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With the rise of electric bikes, scooters, and skateboards, there’s also been plenty of backlash.

Many are against the idea of all these recreational electric vehicles, arguing they create hazards on the sidewalks and become obstacles for drivers on the road.

And they surely have an argument.

Plenty of accidents, injuries, and even deaths have arisen since the rise of electric skateboards.

But what are the rules?

Can I ride my Boosted Board anywhere I want or will I face legal and safety issues?


Boosted Boards Are Legal To Own

Yes, Boosted electric skateboards are legal to own and carry. No law anywhere says you cannot own a Boosted Board.

The issue becomes once you hit the road and where you ride.


Rules Change Upon Location

Each state, city, and private business will have different rules and regulations for riding your board.

Some cities prohibit riding on the street.

Some areas prohibit riding on the sidewalk.

Many jurisdictions you can only ride in the bike lane.

And some areas electric motorized vehicles are 100% illegal!

It really depends.

Your best bet is to do your own research in your local area.

If you find a webpage regarding rules and regulations, it’s a good idea to share it with fellow riders.

If you don’t find any information, you’re probably ok to ride, but just proceed with caution. But that also doesn’t mean you can go about riding a board down the busiest avenue in your local town.


Ask If You Don’t Know

If you really want to find out the rules, call your local government office or law enforcement number (non-emergency of course!)

It’s always best to ask and find out before possibly breaking the law.


Are Boosted Boards Legal In NYC?

A lot of people love the idea of riding in a big city like New York.

Think about it…

All that gridlock traffic, pedestrians everywhere, and crowded subways.

You’d think that grabbing an electric skateboard and hitting the streets is the best way to escape the rush hour commute!

Well unfortunately, riding an electric skateboard in NYC is neither legal nor illegal. There isn’t really a rule stating anything on electric skateboards alone.

Recently, in January of 2019, Mayor Bill Deblasio went on a total crackdown, banning electric scooters and e-bikes in the city…

A ridiculous rule that also sent electric skateboarders into a frenzy. The crackdown did not seem to affect Boosted riders but it seems that the laws have become stricter for all recreational vehicles.

This rider even claims he was fined almost $140 for “failure to signal”

But don't worry too much.

Casey Neistat, famous YouTuber, is still seen riding his Boosted Plus around the city, and plenty of YouTube videos show electric skateboards meeting up in big groups to ride around the 5 Burroughs.

Just be aware that new laws may be coming soon.


Avoid Riding On Private Property

Imagine someone just walking all over your front yard without ever asking you?

Sounds silly, but this is how many property owners and private businesses feel when they see skateboarders come around.

Its unfortunate, but there is a negative stereotype surroundings skateboarders, especially when they ride in groups.

Just go on YouTube and search ‘skateboard fights’ and you’ll see that almost all conflicts happen when people ride where they are not supposed to (on private property).

If you do wish to ride somewhere that’s not public, ask the individual business owner first. Don’t assume they’ll let you! This is why the police so often get involved!


What Does Boosted’s Website Say?

Like us, Boosted says to check with local rules regarding your ability to ride.

But one important fact they state is you never have the right of way!

Right of the way will always go to pedestrians and vehicles.

And never assume anyone is going to stop for you, especially vehicles. Colliding with a car is an easy way to get killed!

Boosted also recommends going slower rather than faster. Electric skateboards are much faster than most people think, and coming to a grinding halt at 20mph is not safe for you or anyone in the near vicinity.

You should always be aware of your surroundings and be prepared to footbrake at any moment.


General Rule of Thumb

Riding in public is usually legal as long as there are no signs that ‘permit rollerblading and skateboarding.’

Bicycle lanes should be fair game as well, especially in major cities. But always give room for others to ride.


Final Say

As long as you ride with respect and avoid conflict you should be able to ride your Boosted Board anywhere you please!

Riding is a privilege and more and more areas seem to be cracking down on electric skateboard laws.

Do your best to provide a safe environment for everyone.

Being reckless is only going to make riding worse for all parties involved.

Cheers and happy gliding!


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