginner Boards?

Without further a due, let’s get it started! Here are your top beginner boards and their prices/performance specs.


Any Boosted Board

Price: $550-$1,599

Yes, the company just recently went bankrupt. But that doesn’t mean that their boards suck all of a sudden. (In fact it just means you’ll be able to buy everything for cheap!)

The e-board giant still sells board on their website and you’ll still be able to find tons of used and high quality boards on sites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace.

That being said, their boards are super easy to learn and ride, making them absolutely perfect for beginners.

Smooth acceleration, great high quality remotes with sensitive controls, and both longboard and smaller style decks. It’s no secret as to why Boosted was on top of e-skate world for so long. Their boards fit the mold for both beginners and advanced riders alike. It’s sad to see them fading away.

However, as stated above you’re still able to buy these Boosted boards on their website at the current moment:

  • Boosted Stealth - $1,599
  • Boosted Plus - $1,019 (Used)
  • Boosted Mini X - $799 (Used)
  • Boosted Mini S - $550 (Used)
  • Boosted V2 Plus - $899 (Used)
  • Boosted V2 Dual - $799 (Used)

Sadly, because of Boosted’s bankruptcy, they’re not going to be producing any new boards. You’ll have to look for a used board, but there’s nothing wrong with that! These boards are still in great condition and are much cheaper than their original MSRP’s.

Now, if I had to tell you which of the Boosteds you should choose from I’d honeslty say the Mini X or the V2 dual is your best bet. Both boards have fantastic safety ratings and known for having the best riding performance.


Ownboard Mini W1S

Price: $379

One of the cheaper boards you’ll find on this list, Ownboard is such a great buy for those who still don’t know if electric skateboarding is for them.

Buying a super expensive board is risky and may not seem like an option. Luckily, Chinese brands like Ownboard are bringing the heat and competition when it comes to electric skateboard market.

This 38” deck gives a wide base with a semi-flexible deck that improves control, handling, and balance for those who have a hard time finding their center of gravity.

For $379, you get a steal of board that you’ll continue to enjoy for years to come and might engage your passion and turn it into a hobby. I know that’s Ownboard did for me!

Here are some of the specs:

  • Top Speed: 24 mph
  • Range: 12, 14, 19 miles (depending on the battery size you pick)
  • Incline Rate: 30%

The board is also powerful, which can be attributed to it’s 500 Watt motor but not so much that your lack of experience will send you flying off the board.

But sometimes it’s the little things that really make you attracted to a girl *(correction, I mean board.) This board has a handle built directly into the deck. It might look silly to some but it easily allows you to pick up and carry your board whenever you need.

If you’re newbie and never carried your e-board yet, be grateful. It’s not fun. Some electric skateboards weigh up to 25 lbs. If you don’t have a handle to carry the thing for more than a street block, you’re going to have bad time!

Luckily the W1S is easy to transport and is on the lighter side of boards – 17 lbs.


Maxfind Max 2 Pro Series

Price: $469

Maxfind is a company that I’ve been working with for quite some time.

Make no mistake, I’m not adding them to the list for my relationship with them at all. Their boards are seriously well made, especially the Max 2 Pro Series which comes in both a single 600 Watt motor edition and a dual 1200 Watt motor edition.

Here are the dual’s performance specs:

  • Top Speed: 24 mph
  • Range: 15 miles
  • Incline Rate: 25%
  • Motor: 1200 watts

The deck on the Max 2 runs 31” and are quite stiff, but they still handle very well.

And although I’m not the biggest fan of stiff decks this one comes in with a little extra gift. Specially made anti-slip sandpaper that’s extra grippy. Why this is so important is because it helps (especially beginner riders) prevents fall and slips that may normally happen with other boards.

Retail prices start at $469 and $569 for the single and dual motor (respectively), which is a little pricey for their boards relative to competition. However, you can find the dual motor version for even cheaper on our website here!

Overall the board has a lot to offer and comes with a 270 day warranty which is much longer than some of the other options you see on the market, leaving you confident in knowing if anything happens the manufacturer’s warranty will cover it.

Another amazing factor I love about this board is that it offers a IP65 rating, meaning it’s dustproof and safe enough to ride in the rain and protect against water splashes.


Blitzart Boards (Huracane + Tornado)

Price: $289

I first found out bout Blitzart when scrolling through Amazon’s list of electric skateboards.

Now, I’m not a fan of buying boards on Amazon, since a lot of them are overrated cheap no-name brands. However, Blitzart actually seems to be making a name for themselves by selling on the platform.

