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The most popular manufacturer of electric skateboards, Boosted, has made a reputation of producing fun and quality boards that just about anyone can ride.

Casey Neistat, YouTube superstar with almost 12 million subscribers, is a big fan of Boosted.

In a world where electric bikes and skateboards are becoming the norm, everyone wants a Boosted Board for Christmas…

Just one major issue.

Are they safe?

Don’t take safety for granted.

Injuries on electric boards are no laughing matter and can result in permanent and life-changing injuries. Check out our article on ‘The Top 25 Electric Skateboard Safety Tips’ that can really keep you out of danger when you ride.

If you don’t wish to follow any safety precautions, you might end up getting injured…


What Are The More Common Electric Skateboard Injuries?

Head Injuries – Often happens when people aren’t wearing a helmet. Helmets have a significant impact and decrease your risk of head injuries by 50 percent. But even if you do wear a helmet falling on your head can knock you out since you’re brain bounces along the walls of your skull. This will often lead to a concussion.

Neck and Spinal Injuries – These can also happen by landing on your head. The worst part is, spinal issues can be permanently debilitating. Injure this and you may never ride a board (or walk) again.

Burns and Road Rash – Happens when you slide on the hard pavement or concrete. Very painful and you’ll end up with a large chunk of your skin torn off. The most common areas are your joints: elbows, knees, shoulders, hands, and other areas where you first make contact after falling. Try wearing elbow, knee, long clothing, and hand protection to prevent this.

Broken Bones – Our bones are strong like concrete, but enough pressure will snap them in half. It’s not uncommon to break your collarbone, wrist, ankle, and other joints when riding an electric skateboard.

Dislocations – Landing on a joint can cause it to pop out of its a socket. Very unpleasant and can be a reoccurring injury.


What Make Electric Skateboards Dangerous?

Before we look at Boosted as a brand, we have to look at the factors considered when looking at the safety of electric skateboards.

Here are a few things that make electric skateboarding extremely dangerous…


Speed Wobbles

If you’ve ever got caught in a speed wobble, you probably needed a new pair of undies after. Speed wobbles are one of the most unpleasant experiences for any rider.

Imagine cruising up at high speed, and all of a sudden, the board starts to wobble from side to side, throwing off your balance and sometimes… off your board!

These wobbles are often caused due to the trunks being too loose.

Fix this by tightening them!


Rough Terrain

Just a slight bump in street pavement can send you flying off your board and straight into a hospital bed.

Can your board handle slight bumps here in there? Or do you need perfect flat ground?


Bad Board Control

How well you can control your board will have a great impact on your riding experience and overall safety.

Can you brake quickly?

Do you feel stable?

Does the board jerk?

How smooth is the remote and throttle?

All these and more will have an impact in overall safety.


Poor Quality

Is your board breaking down? If it is you should check with the manufacturer’s warranty. Each board will have different warranties as well as levels of quality.

It might be tempting to buy a cheap electric skateboard. But doing so could result in a poor performing board that is also dangerous to ride.

I bought a $150 board on Amazon, only to find out that it was terrible in both performance and safety.

I ended up returning it because I could barely control it, let alone stand on it.


So What’s Boosted Safety Rating?

Although riding an electric skateboard CAN be dangerous, we found that Boosted is one of the safer brands out there.

The board is made of high quality material and is less prone to speed wobbles.

The remote is also made of great quality and gives you smooth/great control of the board.

Although their boards are a little pricey, they are some of the best performing and safest models on the market. Each board also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against any defect.

That being said you should still take the necessary precautions when riding Boosted.

  • Wear the proper safety gear
  • Keep out for your surroundings
  • Avoid going too fast

One negative is that Boosted Boards need to ride on a flat street. They do not have an ‘all-terrain model.’

I wish Boosted at least offered some all-terrain wheels, which would make their boards a little safer to ride.

But for now, any little bump will impede your travel plans and compromise safety.


Which Boosted Board Models Are The Safest/Best?

Between the available models on Boosted’s site, the ‘Stealth’ and ‘Plus’ are the safest.


Because they’re longboards.

Electric ‘longboards’ are safer because they offer a wider and longer base for your feet, better control, and more suspension.

Skateboards are much stiffer, shorter in length, and have a tendency to throw off your center of mass just a little more than a longboard would, which can make all the difference when going for a cruise.

So if you’re looking for the safer Boosted models, go for the longboards: Stealth and Plus

…And avoid the Mini X/S


Final Verdict?

If you’re looking for a top-quality and safe electric board, you should definitely give some consideration to Boosted.

Unlike many other companies, Boosted has a proven track record of 5-star safety. The company also has a fantastic support group who’s always there to help you answer questions with your board’s maintenance (which will help with safety).

Yes, Boosted Boards are safe!


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