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If you’ve never ridden one before, it’s a pretty amazing sight to look at…

I’m talking about someone riding an electric skateboard here honey.

It’s almost like seeing someone riding a magic carpet. No seriously, the way the board just glides across the road seems like it’s hovering or floating.

So the real question is, "is it easy to ride a magic car… excuse me, electric skateboard?"

Yes… Quite Easy

Getting on the board and maintaining balance the first few times may be hard, but the reality is, riding an electric skateboard is just like using a regular non-electric skateboard.

The only difference, in this case, is this skateboard is powered by a motor which is controlled by a remote. Instead of pushing the ground to move forward, you use the throttle on the remote to go.

Is It Easy To Learn?


As someone who never rode regular non-electric skateboards, I had zero experience getting on my first electric skateboard.

My first time hopping on, I was able to ride almost half the length of my street before I had to jump off due to balance issues.

Within a few more tries I was able to easily ride up and down the street and make large u-turns.

Yes, electric skateboards are very easy and quick to learn.

But if you’re not a coordinated nor an athletic individual, it might take some more time. Nothing wrong with that, keep at it!

How Do You Control The Board?

There are two main ways to direct and control an electric skateboard.

The first being the remote.

The remote is handheld, rechargeable, and connects to your e-board via Bluetooth. With the remote, you’re able to move forward, change speed, and brake/stop. In fact, that’s all the remote really does, quite simple actually.

The next way to control the board is with your own body.

Once you get on the board and identify a solid and comfortable stance, you’ll use your feet and body weight to control the board's direction. By leaning side to side and putting slight pressure on the side of the board you wish to travel, you’ll move in the direction.

Are Some Boards Easier To Ride Than Others?

10 Best Electric Skateboards [2020 Updated] + New Comparison Table


In fact, electric longboards are much easier to ride than smaller ‘mini boards’ due to their size and flexible decks.

Flexible decks allow for improved handling and turning and offer improved weight distribution.

Smaller boards on the other hand almost always come with stiff and rigid decks. Nothing wrong if that’s you taste but they’re generally harder to turn and less smooth.

I’d also like to mention that with a flexible deck, electric longboards handle the bumps and bruises of the road/terrain much easier. Basically a built-in suspension system!

If you’re looking for some top of the line electric longboards that are easy to ride, check out a few models below:

  • •Boosted Plus
  • •Boosted Steatlth
  • •Ownboard W2
  • •Meepo V3
  • •WowGo 3

Are Electric Skateboards Easy For Kids To Learn?

It’s a little harder.

Kid’s are growing and have more balance issues (especially the younger ones who still don’t walk perfectly).

While there are plenty of smaller specifically design electric skateboards for kids, it’s best they seek supervision for their first few times and until they really get the hang of it.

However, children and teens who are already into the skateboard game should have no problem and will be able to pick up e-boarding with the snap of your fingers!

Where Should I First Practice For My Time?

If it’s your first time, practicing on a big open parking lot is the perfect spot.

Avoid areas of high density, traffic, pedestrians, and uneven terrain.

If your street is secluded and is well paved, try there! No need to drive anywhere!

Other great places to practice include school parking lots and skate parks.


What You Need To Know/Practice To Ride An Electric Skateboard

While electric skateboards are easy to ride, there are quite a few things that separate them from their (dare I say boring) skateboard cousin.

For one, they’re a hell of lot faster, which can make them more dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Here are just a few things you should know in order to help you ride your new e-board a little easier.


The first thing you do with your e-board is stand on it. But if you’re footing is not correct, riding will feel awkward, scary, and unpleasant.

When approaching the board make sure your right foot going to the front. This is the foot you get on with first. With your front foot on the board, step with your left (back foot) to the back of the board.

Now that you’ve mounted the board, time to get comfortable. Adjust your front foot so that your right foot isn’t pointing perpendicular with the board. It should be angled around 45 degrees.

Last but not least, make sure most of your weight is towards the front of the board. Too much weight on your back foot will make turning harder and cause speed wobbles.

If your feet are in the right position and you feel comfortable it’s time to take off!

(Check the diagram above to really get a good idea of how your foot positioning should be!)


While riding, balance may become an issue. And for your first few times, it’s totally normal.

If you ever have balance issues, always slow down by slowly pulling back on the remotes throttle. If you must adjust your feet/stance at a lower speed or if you’re really uncomfortable, come to a complete stop and remount the board.

Your balance becomes better with time. It’s an experience thing.

In fact, the reason why many people have balance issues at the beginning is because their ankles and legs are not yet used to the stress from riding a board.

Over time your ankles will get used to the balance and different bumps/shocks received from riding on uneven terrain.

Other Balance Tips:

  • Just like walking a balance beam or tightrope, use your arms in order to help you balance when you feel your tilting to one side too much.
  • •Sometimes bad balance can be caused by your trunks and wheels being too wobbly. Tighten and fasten all your nuts (but not too much) to ensure nothing is loose.
  • •Practice makes perfect: As stated above, don’t get frustrated if you feel you have a hard time balancing. It will come naturally over time.

The Remote (Specifically Braking)

The remote will determine how fast you go. For beginners, it’s recommended to choose the lowest speed setting your board offers. That way you can gradually learn and level up to maximum velocity!

But speed isn’t my issue!

The hardest part about electric skateboarding… is braking!

I learned the hard way.

The brakes work the same way as a car or any other vehicle. If you’re going 50 mph, you don’t step on the brakes as hard you can. You do that and your body will go flying forward (that’s what seatbelts are for).

The issue is electric skateboards don’t have seatbelt restraints (for obvious reasons). So if you hit the brakes too hard at a higher speed, you’re going to go flying forward which could lead to a nasty fall or faceplant.

Braking on an electric skateboard needs to be gradual and slow, so that you and the board decelerate until a complete stop.

Don’t mess this part up!


Why does safety make it easier to ride an electric skateboard?

Because you have an increased level of preparedness.

Safety equipment will have you rest assured that if anything goes wrong, you’re ready. And if you’re prepared you’ll have a greater sense of being relaxed. Being relaxed will make it easier for your mind to focus on and improve your riding experience.

With such high speeds on electric skateboards, safety gear is a must. Here’s just a few that you must have:

  • •Helmet
  • •Elbow/Knee/Wrist Pads
  • •Lights (for night riding)
  • •Cell Phone (In case anything goes wrong)

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