Blitzart is super cheap, with many of their boards retailing from $289-$349. Normally this price range would be a signal of bad quality but Blitzart makes the cut and can easily qualify as one of the best beginner boards out there.

More specifically, here are their boards that I’d recommend looking into:

  • Huracane
  • Tornado
  • X-Plore

All of the boards mentioned above have roughly the same performance specs:

  • Top Speed: Around 18 mph
  • Range: 6-8 miles
  • Incline Rate: 15%
  • Max Load: 300 lb
  • Motor: 350 watts

The boards have decent high end speed and the range is pretty solid all things considered. However, the motor is very small, only 350 Watts.

What I’m trying to say is, if you’re on the heavier side of the spectrum, do not buy this board! It will not move fast enough for a solid experience and you will not be able to go up any incline.

This is a better board for those who are lighter in weight (less than 185 lbs), even though the board has a max weight capacity of 300 lbs. It’s actually perfectly designed for teenagers and kids who might be starting their journey with their first e-board. But make no mistake, heavier adults, even as beginners should avoid this one altogether.

And don’t even think about getting the cheaper Blitzart Mini Flash, that board is smaller and even weaker/less powerful!

Now, don’t take the comments above as hate, because these boards actually perform quite well as long as you fall in the standard I mentioned above.


Meepo V3

Price: $379

I was hesistant to add the V3 or any Meepo board on this list for the sole fact that they are blazing fast and you have to be careful as a beginner.

But with all the other factors like price point, long deck, and exceptional quality standards, I couldn’t refuse to add the V3 to the list.

Meepo is fast, like really fast…

The V3 has a top speed of 28 mph which is way too fast for me or other riders even at advanced levels who have rode e-boards for many years.

But if you learn it’s throttle response and lightning quick acceleration, you’ll enjoy the speed and experience for years to come.

The V3 starts at a super low $379 with a standard battery that pushes you around 11 miles. If that isn’t enough you can upgrade to the ER battery which can go 20 miles but will cost you $579. My recommendation is to save the $200 and go with the standard battery. 11 miles is plenty for almost anyone.

If you want a brief breakdown of the board, it’s essentially the Ownboard W1S listed above that’s faster and offers better range. It even comes with a nice carrying handle built into the deck as well.

There have been a few concerns about its hill climbing ability but from personal experience I have had no issues on any incline. It actually kills any hill I’ve been able to ride it on.

Nothing but good things can be said about Meepo, but as a beginner just be careful, it can be a little wild!


Teamgee H5

Price: $429

I rode this board one at a meetup but I was a little too heavy so I didn’t have the experience a lighter rider would.

But the dude who was riding this was around 170 pounds and he was having a blast…

Yea, the board has a max weight capacity of 220 pounds (I weighed just about that at the time). But if you’re below the 220 lb threshold this is a fantastic board in my mind.

For only $429, you’ll get 22 mph of top speed, 11 miles of range, and a 20% hill climbing rate.

Teamgee even was bold enough to get this board IP tested and it came out with an IP54 rating meaning it could probably handle a light amount of water but I wouldn’t recommend riding in the rain unless you want to damage your battery.

Beginners will enjoy the cheap price, long 38” deck, and light weight (14 lbs) that makes it easy to carry when you’re not able to ride it. The board also comes with unique color and designs that most add a little more customization and style to your ride, unlike most companies who just give you a standard wood colored board.

But the absolute coolest aspect about this board is the digital remote.

Not only does the remote show top speed and other board data, but you’re able to choose between 4 different speed modes and 4 different brake modes!

Essentially you can choose whether you want you’re braking to be smooth or much more abrupt. Here are the four different braking strengths:

  • B1 – Tender
  • B2 – Smooth
  • B3 – Normal
  • B4 – Strong

I have yet to find another board with such features!

Why this benefits beginners so much is it improves safety measures for those who are just starting out.



Trust me when I say this…

Being a beginner at electric skateboarding is not as scary as you think. You’ll firmly pick up the feel and balance of riding. And if you’ve ever rode a regular non-electric skateboard before, you’ll be a pro in no time.

But for the time being, the e-boards above are perfect entry level “starter kits” that’ll help you get the ball rolling without spending too much money.

Final Tip: Forget spending thousands of dollars on a board, especially if its your first one. Electric skateboards are expensive. And the last thing you want is to spend a massive amount of money on a board, dislike it, and then be stuck with it or forced to sell it.

I hope this article helped you figure out the direction you wish to travel!



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